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Latah County Clerk of the District Court

Clerk/Auditor/Recorder serves a 4-year term.Constitutional and statutory laws have given the county clerk five distinct titles: clerk of the district court, auditor, recorder, clerk of the board of county commissioners and chief elections officer of the county.

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    Julie Fry

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    Alexa Kim

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Campaign Phone 208-596-6798
Facebook page Fry 4 Latah Clerk
I have been a resident of Latah County for the last 33 years and graduated from the University of Idaho with a B.S. in Accounting. I have been running an accounting business for the last 25 years mainly working with small businesses. I served as the Troy City Clerk in the 90's until I decided to stay home and raise a family. The last 3 1/2 years I have been working for the City of Moscow as their Treasury Manager. In this position I manage the General Ledger, Cash, Balancing, Debt Service & Investments, and Financial Reporting. I also work with the City Budget and Audit.
I want to continue running Latah County elections with transparency and integrity. I would also focus on always keeping voter rolls up to date. I would like to implement something similar to the Transparent Idaho website - that keeps citizens informed about all the inflows and outflows of public funds. Lastly my focus would be to provide exceptional customer service both internally and externally.
I have been highly involved as a volunteer throughout my life. I ran the Troy Soccer program, DYW program, served on the Troy Preschool Board and tutored math at the high school. I am currently in a different season of life and between my full-time job and providing home health care to my Mom I don't have time to serve in volunteer activities, but I look forward to the day when I can serve my fellow citizens again.
The best way to be engaged with constituents is to have several available ways to communicate such as email, phone, and website. I would also be available personally in the Clerk office. Since you serve as the Clerk for Latah County, I think it is important to go to the events in all the towns in Latah County. By going to small town events, you have the chance to personally listen to people and understand their concerns.
It would be an honor to serve the citizens of Latah County. I love living in Latah County and can provide the knowledge, skills, and integrity that would keep this office as a place of distinguished service.
Facebook page Alexa Kim for Latah County Clerk
I have worked in the Auditor’s Office for almost four years. I am the lead Recording Deputy and Passport Facilities Manager, I process all County Alcohol License applications, and I am the Elections Director’s second in performing election duties. Every day I issue marriage licenses, accept Passport applications, and assist the public with concerns about recorded documents and elections. I have designed and implemented projects and events that required precision, delegation, budgeting, and intense collaboration. I have a Bachelor’s in English which has enhanced my attention to detail, my comprehension and writing skills, and my desire to understand human motivation.
I know the office well, and I have experience with project development and implementation. I am eager to put that knowledge to use for projects that will streamline complicated systems and procedures, ensure the accuracy of the county’s financial management, and see that all county departments have adequate resources and training to meet the needs of the people of Latah County. The current political climate has also brought unprecedented scrutiny of our elections process. As someone who has witnessed years of elections from beginning to end, I feel confident in our current systems. I wish to continue to keep our elections fair, secure, and transparent.
I served on the planning committee for the 2022 Health Fair. I participated in the Latah Alliance on Mental Illness 5K walk and will be volunteering to assist with the 2022 Renaissance Fair. I also attend city council meetings throughout Latah County whenever I can. As someone who works directly with voters everyday, I must always present myself as nonpartisan. I personally believe the position of County Clerk should be a nonpartisan position because of how involved it is in the elections process, as well as its proximity to the District Court and the Board of County Commissioners. This is not a policy-making position, but rather one that is policy implementing.
I am always excited to have a collaborative discussion. I love a challenge; rethinking systems and ideas are what gets me up in the morning. Everyday I wonder if there is a better way that my job can function to better serve this community. If my constituents are seeking change, I want to hear from them. I like to think I’m a very creative person, but I need other peoples’ input if we are going to make this a better community for all of us. My message for my constituents is this: Please always feel welcome to approach me if you want to discuss something important to you. I will listen. Let’s work together!
I’m young, I’m educated, I’m enthusiastic, and I’m not set in my ways. I’m ready to learn what I don’t know, and to face the challenges of the office head on. All of Latah County is growing at an exponential rate. We need someone forward-thinking and able to quickly adapt to changing demands without sacrificing the integrity of the office. Progress is not something we should fear. We can treasure the history of our county while cultivating a thriving environment that fulfills the needs of all who call these rolling hills and river canyons home. I am excited about the possibility of being of further service to the citizens of Latah County in the Elected Clerk/Auditor/Recorder’s role.