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What does city council do?Council members—also known as a town council or board of aldermen—are tasked with representing the interests of their constituents. In addition to proposing, passing, and ratifying laws and ordinances, city councils manage budgets and investigate city agencies when necessary.

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    Jack Herndon

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    Michael Jackson

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    Douglas Marklein

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    David Marshick

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    Heather Miller

  • Dan Neal

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What educational, occupational, civic, and community experience do you have that qualified you for this office?

If elected what are the first three things you would like to see the city accomplish?

What role should the city have in ensuring that Wi-Fi is readily available to all residents?

How would you involve the community residents in your decision making?

What are your priorities for COVID-19 relief funding?

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Facebook Jack for city council
I do have experience of organizational events in our community and setting up events in Janesville
The budget refined , informational stuff to be shared to make it easier for people to understand how our city government works , getting the public involved
I don’t feel that is the city responsibility other than in public buildings like the library
Ask questions in public forums and represent the people and their ideas
Help awareness of safe practices
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Campaign Phone Number 608-921-6453
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Education Bachelor of Science, Southern Bible College, Houston, Texas Associate of Arts, The Southern College, Houston, Texas Emergency Medical Technician Special Skills certification, Lee College, Baytown, Texas
CIVIC AND COMMUNITY EXPERIENCE: • Co-founder and facilitator (along with Mr. Rick Perry of Beloit) of Janesville’s Community Health Center • HealthNet Board of Directors • Partners in Prevention Board of Directors • Rock County Behavioral Health Redesign Steering Committee • Founded Freedom Fest • Founded Day of Compassion 1 & 2 • Helped establish Love Inc. (Now Faith Works) here in Janesville and served on the local board of directors. • Redeemed Christian Counseling Board of Directors • Initiated the Janesville Adopt a School program • Election poll worker • Chief Election Inspector • Founded the New Life Food Pantry • Featured in the “50 Who Matter” Janesville Gazette Supplement • Chaplain of the United States House of Representatives -- July 12, 2006. • Pastored New Life Church 16+ years • President, Mont Belvieu, Texas Emergency Medical Service • Chaplain of the Nevada state senate and assembly
Covid recovery. I hope to get local businesses back up on their feet, get back the jobs we've lost due to the pandemic, clip the wings of overzealous regulators, and give everyone in our community a fighting chance. Next, I intend to strengthen local and small businesses. I will personally act as an advocate for the small business community. It is important to me that Janesville takes its place as the most business-friendly community in the state of Wisconsin. It is my belief that such an endeavor will add jobs, good paying jobs, to the Janesville economy. The Transportation Utility Fee. We are in the midst of a pandemic. Now is not the best time to add another fee to the property owners, schools, churches as well as the businesses of our city. I believe that there has to be a better option for road and street maintenance than the proposed utility fee. I would want the council to put in place a committee of stakeholders to find out what that better option might be.
WIFI is very important. It is a critical part of the educational process. It is indispensable to healthcare, governmental affairs as well as many businesses including banking. I understand that. However, it is my belief that while the city council should/could have some say, it should be a limited say in this particular space. Why not let the marketplace dictate such matters? I have walked miles as a part of my campaign. I have spent multiplied hours talking with governmental leaders, business owners as well as private citizens. I have toI have to admit, the issue of WIFI has not been raised in even one of those conversations. People want to talk about the issues that I have based my campaign on: Covid recovery, affordable housing, support for small business, fiscal responsibility and jobs. Those are the things the people in Janesville are interested in today.

If I am elected to the city council, I will continue to be a very visible part of the city. I will continue visiting local businesses. I will continue to walk and talk with our residents. I want to be connected with those whom I represent. In short, I won’t do anything different than I am doing now. I will encourage open questions. I will incorporate listening into my governing style. As I am currently doing, I will encourage people to contact city hall if they have questions or concerns. My contact information will be readily available.
Testing. Vaccinations. Treatment. Education. Support. I will work to make sure all of the city’s resources are available as needed. I will be a facilitator.
Campaign Phone (608) 436-1428
Facebook Friends Of Douglas Marklein
Education Craig High School 1974 BA UW-Madison 1979
UW- Madison School of Agriculture 1979 BA - Construction Administration (Real Estate Emphasis) Member South Central Wisconsin Builders Association since 1980 Chairman of Christmas SCWBA lighting project President of SCWBA 1997 Janesville Zoning Board of Appeals 1997-2005 Rock County Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee 2007 Rock County PDR/Pace Ad Hoc Committee 2009-10 Janesville Plan Commission 2011 to present Janesville City Council 2013 to present - President 3 times As a home builder , I have worked building homes and creating neighborhoods in all corners of the city, I help families at all income levels to achieve their goal of home ownership, staying on budget and on time. I have worked closely with renters and understand the issues from both sides. Common sense, attention to details, staying on a budget and working with people are the skills required to be a successful Council member. I have over 40 years experience working in a local family owned business doing just that.
1 Mentor new Council Members during first year in office. The first year has a steep learning curve. I was helped my first year by the then President, Kathy Voskuil. It made me a much better contributor to the Council. If elected I pledge to do the same, especially with three new members and a full agenda right off the bat. 2 The Transportation Utility proposal has been paused until the new Council is seated. I would like to start right off with a study session for all Council Members, a panel of community and business leaders and the Janesville community. The goal would be to bring all stakeholders up to speed on the process of street rehabilitation, the funding problem, possible solutions. From here, the Staff and Council can move forward on finding the right balance of sustainable funding sources that will be fair and equitable for Janesville residents and businesses. 3 To arrive at a budget that maintains the City services we have come to expect with minimal effect on the tax rates
As the world becomes more interconnected via the internet, it is becoming more crucial that all citizens have the availability to connect to a network. The big question will be who pays and who maintains the system. The City of Janesville currently has a low power WI-Fi system designed and in place for the Downtown Arise redesign project. For Municipal WI-FI to be successful, A Business group will be needed to operate and monitor the Zone. There will be a question of equipment ownership and maintenance. The City's major role would be to encourage a private entity to take on the responsibility of WI-FI, and to remove barriers to a successful implementation. I do not believe the City will be able to supply many resources beyond the initial roll out. JATV would most likely be the operation that could help coordinate efforts among the interested parties.
Pre COVID, the Council held an informal meeting with citizens before every other Council Meeting. These were well attended and brought many issues to light. This should be continued after in person Council meeting occur. The City has an active and updated webpage with easy to search functions. The same information the Council receives is found there. The City actively posts information of social media pages, these are monitored and replied to. The Council has email addresses and city Phone numbers published in every council agenda packet, I encourage Citizens to use these if concerns arise. Council members do read these and response accordingly. Social Pinpoint is a fairly new tool that allows for an interactive large group online meeting. This has been used with great success for neighborhood meetings regarding potential new development projects. Council members do listen and want to hear your thoughts and ideas. Community response truly does shape the decision making process.
Of equal priority is relief for low income families and for small local businesses. They bore the greatest burden caused by COVID-19. Landlords often Mom and Pop small scale ones were also financially impacted. Mental health concerns increased among a very vulnerable part of our society. Community economic developments paused due to uncertainty. The City responsibility will be to inform, educate and coordinate among all the affected parties of the relief resources as they come available. They can leverage funds with matching grants, aid in SBA loans for small businesses, Janesville's neighborhood services will be invaluable in assisting tenants and landlords recover with minimizing evictions. The Community will be reliant on state and federal programs for relief funding. These usually slow to implement, difficult to apply for and insufficiently funded. The City Council's Priority will be to expedite aid to those in need, cut red tape barriers to real progress and support change.
Facebook Dave Marshick for Janesville City Council
Education University of Wisconsin-Madison BA Degree- Economics
I feel that I am uniquely qualified for a spot on the Janesville City Council. I have experience that will bring a strong skill set to the role. I graduated from UW- Madison with a degree in Economics and have been working in banking for almost 30 years. In my role in commercial banking I have come to gain an understanding of the needs of businesses both large and small that will help me understand how the City of Janesville can support our great businesses. I also analyze financial statements and budgets on almost a daily basis. I have been very involved in many community and civic organizations in leadership roles including, Janesville Morning Rotary Club, Janesville Area Crimestoppers, Downtown Janesville Inc, Downtown Janesville Business Improvement District, City of Janesville Downtown Revolving Loan Fund among others. In my roles with the Downtown Janesville BID and the Downtown Revolving Loan Fund I have had the opportunity to learn how city government works.
If elected I have a number of priorities; continuing the strong momentum of Downtown revitalization, supporting our small businesses and fiscal responsibility. The most pressing issue that I feel will need to be addressed is the funding of taking care of our roads. Having good roads and infrastructure is critical to the success of our great city. The current situation of funding the majority of the roads with debt is unsustainable in the long run. We must find alternate and diverse revenue sources to attack this issue. I also want to work with the planning and development departments to make sure the city provides a good road map and support as businesses work through the process of a new developments or opening new businesses. Many small businesses do not have the expertise or resources to navigate the process. I think it’s an important role of the city to provide resources and support to help guide these vital small businesses through the process.
Over the last year of living through the Pandemic it has become very apparent that having reliable and easy access to Wi-Fi is critical. As many businesses transitioned to work from home and with the schools going virtual, the need for everyone to have this access became even more important. This is not a topic I have a done a lot of research on but definitely something that I will work to become more educated on to find a role the city can play in helping make sure everyone has access to Wi-Fi.
If elected citizens will find that I am committed to building consensus and finding balanced solutions. I feel strongly that when making decisions it is important to listen to all sides of a topic to find balanced solutions. In 2015 a group of us on Downtown Janesville Inc. were approached about trying to get a Downtown BID in place. The last attempt in 2008 did not go well. In the prior effort a small group of people came up with a plan and then took it to the downtown businesses. Learning from this experience our small group decided we must change the approach. One of the first things we did was called some of the business owners that were strongly opposed to the first effort and asked them to be a part of a task force to try and find a plan that made sense. We also engaged the entire downtown business community by hosting several informational sessions. After almost two years we were able to come up with a plan that was balanced and had the support of almost everyone.
As our businesses and community begin to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic it is important that we all stay vigilant and responsible in all of our actions. Businesses need our support, but it is important that we continue to adhere to safety protocols and not rush to our pre-covid ways. Reopening responsibly and safely is critical. While most COVID-19 relief funding is coming from the federal and state levels it is important that the city continues to explore ways to help support businesses as they begin to reopen safely. I believe talking with the business community and finding out their needs can help drive that process to find ways that the city can assist with.
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Education Northern Illinois University, double majoring in Sociology and Biology. Kishwaukee College, Associates in Business. Rasmussen College, Criminal Justice.
My experience as a mother of six, former police officer, driving instructor, and caregiver to people who are elderly and/or disabled has afforded me lessons in patience, structure, consistency, and being a good listener. Law enforcement solidified the need to maintain good and open communication with your community in order to truly know what their needs are. I have learned how to discover the root of a problem by thinking outside the box and sometimes using unconventional means to achieve a resolution. As an ECHO volunteer for eighteen years, I've had the opportunity to work cooperatively with community leaders, service recipients, fellow volunteers, and homeless liaisons toward a common goal of giving a hand-up in times of need.
The City needs a resolution to pay for road repair and replacement. Excessive borrowing cannot continue and putting an extensive fee on the backs of business owners during a pandemic is not an amicable solution. The least burdensome methodology may be to implement a local sales tax of .5%, which would allow the City to share the overall cost with those traveling to/through Janesville. The food desert on the South side of the City needs to be addressed. City leaders need to actively reach out to existing grocers in an effort to bring a full-service and affordable grocery to an area earmarked for future economic growth. Community input may be the best avenue to explore a non-profit grocery alternative to combat this hardship and create more local control & opportunity. We need to explore ways of bringing businesses to the City that provide fun safe entertainment for our youth and are not seasonal-specific. Our kids are our future and we need to provide better local opportunities.
The City of Janesville should not be tasked with ensuring everyone has Wi-Fi access. There are plenty of retailers, restaurants, taverns, public buildings, and lot areas where Wi-Fi is offered at no cost to the user. In fact, it is not always necessary to be indoors or even patronize an establishment to gain access to a public network. That being said, it is imperative that we maintain availability to our school-aged children. Creating a mobile hot spot on a borrowed School District device may be the most cost-effective solution that ensures connectivity through distanced learning.
Creating easy access for the community residents to voice their concerns is key to amicable decision making. We most often turn to websites, news channels, and social media for information; but there is an entire population that does not rely heavily on digital media and have the same needs within our City. This is an entire group of people who feel left out of the digital age and public forums and round-table discussions are a great way to engage many of our unplugged residents.
I would like to see those who were required to use their own personal benefit time to quarantine (per employer policy, State mandate or CDC recommendation) or actually recover from COVID-19 compensated for that lost time. Many people, over the last thirteen months, had no choice but to exhaust their vacation and sick times, leaving them no relief throughout the remainder of the year from being overworked. Those who lost their jobs and nearly their homes because they couldn't work under these guidelines are the ones who cannot be left falling through the cracks.
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Campaign Phone Number 608.576.1653
Facebook Dan Neal For City Council
Education High School Diploma 2001 Washtenaw
Currently Manager 35-40 people And run the fire department division for my comapany. (JF Ahern) Balance and construct a budget over 40 million dollars on a yearly basis. Social Chair and Forward Janesville ambassador for Forward Janesville. Join Janesville young professionals member.
• Work on post pandemic planning with the area businesses. Comb through the stimulus package we will receive as a city and advocate to use that in the most proficient manner to help the businesses and individual taxpayer

• Collaborate with the council and city leaders on how to best formulate a workable way to pay for the roads, whether it be through a revised utility tax or lobbing for the ability to referendum the possibility of a 1/2% tax increase. Something has to happen and this will be and important decision the new council will be part of.

• Talk with area leaders outside of city hall to best determine what a new approach would be to lobby for more shared revenue for city. It has been far too long with the same answers and we need to seek outside help to determine if we are being skipped over.
If we are going to say that children have to stay home and learn virtually during a pandemic or anytime in the future we must learn from errors made in the past and not having accessible wi-fi is an issue. I will not pretend I have the solution, but certainly in our day of age public wi-fi needs to be addressed.
As part of Forward Janesville i have access to the businesses and hear their pulse on a weekly basis. I will continue to solicit feedback and listen to their wants/concerns.

As for the individual taxpayer i will be available 24/7 with a separate phone and email to hear the wants and concerns. I will listen in meetings and show up to be a voice for the community. I have no vested interest other than helping grow Janesville on all levels.
Taxpayer relief.

Is there room in the bill to use it for the road repairs?

Help businesses that have been working at a reduced capacity get back on their feet. Work does need to be done in the arena however to truly vet out those businesses that have complied.