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Central CommitteeThe Geauga County Republican Central Committee and the Geauga County Democratic Central Committee are the decision making bodies for their respective county parties. Each party s Central Committee is comprised of 1 elected member of the party from each of the 78 voting precincts in Geauga County.These individuals are sometimes referred to as precinct chairs and they represent the interests of party members residing in their voting precinct.Central Committee members are elected during the primary. Elected Republicans serve 4 year terms and elected Democrats serve two year terms.

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    James W. Blair

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    Mallory McMaster

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    Thomas Niewulis

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Education High school, some secondary classes, firefighter and EMT
Training & Experience Former Chief of Burton V.F.D., Former member of Geauga Haz-Mat responce team, former member Geauga L.E.P.C., Multiple interactions within many local agencies helping Geauga grow safely.
Volunteer & Community Service 20yrs Burton V.F.D.
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I would like to get more involved with my party affiliation and help it grow in the in the proper way and learn more about the process and what it takes to become and support our upstanding leaders of Geauga County.
Candidate has not yet responded.
Education USN Nuclear Engineering. BA in Behavioral Science. MBA Candidate: Telecom Mngt. Naval Post Grad: Organizational Development
Training & Experience US Constitutional Studies, Author & Lecturer. Facilitator of Ohio Constitution Study Group. Frmr- Chair of Constitutional Economics @ Thomas Jefferson Center for Constitutional Studies. Data Com & Software, Optical Technologies. Sr. VP Fortune 1000. Serial Entrepreneur.
Volunteer & Community Service State and National Campaigns. State and National Citizens Groups. Frmr-Board Member Geauga County Mental Health Board. Leadership in Church Groups. Teach US & State Constitutions.
As the closest elected person to the citizens, I will keep the citizenry informed of local, state and other issues from Constitutional perspective as well as build solid mechanism for candidate development with an understanding of Ohio and Fed Constitutional principles. I desire to ensure a Party Platform is implemented which holds to Foundational Republican principles and then holds candidates and elected accountable to the Platform.