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Wheatland Township Collector

Vote for 1Wheatland Township is a six-by-six square mile area that was established in 1849. As it predates all other forms of government, it is located in Will County, IL and encompasses portions of The City of Naperville, Village of Plainfield, City of Aurora, Village of Bolingbrook and City of Romeoville. The primary purpose of Wheatland Township is to serve as the local representative government for the unincorporated areas of the above municipalities. Per state statute, this MUST include assessor services, road and drainage maintenance and general assistance services. Wheatland Township has two distinct divisions of government: the township and the road district.The Township Administration includes the Department of Assessor Services, the Wheatland Township Cemetery and the Wheatland Township Park. The Township Board includes an elected Supervisor and four Trustees to govern township operations. Other elected officials include: Assessor, who oversees the Assessor Services, Clerk, who serves as the recorder and Will County liaison and Tax Collector, who oversees Cemetery operations. The Cemetery, in accordance with State Law, has its own board that reports directly to the Supervisor.The Road District is governed by an elected Road Commissioner who coordinates all things relative to road and drainage projects. The township Supervisor serves as the Chief Financial Officer of the Road District.More information: Wheatland Township

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    David J Scriven-Young

  • Arian Ahmadpour

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Please describe the educational background, work experience, and other skills which uniquely qualify you for this position.

What do you consider to be the most important issues facing the Collector’s office right now and how would you propose to address them?

What opportunities would you propose to reduce costs in the Collector’s office while maintaining or improving needed services for the community?

What programs and policies would you propose, if any, to increase the transparency and accountability of the Collector’s office?

I have a long track-record of serving and leading this community, and I am committed to ensuring that the people of our Township will thrive. My maturity, life experience, and administrative background will allow me to run the Collector's office professionally and keep your taxes low. I pursued my dreams by graduating from Marquette University as a history and political science major and by receiving my law degree from DePaul University. As an attorney, I have been privileged to fight for the rights of my clients, protect the environment, and fight for justice. I have been blessed with a loving wife and two energetic and hardworking teen boys. My wife and I have been fortunate to raise our boys in Wheatland Township, a community where my boys attend a world-class public school, Neuqua Valley High School, and where neighbors help each other. Appreciating the great opportunities that living in this community have given my family, I have given back to the people of the Township by serving as a Wheatland Athletic Association coach and umpire; a greeter and religious education teacher for my parish, Holy Spirit Catholic Community; a board member for Neuqua’s Chorus Parents Association and Theater Parents Association; and as a hockey referee for the Amateur Hockey Association of Illinois. I have served in leadership positions in several professional legal organizations, including the American Bar Association, Chicago Bar Association, and the Public Interest Law Initiative. My pro bono legal clients have included Little Mountain Community Theatre, Alliance for the Great Lakes, Friends of the Chicago River, and Milwaukee Riverkeeper.
As residents of Wheatland Township, all of us see tremendous opportunities for our families in this community, and we want our township government to be efficient, transparent, and corruption-free. We also believe in low taxes and civility in political campaigns and in government. I strongly believe in these common principles, and these are the principles that will guide me if I have the honor of earning your vote and being elected to the office of Wheatland Township Tax Collector.

As Collector, my primary job will be to manage and care for the Wheatland Township Cemetery and oversee the cemetery’s trustees, volunteers, and staff. I pledge to assume these responsibilities with reverence, empathy, and professionalism. The Cemetery Committee is also in the middle of a $100,000 fundraising campaign to improve road paving, enhance signage, install a columbarium, repair and identify historic headstones, and supplement the maintenance provided by the Township. I fully support and will be glad to lead this fundraising effort to ensure that the cemetery remains a vibrant resource for our community. I also intend to continue the tradition of inviting local groups, such scout troops, to the cemetery so children can learn about the history of our community and hear about the heroes who are buried there. I would like to expand these efforts to ensure that the history of our Township is not lost or forgotten. The last year dealing with the coronavirus has taught us to treasure our family and the things that we previously thought of as “normal”. Therefore, I would like to give our residents the ability to record conversations between family members and friends to discuss their histories and the pivotal moments in their lives—a “StoryCorps” for Wheatland Township. I would also like to partner with the Naperville Heritage Society to see what other things we can do to celebrate the history of our community.
To reduce costs and avoid raising taxes, the Collector's office has begun the fundraising campaign described above that I would continue to lead. I would also help the Board of Trustees ensure that any Covid-19 relief money is responsibly used to protect the health and safety of our citizens.
I am proud to be running with a slate of folks who have earned the Illinois Policy Institute's Sunshine Award for transparency in government. The Township Board was the third in the state to earn this award and one of only two with a perfect score (see I will continue these efforts as I am committed to transparency in government. Additionally, the Collector's office maintains a page on the Township government website,, which provides information on scheduling a tour of the cemetery, discussing availability of a grave or plot, and obtaining pricing for a grave or interment. I would add to this website additional information about the history of Wheatland Township and about how our government works for its residents. I would be available to discuss issues with any Township resident.
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