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Bannock County Commissioner District 3

County CommissionersThe Board of County Commissioners has legislative, executive and judicial responsibilities and duties. The commissioners have the power to pass ordinances, adopt budgets, fix tax levy rates and oversee the county budget. They also act as the Board of Equalization.

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    John Crowder

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    Kathleen Lewis

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1. What do you hope to accomplish if elected?

2. What experience has prepared you for this office?

3. What do you see as the most significant challenges Idaho faces that you might be able to address in this position?

4. Is there anything else you wish to tell the voters?

Bannock County residents are being burdened by excessive property taxes, while the current Commissioners continue to expand government and increase spending. If elected, I intend to reverse this trend. I will vote to decrease the size of government and reduce spending, which will bring much needed tax relief to Bannock County residents.
I have a broad range of work experience, having worked under a collective bargaining agreement, in 'right to work,' in corporate management, in the U.S. government, and owned/operated small businesses. This experience allows me to relate to and understand employee, management, government, and citizens' concerns.

I've had experience managing budgets much greater than that of Bannock County's $93.5M budget and led multiple departments with a large staff. I managed budgets of over $300 million and a staff of 130 people located in several countries and in the U.S.

I have a BS is in Marine Transportation with a minor in Economics, a MS in Procurement & Contract Management, and studied contract law.
The most significant challenge facing Bannock County residents is an ever-expanding government that is leading to increased government spending and higher taxes. Not only does this severely impact residential property owners and renters, it discourages business investment. By shrinking government we can alleviate the tax burden on our residents and make Bannock County more attractive for business.
It is past time for change. Bannock County suffers from continued government growth and an excessive tax burden that stymies business development and harms all residents, particularly those on fixed incomes. If you want to see this trend reversed, I request your vote.
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I plan to bring a coordinated working relationship back to county government. This includes working closely with the other elected officials in the County as well as the many boards and programs overseen by the Commissioners. Joint planning with these groups as well as the Cities in the County will provide a more comprehensive approach to planning, economic development, issues with water quality and quantity as well as a framework for positive change.
I was the Executive Director of Southeast Idaho Council of Governments (SICOG) for 20 years. SICOG houses the Area Agency on Aging and the Economic/Community Development Division, providing services to seven counties and thirty cities in southeast Idaho. I worked with all the cities in Bannock County assisting with economic development, grant writing, infrastructure improvements, and comprehensive planning. I worked with the senior citizen centers in providing services to seniors in the region. My experience provides with the skills and background in management of government finances, building consensus among a diverse group of stakeholders while identifying innovative solutio
Building consensus and providing leadership to move Bannock County in a positive direction. I will listen to all the residents of Bannock County and make decisions based on data, identified need and what is best for the community.
I have a unique background and skills which enable me to bring experience, knowledge, and common sense to local government. This is the reason I decided to run for County Commissioner, to put my experience in working for and with local government to use. My work experience has been dedicated to effective government. I have worked with small and large communities, facilitating projects and programs benefiting them. I want to utilize this experience and understanding to work to move Bannock County forward in a positive direction.