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Idaho Secretary of State

The secretary of state serves a 4-year term. The secretary’s duties include member of state land, state examiners, and canvassers boards; chief elections officer, publishes election laws and election calendar; administers campaign and lobbying disclosures; files bills, proclamations, executive orders, business documents, trademark documents, and notary documents; and certifies county votes and state election results

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    Shawn Keennan

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    Phil McGrane

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I have made a career of running fair and secure elections in Idaho. Since 2005, I have been involved at almost every level of running elections, from training poll workers and counting ballots, to administering entire elections and being a candidate on the ballot. I currently serve as the elected Clerk in Ada County. In 2018, I helped to establish the first-ever Idaho Elections Conference. In addition to my Idaho elections experience, I served as a law clerk to the United States Election Assistance Commission in Washington, D.C.. I have a Bachelor's degree from the University of Washington, a Master's degree in public administration from Boise State, a law degree from the University of Denver, and I'm a member of the Idaho Bar.
I plan to continually work on advancements to ensure the integrity and security of our elections. A great example of this is keeping up with the cyber security challenges we face. To ensure the security of our elections, we must have all 44 counties and the Secretary of State, working together to implement measures that keep our elections safe. There is a real need to clean up and clarify how we conduct our elections to better align with the technology and processes we rely upon today. I have the relationships and experience necessary to coordinate these efforts. Idaho has a great track record of accurate, fair, and secure elections from the President all the way down to school boards. I am committed to ensuring we continue that streak.
Significant challenges the Secretary of State can address are protecting our elections and protecting our lands. The integrity of our elections, how and who runs them greatly matters. When we vote, we place our trust in the people and processes behind our elections system, and Idahoans should be proud. Where other states have struggled, Idaho has triumphed. It is now more important than ever to protect our elections from the influence of D.C. and beyond. In Idaho, our land is one of our greatest treasures. As a member of the Land Board, I will work to protect our lands and invest in our children through the Education Endowment.
I'm a 4th generation Idahoan and proud of our state. I was raised with the conservative values that have drawn so many here. Self-sufficiency, fiscal responsibility, and the value of a hard day's work are all principles I gained while being raised in Idaho and ones I hope to pass down to my children. Not only do I strive to live those values out at home, but also live them out as an elected official. Beyond elections, I have been recognized as a national leader in government transparency for my work making my county's budget information available online and in 2021 I successfully advocated for the largest property tax cut in the history of my county. As Secretary of State, I will work to protect the values that have made our state great.