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    Helen Kirchner Moore

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    Sandy Sibley

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What are the 2 most important issues the Venice City Council needs to address and how would you address these issues?

What is your position on the amount of development occurring in Venice? What policies do you propose to support your position?

Should Venice impose restrictions on the use of fertilizers that have been shown to contribute to environmental issues such as red tide?

Given that Florida is one of the 12 states that has not adopted Medicaid expansion, leaving 425,000 Floridians caught in the coverage gap, would you support municipal or county health coverage programs similar to those in Hillsborough (Hillsborough Health Care) and Polk Counties (Polk HealthCare Plan)?

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My background includes being a full-time Venice resident since 1990 and property owner here since the mid-80's. I've been a successful full time Realtor since 1991 and have been with Michael Saunders & Company for the last 20 years of that time. I've been involved in the business community almost from the start, through the Venice Area Chamber of Commerce, VeniceMainstreet, the Venice Area Board of Realtors and the Florida Association of Realtors, where I have held and continue to hold leadership roles. I've been involved in the City of Venice governance since around 2010 with participation on the Board of Zoning Appeals, a Stakeholder Group analyzing the future direction of the Venice Fire Department, and the Planning Commission where I served for 5 years. In 2018 I was elected to a 3-year term on the Venice City Council and am now running for a second term. I'm also very actively involved in community non-profits and hold leadership roles in most everything in which I am part.
The most important issues to citizens of Venice at this time are growth and the environment. This is based on feedback I receive from constituents. Population growth in the State of Florida is explosive in almost every area. Growth management is a priority component of everything we as a City Council do to ensure that it is orderly, smart, sustainable, environmentally sound, safe and attractive. Our Utilities, Parks, Engineering and Water departments all have long-range plans and demonstrable success in keeping Venice on a focused path of pro-active environmental priorities. I'm proud to have been part of this outstanding record and hope to help it be even better and stronger going forward,
As mentioned in question 2, growth is and will continue to be a fact of life in Florida. During my tenure on the Planning Commission I helped write the revisions to our Comprehensive Plan. Citizen input was a valued part of the process, with dozens of public forums and meetings held all around the City over a period of 2 years. Among other things, our Comp Plan now requires at least 50% open space in all new developments. There must also be ample landscape buffering, storm water management, multi-modal streets and sidewalks, and wildlife corridors. Sarasota County development does not mandate this degree of environmental oversight in the communities surrounding Venice but I'm proud that we do. At present day, I'm working in crucial long-range decisions on the future road plans for east Laurel Rd., the Venice Ave. and Pinebrook Rd. intersection and the Pinebrook-Laurel intersection where Sarasota Memorial will soon open.
Venice does have guidelines for the use of chemicals in the environment. We meet State-mandated rules, but are often prohibited by law from exceeding those standards. The City of Venice consists of just about 16 square miles, with Sarasota County on 3 sides and of course the Gulf of Mexico to the west. Everything we do to mitigate red tide and other disastrous environmental phenomenon should always be coordinated with our neighboring jurisdictions. I believe that over the last 10 years the City and County have been more successfully doing this than in the past. It is my goal to foster that crucial relationship This also goes to State of Florida policies. I've been involved for decades with lobbying our elected State officials to keep them aware of and engaged with the ongoing critical needs of our very special town. We can't do it alone!
Lack of Medicaid coverage for vulnerable citizens is a concern that deserves attention. I'm not well versed with the County programs you list, so can't say whether the would be a good fit for Venice. As with many other issues of critical importance on a State and National level, this topic does not come under Council purview as described in the City Charter of Venice. I do so myself and personally urge others to dig into the issues and then volunteer their valuable time and treasure on those that resonate most strongly.
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Originally from New Hampshire, my family moved to Tampa, Florida when I was only 8 years old. I grew up in Florida and then moved to Venice with my husband Gary in 2001. I’m a Venice homeowner, happily married Gary for 22 years. Gary is a Decorated Retired State Trooper with a Medal of Valor. Our daughter Stacy just graduated as a Xray Technician. Our son Robert is a Nurse Practitioner. I have been a successful Venice Realtor for most of the last 20 years. I’ve been inducted into the Re/Max Hall of Fame for my sales. Prior to the last 20 years, I put my B.A. Degree to good use and was a successful small business owner. This is the experience that made me a goal oriented and self- motivated individual. My inside knowledge of Real Estate and understanding of the community, in part, qualifies me to be on City Council. I’ve contributed to my neighborhood by being on the Board of Directors. My people skills & decision making is what’s needed on City Council.
1. The ratification of the Land and Development Regulations (LDR’S) are incredibly important. They are the framework of the future Building and Environmental regulations here in Venice. If they aren’t accepted and voted in to law, it will be another 10-15 years before they are reviewed again. 2. Environmentally, we need to keep our beaches and water safe. We need to work very closely with the County and State to find an answer to Red Tide.
Most of us came to Venice because we love that small town beach community feel, and we want it to stay that way. Growth is good, as long as it’s managed responsibly. I want to preserve the Venice quality of life. The Land Development Regulations speak to the issue of future growth being smart, strategic and environmentally sustainable. I agree with the LDR’S.
We currently do impose the restrictions on the use of fertilizers. The City of Venice follows the State of Florida mandates on this.
I support health coverage programs. The City is self- insured and is actively monitored by our Human Resources Director Alan Bullock.