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Latah County Treasurer

TreasurerThe Latah County treasurer serves a 4-year term. In addition to the primary duty of handling county funds, the treasurer is also ex-officio tax collector and ex-officio public administrator.

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    Peggy Gottschalk

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    BJ Swanson

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Campaign Facebook Elect Peggy Gottschalk for Latah County Treasurer
I earned a B. S. degree in Business Accounting from the University of Idaho & have been working as a bookkeeper, treasurer, and accountant for over 35 years. I have worked as an accountant for a variety of businesses and managed my own business for 15 years. During my career I have served as treasurer for numerous organizations. I currently work for a public accounting firm where I help businesses and individuals keep their finances in order, prepare tax returns, and help employers with payroll. Attention to detail is my strength and I am adept at reconciling accounts, meeting deadlines, and preparing financial reports. My education & decades of experience has prepared me to be a qualified & excellent treasurer for Latah County.
As a taxpayer I expect efficient use of tax dollars by the government. As treasurer, I will strive to maximize the resources given to the department. I will make the transition as smooth as possible & will listen to the employees & learn about the procedures & protocols of the office. I will aim to make the office streamlined & efficient & will assess the needs & methods of the office as I work with the staff & other county employees. If updates are needed, I will consider them if it is feasible. In this age of digital information I will strive to make it simple for taxpayers to access information. I believe in fiscal responsibility & transparency & will provide full disclosure to the citizens of Latah County.
I have lived and worked in Latah County all of my life and have been active in my church most of my life. With the impact of the pandemic many activities have been suspended, but I have continued to participate in my church where we have an active compassionate ministries program that I support and participate in. We help many people locally, nationally, and internationally. I believe we should all be willing to help others in need. I also continue to contribute to the community by working and taking care of myself and my family, paying my taxes and not expecting someone else to take care of me. Being independent and self- sufficient is one of the best things that anyone can do to improve their community.
I believe an elected official is a servant to the electorate and will be available upon request. I am ready and willing to take on any challenge and need presented.
The treasurer's job is one that implements policy and has no power to make policy so I will comply with the laws and regulations. Should I see a need for a change of rules and if a patron wants a change, I will work with constituents and other elected officials to promote changes. I am running for treasurer as a Republican candidate. I believe in the freedom to live and work as I see fit, not as the government demands. The government should always be fiscally responsible and the taxpayers should allow the government only the money necessary to provide appropriate functions. The government is best that governs the least.
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My 30-years as a commercial bank vice president with experience in financial analysis, real estate, bankruptcy, estates, budgeting, and office management was excellent preparation for the Treasurer’s position. I use these skills daily. They have helped make the Treasurer’s office more efficient and customer service a priority.
I will continue being the “financial voice” for Latah County. I will continue to work closely with the Commissioners, Assessor and Clerk to make sound decisions and make Latah County an outstanding place to live and do business. I will continue being an advocate for Latah County residents to our Legislators for fair and equitable property taxes that don’t place a heavy burden on low- and moderate-income residents who can ill-afford another tax increase. I will work with the Idaho State Tax Commission to bring their Windows-based computer software system to Latah County. We are currently working with a 30-year-old DOS system. The Windows-based system will allow taxpayers to access their property tax information online if they care to do so.
Everything I do is nonpartisan. I helped one of the rural communities assess the economic impact of a new housing development. I worked with another rural community to study the feasibility of a new city hall and community center. I lobbied our Congressional delegates and the Governor’s office to move forward with the Deary Post Office. I just completed a drone video for the City of Kendrick. I volunteered with Backyard Harvest and at the Health & Wellness Fair. I campaigned against the Idaho Legislature shifting property taxes to sales tax as that would have been a tax increase for low-income residents and a huge tax break for people who own expensive houses. I enjoy working with all of the communities.
I am usually in the Treasurer’s office during regular business hours and always available to meet with anyone at any time. I frequently answer the office phone. My personal cell phone number and email address are publicly available. I frequently get phone calls or text messages before and after business hours and am happy to respond. I attend many community events and enjoy talking with all people. During the pandemic, the Treasurer’s office was one of the first offices to initiate remote working from home to keep our staff safe and still handle customer inquiries and payments without any downtime. I use social media to convey updates and communicate with Latah County residents. I invite all to contact me at any time.
I've been your Latah County Treasurer for 3 years. The office sends accurate bills on time and balances taxes on over 20,000 parcels. The audits are clean, the investments good and Latah County is in excellent financial condition. The customer service is the best around. I’ve been entrusted with people’s money for over 30 years. I take this trust seriously and will continue to be guardian of all Latah County funds.