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Idaho State Senate District 14

Idaho Senate members serve a 2-year term and are responsible for translating the public will into public policy for the state, levying taxes, appropriating public funds, and overseeing the administration of state agencies. These responsibilities are carried out through the legislative process — laws passed by elected representatives of the people, legislators.

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    C. Scott Grow

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    Robert Imhoff

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    Kirsten Faith Richardson

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1. What do you hope to accomplish if elected?

2. What experience has prepared you for this office?

3 What do you see as the most significant challenges Idaho faces that you might be able to address in this position?

4. Is there anything else you wish to tell the voters?

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Homeowners are frustrated by the rapidly increasing property taxes on their homes. In the last legislative session, I co-sponsored HB741, which would have given unprecedented property tax relief to Idaho homeowners. Since it was late in the session, the bill didn't pass. If it had passed, the bill would have eliminated all property taxes on owner-occupied homes, except for bonds and school levies, which local voters approve. The result would be a reduction in homeowner property taxes of between 65% to 75%. From now until the next legislative session, I will work with stakeholder to get their input and support. During the next legislative term, I will present this legislation at the beginning of the session and work to get it passed.
My professional career has been as a CPA, business consultant and investment advisor. I also served two terms on the Meridian School Board (now West Ada), including serving as Chairman of the Board. I have served two terms as an Idaho State Senator. I serve as the Vice Chair of the Senate Local Government & Taxation Committee, as a member of the Joint Finance and Appropriations Committee (JFAC), and on the Economic Outlook Committee. In these positions I work on various tax issues, forecast the revenues for the state each year, and work on the budgets for all state agencies. I serve on subcommittees that work in detail on the following major budgets: K-12 education, higher education, transportation and law enforcement.
The number one concern expressed by citizens is the exorbitant property taxes on their homes. I also hear ongoing concerns expressed about traffic congestion, frustrations with our educational process and government overreach. I am continuing to fight for legislative relief for homeowners, as discussed in the prior question. This session we approved a $1.25 Billion budget for the Idaho Transportation Department, a massive increase, and $200 Million for local highway districts. I will continue to work to increase transportation funding to help overcome traffic congestions frustrations. In the last year, we have passed legislation to limit government overreach. We will continue to work on these issues in the upcoming sessions.
I am a native Idahoan. We raised our family in Meridian. I will continue to work to protect our Idaho values from attacks by political activists. We have many grandchildren attending schools in this valley. I will continue to work to provide the best possible education for our students, in the venue that parents feel is most appropriate for their children. I have been a co-sponsor of pro-life education and will continue to work to protect the unborn. I am a strong proponent for protecting our Second Amendment rights. I successfully fought for funding to widen Highway 16, Highway 44, and Chinden Blvd. and to extend Highway 16 to I-84. Those construction projects will soon be moving forward. I would appreciate receiving your vote.
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I will vote against government growth. If a bill does not reduce spending and regulation I will vote, NO. I will sponsor legislation that will establish legal personhood for the unborn baby beginning at fertilization (when sperm meets egg). Abolish baby murder. I will ask for roll-call votes on everything and I will complain, big time, if bills are put in the Chairman's desk and not voted on. We must have accountability.
This is the eighth time I have run for state legislature. I home schooled all eight of my children. I pay attention to what is happening in our culture and government. I do not like being deceived. I study health issues every day. The Covid shot is harmful and many people were deceived by phony Pharma science. The jails, prisons, institutions, and schools need healthier food.
The legislature has to reduce spending so we can reduce taxes. I am for more 'at home electronic learning.' We can reduce property taxes by reducing education spending. We should never have voted for expanded medicaid under Otter. We need to get government out of health care,
Transgenderism should be illegal at all ages. It should be illegal to perform trans surgeries and take transgender chemicals in Idaho. Republicans and Democrats are both socialist parties. We need more third party, non-socialist, Christian, consitutionalists. Every RINO deserves a Constitution Party challenger. Most lawyers in Idaho are selfish and fearful so they do not challenge the incumbent judges. This creates some judges that are not sympathetic with the poor and average citizens. I have a very detailed website,, that I share with my husband, Pro-Life, a candidate for Lt. Governor.