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Two to be elected to a 4 year term. In each Ohio township there is a board of township trustees consisting of three members. Elections alternate every two years electing one trustee, then two years later electing two trustees.
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    Daniel Brown Financial Operations

  • Mike Davis Director of Pastoral Care

  • Will Oswall

  • Cheryl Sieve

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Education Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in Management & Minor in Deaf Studies (Xavier University)
Experience Hamilton County Democrats Executive Committee, Delhi Township Democratic Ward Chair
Endorsements Hamilton County Democrats
Political Philosophy I believe that government should enact policies to help the least fortunate of our society. I am passionate about healthcare, housing, education, voters rights, women's rights, and protecting the rights guaranteed in the Constitution.
I am a United States Marine Corps Veteran who brings proven leadership skills to work everyday. I will use my team building experience to help bring our townships together to work with The State of Ohio and Hamilton County more efficiently.
I will be focused on: supporting our Police and Fire Departments, repairing and improving local infrastructure, and creating school supply drives to help local students and teachers
Campaign Phone (513) 601-8887
Education University of Cincinnati-Criminal Justice Thomas More College-Philosophy/Psychology
Occupation Educator. Director of Pastoral Care. Local music artist.
Experience Served 10 years as Delhi Trustee.
Endorsements Cincinnati Chapter of Right to Life PAC
Political Philosophy Conservative and common sense governing.
I served three terms as Trustee of Delhi township for a total of ten years. I am obviously well versed in township government and community leadership. I am a lifelong resident and proud to even work full time in Delhi township.
1. Find additional ways to generate revenue which is not a property tax increase! 2. Keeping the streets safe and our residents safe in their community. 3. Try to give the youth, our future leaders of our community, a voice in local government. They have so much to offer and are a great resource for information.
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