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Miami Beach Commission Group I

The City of Miami Beach Commission consists of six (6) City Commissioners and a Mayor who are elected at large. The City Commission has the power to make, establish and ordain for the government of the City of Miami Beach and the officers of said City.This election on November 2, 2021, is for Mayor and City Commissioners in Groups I and III. The candidate for Group II is unopposed. A candidate must receive a majority of the votes cast to be elected. If no candidate receives a majority of the votes cast, there will be a runoff election between the two candidates in this group receive the highest number of votes. This runoff election shall occur two weeks from the date of general election.The term of office of the Mayor is two (2) years and City Commissioners is four (4) years. The lifetime term limit for Miami Beach Commissioners is two (2) four-year terms.

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    Raquel Pacheco

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    Kristen Rosen Gonzalez

Biographical Information

1. Why are you running for office and what qualities, training, experience and skills do you bring to this position?

2. What are the 3 most important issues facing your municipality? For each concern, how do you propose to mitigate/improve/resolve the issue?

I am running for office because our residents needs an advocate on the Commission that understands first hand how decisions affect our quality of life. I'm a small business owner of 25 years, a veteran of the Armed Services, a property owner and a mother of a child in the public school system. I have been in service since the age of 19 when I signed up with the CT Army National Guard and went on to become the 1st female soldier of the year in the State's history. I have since remained committed through service. Currently I am the Chair of the City of Miami Beach's Personnel board and the former President of Miami Beach United. I am also an active member of the PTA and a resident activist. Our City needs devoted and dependable leadership and my track record demonstrates that I can be counted on to follow through and to work with facts.
Public Safety: 1. Double the number of police in the entertainment district 2. Invest in technology 3. Invest in community policing 4. Enforce our laws

Building Safety: 1. Demand inspections every 20 years instead of 40 2. Demand transparency from HOAs and their contractors 3. Create low-interest government backed programs to assist low income residents with unexpected assessments

Sea-level rise/environment: 1. Expand our green spaces 2. Clean up our beaches 3. Invest in resiliency solutions that address flooding, storm water and sewage infrastructure
I love Miami Beach. I own a home here, I've raised my children here, and I plan to live a long and healthy life and retire here. I am half Jewish, half Christian, and my partner and children are Hispanic. I speak Spanish fluently. I am a PhD in Leadership, a tenured faculty member at MDC, a former Commissioner on Miami Beach, and we own a waterfront restuarant at 5600 Collins Ave. I have been politically active in Miami Beach for ten years. I stopped the privatization of the parking department, I passed paid parental leave in Miami Beach, and I got panic buttons for every hospitality worker on Miami Beach. I was pivotal in saving the Byron Carlyle Theater, and I am in the process of stopping the sale of the public library. My skill set and experience are unequaled in our group of candidates, and my independent viewpoint makes a difference. The seat I am running for on the MB Commission is a pivotal one, because it will determine if Miami Beach stays true to historic preservation.
1. Sea level rise is our top issue, and we must work with the federal government to ensure the funding and infrastructure to mitigate the rising waters on our island. 2. Public safety is another issue right now, and I believe we need professional development and training in our police force that will motivate our police to be more proactive in enforcing our laws. We must demand that our streets are respected and our laws enforced. 3. We must do whatever we can to clean up Biscayne Bay and our infrastructure so that we can ensure clean and swimmable waters. If we cannot swim in our water, people will no longer choose South Florida as a tourist destinations and since our economy is dependent on tourism, this is an issue that is top priority for me.