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Idaho State Controller

The Idaho state controller serves a 4-year term. The controller is the chief financial officer for state funds; pays state bills and employees; maintains reporting and accounting systems; member of Board of Examiners, state land board, and Board of Canvassers; manages central computer service center; and administrator of state Social Security programs.

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    Dianna David

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    Brandon D. Woolf

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My top issue and priority is to continue to increase and build government transparency throughout the state of Idaho. Not only do I want this for the state of Idaho financial data, but I would like to expand the Transparent Idaho portal ( to include city, county, and school district data. I believe this will help build trust, increase government accountability, deter fraud, create a cultural change towards openness and provide data-driven confidence for policy and decision-makers.
I started at the Idaho State Controller’s Office almost 25 years ago as an intern and worked my way up the ranks learning each of the critical functions of the office as I grew professionally. I have had the privilege of serving the citizens of Idaho as their State Controller since 2012. During my service, I have worked with state agencies, local governments, education providers, and other branches of state government to bring unprecedented fiscal transparency to ensure the efficient and effective management of statewide finances while encouraging citizens to critically engage with government spending data to improve public trust.
One of the most significant challenges Idaho faces that I may be able to help address is the loss of faith and trust in our government. As the State Fiscal Officer for Idaho, my office and I have the best opportunity to help increase and regain the trust and faith in our state government by providing all of the financial data that we can through the Transparent Idaho website. This financial transparency will help public officials make better data driven decisions and give citizens confidence in where and how their tax dollars are being expended.

The new website will provide Idahoans a 1 stop shop to access state agency boards/commissions public meeting notices, agendas, and minutes creating a culture of openness.
Idaho needs strong leadership as we move forward, or our party will lose ground in the fight to keep fiscally conservative, Republican values at the forefront of our political environment. I would be honored to be considered one of those strong leaders pushing our state forward, and I believe my level-headed, collaborative, trusted fiscally conservative, and family-oriented approach is what our state needs.