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3 to be elected. 4 year term.
  • Alycia Walker Bemmes

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    Lisa Marie Bemmes Bookkeeper/Actuary

  • Nick Berter

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    Crystal Gee Menner Marketing

  • James L. Perdue, Jr.

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    Beth Wernery Retired Teacher

  • Debbie Wisser

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Campaign Phone (513) 237-1454
Twitter lisamarie405
Education 1979 Graduate of Reading High School Reading, Ohio 45215
Occupation I have served as the bookkeeper assisting my husband with our business for the past 32 years.I have been a childcare provider, a receptionist and a veterinary assistant.
Experience I have been a member of the Reading Board of Education for 16 years. I have served as President, Vice President, Legislative Liaison and Delegate for the OSBA Annual Business Meeting, as well as serving on many committees and volunteering since 1980.
Political Philosophy It is important to take care of people, but the best way to accomplish this is by empowering them to help themselves. It is imperative elected officials understand the scope of their duties and to not overstep those boundaries. I believe in local control of school boards, since the stakeholders know what is best for them.
I have served this community as a school board member for 16 years. I have served as President and Vice President, as well as sitting on many committees. I regularly attend work shops and conferences, both locally and nationally.
1. To oversee completion of our new K-12 campus. The demolition was recently completed and we are just beginning the process of building the school. 2. To continually integrate technology within the learning environment. I was instrumental in bringing "One to One" learning to Reading and I believe technology will open the world up to our students. 3. To improve test scores by ensuring alignment of curriculum. Aligment has been identified as an area in which we need to improve.
I am a believer that if you do things the right way, everything falls into place. The School Board can be a leader by being transparent and open to new ideas; by encouraging the public to get involved in their schools; and by accepting constructive criticism. We are planning to develop a new Strategic Plan for the district, and that requires a committee of students, parents, teachers, business leaders and community members. Having a variety of participants gives everyone a voice in the process.
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Education Bowling Green State University Bachelor's Degree
I have lived in Reading over 25 years. I attended Reading High School and was extremely involved in sports, clubs, and the community. I graduated BGSU with a Bachelor's Degree. Throughout my career I have been in finance, marketing, and manager roles
1. Communication - I want to keep the community involved and aware of the visions and challenges the board is facing. Communication is key. 2. Achievement - I want to focus on what is best for all students. I will focus on the achievement of students and ensure that they are given the opportunity for success. 3. Focus - Reading is getting a new school, so I want to make sure that new policies and focus is towards the future. New ideas and opportunities are in arms reach and need to be heard.
A key focus for school boards is to create a long-term vision by mapping a course that provides the most important opportunities students need to reach their full potential. The board is responsible for establishing and maintaining a structure that supports this vision, empowers the staff, and provides leadership. With my background and knowledge of Reading, I can help to provide the necessary leadership to keep the district on an even platform.
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Campaign Phone (513) 300-4744
Education Bachelor of Science Elementary Education 1-8 Masters of Education Curriculum and Instruction
Occupation Retired Educator
Experience 30+ Years as a teacher in Reading Schools.
*31 years in Education *Bachelor's in Elementary Ed. *Master's in Curriculum & Instruction *Member of local and state education committees *I hold leadership roles on several committees *Mentor for future educator *2016 Reading Educator of the Year
My top 3 priorities are Students, Students and Students. I have analyzed the report card and concluded our students are making yearly progress (Value Add=A) and the graduation rate is improving. My initial focus will be on our youngest students. Without a strong foundation, a building cannot stand. Smaller class sizes, innovative reading and vocabulary programs will give our students the skills and tools they deserve to be successful, lifelong learners.
Schools should be the focal point in any community. I will encourage our administrators to invite local businesses, organizations and families into our buildings as often as possible (mentoring, buddy reading, art/music programs, etc.). As a classroom teacher, I recognize the importance of having community support. As a member of the Reading Board of Education, this will be a priority of mine. I strongly believe that everyone should feel welcome in Reading Community Schools.
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