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Idaho State House District 14 B

Idaho House of Representatives members serve a 2-year term and are responsible for translating the public will into public policy for the state, levying taxes, appropriating public funds, and overseeing the administration of state agencies. These responsibilities are carried out through the legislative process — laws passed by elected representatives of the people, legislators.

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    Shelley Brock

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    Josh Tanner

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2. What experience has prepared you for this office?

3. What do you see as the most significant challenges Idaho faces that you might be able to address in this position?

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I will expand my community justice work at the Statehouse level to preserve Idaho’s water and air from the threats of out of control growth and polluting industries operating too close to residential areas. I’ll strive to create balance between citizens and the special interest groups that all too often are allowed to put our private property rights, drinking water, magnificent public lands and unique quality of life at risk. I am running to ensure all Idahoans have access to affordable healthcare, property tax relief, a safe, affordable place to live and a quality education that supports good career options and the ability to earn a living wage. We must all join hands to keep Idaho a great place to live, now, and for future generations.
As a long time Idahoan, rural landowner and community justice advocate I have worked for years to protect Idahoans’ constitutional freedoms, property rights, the health and safety of their families and our water, air and public lands from government and corporate overreach. This involves research, lobbying, filings, testifying, educating officials, organizing and working with a wide variety of groups at the city, county and state level under intense pressure and critical deadlines. As a mother and grandmother, I recognize the importance of a quality education for our greatest resource of all – our kids. As a healthcare professional I have experienced firsthand the desperate necessity for all Idahoans to have access to affordable healthcare.
The partisan extremism sweeping across our state is profoundly destructive to our culture and democracy. Too many of our lawmakers continue to pass unconstitutional bills based on fear-driven non-issues in order to score political points for re-election, while ignoring serious problems that actually impact Idahoan’s lives. Inevitably these bad bills are struck down in the courts, while taxpayers shoulder the cost of the state defending them. When I’m elected I’ll work hard to address real issues affecting Idahoans; skyrocketing property taxes, predatory rental fees, out-of-control growth, housing shortages, inadequate education funding, access to healthcare, crumbling infrastructure, and preservation of our water, air and public lands.
As a woman of faith I pray Idahoans will vote with their hearts in the upcoming election. Our state has never been in such a precarious position, with so much at stake for everyone from the most secure to the most vulnerable. Restoring balance to the legislature will require citizens voting for candidates based on their character and policy positions, not just the letter next to their name. Too often we sabotage our best interests, and the interests of our communities, by putting party over people.
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Josh Tanner is a Constitutional Conservative and patriot who believes that God has given our country a unique blessing and responsibility to uphold for future generations. He has a strong desire to serve and represent all Idahoans by ensuring a limited, effective and fiscally responsible government that preserves our traditional values and great resources. He is a local business owner with an entrepreneurial spirit, who loves to be in the great Idaho outdoors with his wife and three young children.
He is currently the Eagle Fire Commissioner and has served as Chairman of the Eagle Fire District since 2018. Josh Tanner grew up in Eagle, ID and achieved an Executive MBA and a Bachelor of Science from Boise State University.
Government Overreach Regarding Covid-19 I strongly oppose the Federal Government’s overreach into the lives of Idahoans— specifically pertaining to Covid-19. It is my belief that there is no place for government involvement in the personal health matters of you, your family, or mine.
Government Accountability As current Chairman of the Eagle Fire District, and Eagle Fire Commissioner, I understand the inner workings of government. I promise to bring accountability and transparency to the State of Idaho. I promise to fight for fiscal responsibility in order to increase effectiveness and efficiency, while simultaneously reducing government spending.