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Board of Health

The Board of Health consists of 3 volunteer members who each serve for three years. The Board:Supervises and guides the Health Department's professional staff which assesses the public health needs of the community, provides environmental and community health services, communicable disease prevention and surveillance, public health nursing services, and health promotion initiativesEnforces local and state sanitary regulations
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    ROBERT ANTHONY Executive Director

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    SHEPARD N. COHEN Health Care Administrator

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Why are you running for this office? What are your top priorities?

Relevant Experience Non profit: Executive Director Council member: WMS, NWH, McLean Education/certification: MBA, CPA
I want to continue the work of the board to meet laws and regulations but to also enhance its effectiveness in mental health and wellness promotion. This can be achieved through collaboration with the other town departments and the community at large.

Back in 2011, the Surgeon General suggested how to reduce the incidence of depression by 10%. For Wellesley, this would mean 250 additional children being symptom-free each year.

Since then, the board has authorized $3 million in spending but it has not measurably reduced the incidence of depression. Instead, 10% of Wellesley Middle School students report depressive symptoms and suicidal ideation.

I am running for the Board of Health to help Wellesley become a model community for health and wellness, both physical and mental.
Relevant Experience Wellesley Board of Health; National Assoc. of Hlth Boards, Mass. Institute for Local Public Hlth
WHY: to continue contributing my public health expertise, vast experience and proven leadership skills to protect/promote the health of all Wellesley residents. PRIORITIES: Advance the results achieved during my 25 years on the Board: Strengthen collaboration among Town and community mental health services to meet increasing needs, having justified substantial Town funding for Wellesley’s community mental health agency and linking our local hospital’s Psychiatry Department with school services. Advocate for adequate resources to maintain quality environmental health, communicable disease control, and public health nursing services, while overseeing their effective deployment. Ensure that Wellesley is prepared to respond to any crisis. Collaborate with others to protect the environment. logo


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