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What does the school board do?Creates goals for the school districtHires and evaluates the Superintendent and TreasurerApproves school curriculum, calendars, and budgetsCreates school district policyWorks with and communicates with parents and community members to build public support for quality educationThe school board makes an impact on our community on a range of issues including: School curriculum choicesEducation for children with disabilitiesEducator qualityEducational opportunities

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Biographical Information

What specific experience, skills or qualities make you an effective member of the school board?

What do you believe your role is as an individual board member? What is the role of the board?

What are the biggest challenges facing our local schools today? What do you propose the board do to address those challenges?

What is your opinion on the value of teaching civics in elementary, middle and high school?

If the school district were to receive COVID-19 relief funding, what are your priorities for how those funds would be spent?

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Education - In addition to having served on this board for the past year, I'm a 1993 graduate of Milton High School. I went on to graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater in 1997 and the Graduate School of Banking at UW Madison in 2019.

Family - My wife and I have three children that are or have been part of the district. Our 5th grader, high school senior, and college junior provide us insights as to what is or has been happening in the district. Additionally, having our own children in the district acts as a constant reminder of why education is so critically important.

Related experience - In addition to volunteer activities within the district, I have other related community and volunteer experience. For example, I also serve on my Bank's Board of Directors, the Board of the Blackhawk Technical College Foundation, and am the Chair of the Government Relations Council at Forward Janesville.

I believe my role on the board is to be an advocate for the education of those who live within the School District of Milton. As that advocate, its important that we:

• Provide our kids with the best education possible • Maintain a quality working environment for our staff • Demonstrate transparency to the community • Be fair in what we ask of our taxpayers

The role of the board is to reconcile all of our competing goals, focus on those that we identify as most important, and help act as a conduit between the district’s administrative team and the community’s other stakeholders. To do this: we need to effectively listen, we need to be able to analyze and understand data, we need to be able to effectively communicate in a public setting, and influence the outcomes of the important decisions we need to make.
In the immediate term, our biggest challenge will be to successfully return to full-time, in-person instruction for all of our students. Our ongoing challenge will be to identify students who have fallen behind during the pandemic and offer real world solutions to help them get back to their respective grade level of performance.

Looking to the long term, we need to work to have a sustainable method of maintaining quality facilities and working to retain our quality staff. Locally, that means making budgetary choices that are sustainable in the long-term. It also means lobbying the state to restore its commitment to provide funding for 2/3's of our school's budgets and address methods in which to stabilize funding for the state's districts that are experiencing declining enrollment.
Civics is one of the most important tools we can teach if we hope to maintain a successful democracy. Citizens who don't understand how the government is designed to work are in many ways powerless to push for change in times when it doesn't.

As citizens, we can only expect a government as good as the one we respect, nurture, and protect. A universal and comprehensive education in the operation of government, what is should do, and what it cannot do, is the only way to ensure it operates as it was designed.
I would like to see these potential funds be focused on helping students who may have fallen behind during the pandemic. Our greatest responsibility is to our children and seeking ways to help each of them succeed is a critical responsibility.

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Milton, Wi 53563
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Education Masters in History (American Public University) Bachelors of Science in History (Evangel University) Bachelors of Science in Secondary Education and Middle School (Evangel University)
I’ve been an educator for 13 years. My career has primarily been in Secondary and Post-Secondary education, but I also served as a preschool teacher, coach of multiple sports, and community organizer. In 2015, I began work on a committee launched by the Missouri Department of Education to rewrite the Missouri State Standards for Secondary Social Studies. Recently, I served on the Board of Directors for the Children’s Museum of Rock County. I also work on curriculum development with American Stories, Inc. which is a civics-based non-profit designed to provide teachers with primary source lesson plans to implement in their classrooms. My ability to work collaboratively, and with various groups of people will be an asset to reaching solutions as a school board member. My knowledge of public schools, post-secondary schools, and child development will help me advocate for teachers, students, and taxpayers effectively.
Transparency and listening to others articulate their position before making decisions ought to be our primary role, truly engaging with the whole community to craft a vision for the next three years. Working well as a team will be necessary. Board Members must be willing to hear each other’s perspectives and build a consensus that is beneficial to students and taxpayers.

An effective school board is the watchdog role in keeping your local school on track, and setting policies that affect your child and your school. The school board holds the district accountable for results. One school board member cannot do the job alone. Working together while using their unique talents and skills will make an effective board. One that Milton needs to continue growing and remaining one of the best in the state.
I see two major challenges ahead for the district—developing a plan to remain 100% in-person while meeting the needs of those who wish to remain virtual, and developing a better budget plan for the future. My position on getting students in-person 100% of the time has not changed, but recently, the board voted to reopen full-time starting April 5th. In moving forward, the district needs to develop a plan to handle students who choose to remain virtual, but also in the district. We already have a partnership with Jedi Virtual—a public charter school. By utilizing this program, we will ensure our instructors are not overburdened with teaching in-person and asynchronously beyond this year. Regarding the budget, the district should be exploring options of planning for future developments/maintenance and cost-saving opportunities.
Teaching civics at all levels is a must. Civic education, when done right, can uplift and empower students to be actively involved in their communities. As we have seen in the last year, knowing and understanding the role and power of your local government, not just state and federal, is incredibly important. The sharp decline in civic knowledge is a growing concern; one we cannot afford to allow. It is imperative that students are taught true history and civics from primary sources, and credible secondary sources. Schools should, first, focus on teaching students to appreciate our founding documents and principles, and then teach students the very proper ways to go out and ‘do civics’.
The U.S. Treasury Department is still writing those regulations, so there may be some limitations we don't yet know about. As Milton already has a plan for reopening, and since this funding will not last forever, the district should explore enhancing the summer school experience, boosting our after-school programs to include more of a learning lab environment rather than just child care, working with local government to broadband coverage for the district (if needed), and expanding opportunities for advanced courses in middle school and high school grades.
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Education Bachelor's Degree - UW Whitewater Master's Degree - UW-LaCrosse
I believe I bring value and extensive experience to the board – based on my past careers and volunteer experiences. I have worked through tax levy’s, mill rates and shared revenue during my career in local government; I’ve been part of the leadership team at UW Rock County in both solid and shaky economic times and my work at Mercyhealth has given me perspective of thinking big picture and long term for the good of a large organization. My volunteerism on various local community boards has provided me with thousands of hours of experience in working together with other board members - to move organizations forward, and make nonprofit organizations successful within our community. I’ve been part of so many great organizations and have held leadership roles on numerous boards. The vast majority of my career I have both reported to a board of directors - and served as a board member. This experience serves me I believe I have seen and been through what it takes to be successful
My role as a school board member has several different responsibilities: • I will be focused on the district’s vision • I will be fiscally accountable and responsible • I will put students first • I will make decisions with an open mind

The role of the entire board also has several different key responsibilities: • We will set policy and continue to improve on a set of cohesive guidelines that matches the district’s vision • We will supervise the Superintendent, and establish a strong working relationship with this position, working together in our respective roles with collaboration and trust • We will be transparent - communication to the community is key

It is a difficult issue because things right now are good in the Milton School District .... enrollment is growing, facilities are up to date, COVID numbers are declining. The most important issue facing the district is how we make this sustainable. Today is good; I want tomorrow to be great. I am ready to embrace challenges, and use its momentum to continue the quest for educational excellence. The board will need to continue to address challenges as it relates to poverty, classroom size, technology, funding, transportation and student health. We will face these challenges as they present themselves, with our core values and mission as our guide.
In my opinion, the values that are at the core of civic learning are essential. They help young people develop the dispositions needed to actively engage in civic life and maintain the norms by which Americans debate and decide their differences. The very nature of developing and sustaining a social norm means that a common civic education experience across all grades is needed. I feel these three points are critical to civic education: • Civic knowledge and skills: where youth gain an understanding of the processes of government, prevalent political ideologies, civic and constitutional rights, and the history and heritage of the above. • Civic values and dispositions: where youth gain an appreciation for civil discourse, free speech, and engaging with those whose perspectives differ from their own. • Civic behaviors: where students develop the civic agency and confidence to vote, volunteer, attend public meetings, and engage with their communities.
Funding needs to be spent on recovering academic momentum for all of our students. Addressing learning loss would be my first priority, especially among disadvantaged students, including those living in poverty, learning English, experiencing homelessness, dealing with disabilities or living in foster care. In addition to addressing learning loss, these are other proprieties I feel the district would be wise to invest in: * Providing services to support student mental health * Supporting afterschool and summer learning programs
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Education High school. Manager Cosmetologist, Life insurance license, & Realtor
I was a business owner for 30 years so accountability and oversight are essential.
To represent the voters who support me and make sure their views on subjects are addressed.
To keep children in school learning and meeting the needs of the children.
I think it is more important then ever. Children are never too young to start learning this.
I believe it should be used to help students that have fallen behind in education during virtual teaching. We owe a quality education to every child.
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