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Kootenai County Clerk

Clerk/Auditor/Recorder serves a 4-year term.Constitutional and statutory laws have given the county clerk five distinct titles: clerk of the district court, auditor, recorder, clerk of the board of county commissioners and chief elections officer of the county.

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    Jennifer Locke

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1. What are the most important challenges facing your county and how do you propose to address them?

2. What specific qualifications do you have to effectively address these challenges?

3. How will you continue to be engaged with your constituents?

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One of the most important challenges is retaining quality individuals to serve our growing county. My top priority will be to ensure a working environment that allows employees to succeed. As Chief Deputy Clerk, I have developed great working relationships with the Clerk’s staff, elected officials, and other departments within the county. I will encourage feedback to identify areas that need improvement to create a more efficient government that benefits all Kootenai County residents.

Another important challenge is meeting the statutory needs of our growing county. One of my priorities is to continue to refine the county budget process, including better projections of revenues to give the county commissioners options to not raise taxes. Utilizing my economics background and my established relationships with state officials and IAC, I was able to help project an increase of $2 million of revenue that the county received from the state for the county’s fiscal year 2022 budget.
I have a BA in Economics from the University of Southern Maine. Before serving as Chief Deputy Clerk, I established and ran an online business for eight years that sold a USA manufactured product to individual and corporate customers with customized orders of 100 up to 1,300 units.

My current role at Kootenai County is that of chief operating officer for the Clerk's Office and I fully understand the complex responsibilities of the office. I have earned the respect throughout the county for my thoroughness, dedication, and attention to detail. All departments of the Clerk’s Office are mandated by state law. These important departments are Auditor, Elections, District Court, Recorder, and County Assistance, comprised of 105 employees and a budget of just under $8 million.
During the last five years, I have taken pride in my ability to be available and listen to all constituents of Kootenai County. I have resolved issues within the areas of my responsibilities and discussed citizens’ concerns with the Clerk and other Elected Officials. I also took on the complete responsibilities of running the Clerk’s Office during the hospitalization and recovery of the current Clerk. This offered me a deeper understanding and ability to execute the responsibilities of the County Clerk. My time as Chief Deputy Clerk has equipped me with the knowledge and experience to serve the people of Kootenai County and perform the important duties and responsibilities of County Clerk. I will continue to listen to all sides of an issue to better understand any concerns facing our County.