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What does the City Council do?Approves budget and land use decisionsInvestigates any matter within its jurisdictionEncourages participation in “participatory budgeting”Approves agency headsAssists constituents

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    Amber L. Adler

  • Binyomin Zev Bendet

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    Mariya Markh

  • Steven Saperstein

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    Heshy Tischler

Biographical Information

How will you help your district recover from the effects of the pandemic?

What steps will you take to ensure that rent in your district remains affordable for the general population?

What are your views on the level of funding in the budget for the NYPD?

What are your plans to address housing insecurity in your district?

What other important issues would you address if elected?

Campaign Website
Campaign Email
Campaign Telephone Number (347) 460-4256
City/Town of Residence Brooklyn
Community Involvement Chair of Neighborhood Advisory Board 15, County Committee Member, Census 2020 Site Captain, Coney Island Anti-Violence Collaborative, Families for Safe Streets & frequent volunteer for over a dozen org’s
Campaign Address 1775 E 13 Street Brooklyn, NY
Current Political Office (if applicable) Member of Kings County Democratic Committee
Experience and Qualifications Award-winning civic leader, non-profit CEO & has directed operations for corporate & nonprofit organizations. Secured over 200k from City Council (2019/20), allocates approx 850k in federally funded contracts to local non-profits as Chair of NAB-15
Education BA, Business & Communication, and AD, Arts, and Finance Certification, from Ohio University; Real Estate Certification, NY Real Estate Institute and Behavioral Therapy Certificate.
Party Endorsements Pending
Twitter @Amberadlernyc
During the pandemic, I helped more people get the resources they need than any other candidate. I did everything from providing resources to sourcing and distributing masks to partnering with multiple organizations to distribute boxes of food to over 1,600+ local families per week. I received three awards this year for my efforts. Once elected, I will take this insight and experience and continue to provide equitable pandemic recovery to district residents. This includes but is not limited to small business assistance, unemployment management assistance, public benefit guidance, help finding mental health treatment and related services. Plus, my office will keep people connected to resources for vital needs such as food. My office will also help direct people to useful tools they can use to get back to work (trainings, local job postings and more).
To ensure that rent in the district remains affordable, I will focus on two main components: (1) Maintaining the current affordable housing units by making sure no units are able to be cut (2) creating new units. I will also implement a mapping system to monitor the number of units in the district and their location.
I have a strong commitment to public safety. My decisions regarding funding will always lead with what keeps the community safe. I am the only candidate with experience working in public safety, and also working on the forefront of the fight against hate and bigotry. My plan for safety is a multi-prong approach that protects, prevents and will keep our community safe.
Data shows that we are on track to lose 1,600 affordable housing units in the district by 2022 (since 2017). When I am elected, I will bring this rapid decrease to an abrupt halt. I will work to bring back units we lost and create new units by supporting current proposals and working to create new ones. I am particularly interested in the creation of more affordable senior housing.
My plan for District 48 focuses on safety, equitable pandemic recovery, childcare as an economic stimulus, education, supporting seniors and elevating quality of life while promoting unity. There is no broad brush stroke that will fix everything. I am here to focus on common denominators and deliver measurable results.

I standout amongst the candidates seeking this office for many reasons. However, one important difference is my holistic approach to governing. I have 20 years of experience in helping communities grow, 10 years of this experience has been focused locally. I know the community best and I know that I am here to govern with maximum community input. I value this. I want residents to feel as though I am a part of their extended family, their good friend. That is how any elected official truly provides for people - they know the people, what they are going through and welcome them to be actively involved in elevating the area.
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Campaign Website
Campaign Email
Campaign Telephone Number (917) 409-6611
City/Town of Residence Brooklyn, NY
Community Involvement Former Council Aide to Councilmembers Lew Fidler, Alan Maisel and Chaim Deutsch. Former Executive Director 41st AD Democrats Club. City Hall Liaison to Community Boards 13 & 15 and Russian speaking population.
Campaign Address 1075 Sheepshead Bay Road, Brooklyn
Current Political Office (if applicable) Member of Kings County Democratic County Committee
Experience and Qualifications For over a decade I've worked in the City Council and City Hall doing everything from constituent work, legislation, budget issues, scheduling, training staff, and more.
Education BA from Brooklyn College, MA from Fordham University.
Party Endorsements Democratic Party
Twitter @BrooklynMariya
To help the district recover, we must reopen our community centers, help small businesses, get people back to work and invite tourists back to the City. We need to fund our health care institutions, such as Coney Island Hospital, so we can address the long-term effects of COVID and meet pre-existing health care needs. We need to make sure that schools and senior centers have what they need to reopen safely—as soon as they can. We also need to provide resources for businesses to employ New Yorkers again. All this will require work with our partners in the Federal and State governments.
Affordability is a result of supply and demand. The housing crisis that NYC faces is the result of a greater need than there is supply. We need to identify locations to build more affordable and supportive housing, especially for seniors and people with disabilities so they can afford to age independently in place. To do this we must ease the ability to build this kind of housing.
In order for NYCs recovery to be robust, we need to address the fact that New Yorkers are feeling unsafe. I do not approve of defunding the police. The increase in violent crime in the subway must be met with additional NYPD presence. We should also be funding programs that are community focused, especially the Hate Crimes Task Force and community policing initiatives, which build a partnership between the NYPD and the communities they serve.
We need to work with developers to build more. We also need to move away from the shelter system, and away from the use of hotels as shelters, and create more permanent supportive housing. We need to move away from short-term rentals like AirBNB, which take away permanent housing from the community that can be used for families instead of as a revolving door of strangers.
In addition to helping those who are suffering from the mental, physical, and economic impacts of COVID, we also need to create safe, livable neighborhoods. I will work to restore funding to our basic services like sanitation, public safety, and senior services. It is crucial that information and resources from the City be accessible to all residents of the district so homeowners can lower their property taxes, seniors can freeze their rent, and when a government agency fails at their job, our district has an advocate working for them.
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Campaign Website
Campaign Email
Campaign Telephone Number (718) 288-7845
City/Town of Residence Brooklyn ny
Community Involvement I volunteer & help fund a youth center & at our local hospital & help fund & volunteer at our food distribution center called shevas Achim take in Kids who need a 2nd Chance & visit the jails every other Sunday and have taken in people from jail
Campaign Address 1212 avenue m Brooklyn ny 11230
Experience and Qualifications Have been in bussiness for over 30 years have my office for constituent services have done audits & worked with many government agencies work for tenants as an HPD receiver & work for landlords helping them comply with code & helping people with city
Education BA
Will help resturant’s with a Resturant tax free week

Make sure all violations issues will get dismissed

Will work on a better homless project

Will fix and defund the dob and 14 other agencies

Will help get more money and patrols for our police and work with community volunteers to help patrol

Work on traffic issues and special needs programs
Complicated and will work with bussiness owners and landlords and discuss the tax issues and see how to make all this work together at the same tome creating more jobs for our constituents
We need to refund and create more finding for our crime fighters to keep them safe and help our communities
Too much to address here have plans to create a round table with community leaders and police and regular people on how to establish safety for our seniors and children and to figure out a better system on patrolling and using the cameras mandated by the state for safety in schools and park areas
Mental health and postpartum

Nursing homes and adult homes understaffing

Hospitals not being up to date with staff and better overseeing the interns

School choice and fixing the broken public school system

After school programs

This just to name a few