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DuPage Township Supervisor

Vote for 1Illinois townships are required by law to perform three functions: General Assistance – Offer food, shelter or emergency relief for people in need until they become self-supporting or qualify for other forms of assistance. Property Assessment – The Township Assessor sets property values for all properties within the township. Road and Bridge Maintenance – Townships collectively maintain approximately 71,000 miles of Illinois roads. This represents more than half of the road miles in the state.The eight-member DuPage Township Board includes Supervisor, Clerk, Assessor, Collector, and four (4) Trustees to govern township operations. The Supervisor serves as supervisor of General Assistance, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, and township treasurer/ex-officio treasurer of Road & Bridge fundsDuPage Township has two cemeteries under its administration. One is Alexander Cemetery in Romeoville, Illinois. The second is Boardman's Cemetery, located in Bolingbrook, Illinois.In Illinois, Township government was launched in 1849, after the Illinois Constitution of 1848 allowed voters in each county to choose to establish township governments or a county commission form of government without township units. Today, 85 of the 102 counties in Illinois operate under the township form of government. There are currently 1,433 townships in the state serving more than eight million residents. Townships are individual geographic areas that are separate from cities and counties. For example, a large city may contain several townships while one township may encompass several small towns. Township government operates at local levels and was designed to serve the basic needs of the community. It is the form of government that operates in close proximity to the people it serves. In many rural areas, townships are the only unit of government available to provide social services and road maintenance. More information: DuPage Township

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    Felix George (Write-in)

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Please describe the educational background, work experience, and other skills which uniquely qualify you for this position.

What do you consider to be the most important issues facing the Supervisor’s office right now and how would you propose to address them?

What opportunities would you propose to reduce costs in the Supervisor’s office while maintaining or improving needed services for the community?

What programs and policies would you propose, if any, to increase the transparency and accountability of the Supervisor’s office?

How has the COVID-19 pandemic impacted the need for short term and long term services in the Township and how would you propose to address the impacts?

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Campaign Address 312 Charlestown Dr
Campaign Phone (847) 274-3562
I am a US Navy Veteran. Went to UICC with major in Marketing and Business Management. I was Director of the Illinois Public Treasurer's Investment Pool at the time handling $1.6 billion of local government funds for 1200+ local government entities. Oversaw the pool getting Standard and Poors approval. Formerly Director of Programs for Illinois State Treasurer's Office. Was responsible for managing all social investment programs.
First is the corruption in the office. The current party has been in charge so long that they feel immune from oversight and state statutes. That goes with the problem og township government. The state has put numerous statutes in place to govern townships. However, there are no processes in place to enforce those statutes. When an organization requests funds from the township, it is not important what your need is but who you know on the board.

Secondly the Food Pantry needs to be expanded. After years of pushing in early 2020 we got the Food Pantry to go from 2 days during the week to also Saturday. When the Pandemic hit, rather than adding more hours, they reduced it back to 2 days.
Rather than reducing costs, I would redirect funds from the illegal grants it puts out to the Food Pantry and Senior Services.
Right now, agenda items are voted on with no dollar amounts or explanation as to what they are voting on. Public comment is at end of meeting after action items are voted on. By then it is too late.

I propose to put Agenda Item packets on the website like Naperville township does. I would also allow anyone who desires to sign up before hand to speak on any agenda item when it comes up and before any vote is taken. i would still have public comment at end of meeting.
The biggest impact is food insecurity. We need to greatly expand the Food Pantry program.
B.Sc. Mechanical Engineer , MSOE University , Milwaukee, Wisconsin. A resident of Bolingbrook for over three decades, Felix has dedicated his life to serving others. He is deeply committed to fulfilling his civic duty and has taken leadership roles in numerous groups working to better our community and improve our quality of life. He currently serves as the Dupage Township Supervisor, a past Township Trustee and a former member of the Bolingbrook Chapter of the Lion’s Club.

During the past two decades, he has served as a member of the Village of Bolingbrook Civic and Cultural Affairs Commission, the Financial Vice President and Community Director for the Bolingbrook Jaycees, a board member of the Bolingbrook Chapter of the American Cancer Society, and a member of the Bolingbrook Jubilee Steering Committee.

Additionally, for the past seven years Felix has been a mentor to aspiring college female engineering students with the national organization and has been honored as an exemplary role model in business and in community. He has also been recognized for his generous work on behalf of others. He received a Distinguished Service Award on behalf of the Bolingbrook Jaycees and has long been an ardent supporter of Republican candidates and community causes.

He has been actively involved in the campaigns of Governor Jim Edgar, Congresswoman Judy Biggert, Congressman Harris Fawell, State Representative Jim Meyer, County Board Members: Anne Dralle, Ed Kusta, Judy Bredeweg, Terri Wintermute, and numerous other local, state, and Congressional candidates throughout Illinois.

I, Felix George was appointed Township Supervisor February 19, 2019 due to the resignation of the former supervisor. The township audit firm “Mack and Associates” made recommendations due the numerous financial weaknesses and supervisor George was given a mandate to enact the necessary written Policies and Procedures to bring the township back on the right track.
The economic fallouts from COVID-19 on the residents , due to loss jobs, food insecurity, mental health issues and children in school or lack of.

DuPage Township encompass Bolingbrook, Romeoville and South Naperville, but all of the contending slates have no representation from Romeoville and Naperville, this is the height of political arrogance to the extreme. – Felix George
Conduction surveys to see the needs of the community and plan to implement how to address the needs derived from the various surveys.
All budgets and expenses are posted on the township's website. All the communities partnerships and agreements contracts are also posted on the website. All budget spending year to date are also posted on the website.
COVID-19 caused us the close our senior center and all group kids programs were suspended due to the lockdown. We have increased our social services programs like Emergency Assistance and General Assistance.