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Naperville Township Supervisor

Vote for 1Mission Statement: Naperville Township, in partnership with the greater Aurora, Naperville & Warrenville communities, and through the efforts of dedicated employees and elected officials, will provide township services in an efficient and effective manner in order to preserve and enhance the quality of life for all our residents. We are committed to listening to and evaluating the needs of the public and shall provide services, which are responsive to the health, safety and general welfare of the entire township. Supervisor: The Township Supervisor serves as Chief Executive Officer of the township. The Supervisor’s duties and responsibilities include serving as Chairman of the Township Board of Trustees, Supervisor of the General Assistance program, and Treasure of all Town funds including General Assistance and Road and Bridge funds. The Supervisor's Office, including the Supervisor, Clerk and Trustees, provides public services and performs township administrative tasks.More information: Naperville Township

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    Eddie Bedford

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Please describe the educational background, work experience, and other skills which uniquely qualify you for this position.

What do you consider to be the most important issues facing the Supervisor’s office right now and how would you propose to address them?

What opportunities would you propose to reduce costs in the Supervisor’s office while maintaining or improving needed services for the community?

What programs and policies would you propose, if any, to increase the transparency and accountability of the Supervisor’s office?

How has the COVID-19 pandemic impacted the need for short term and long term services in the Township and how would you propose to address the impacts?

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Campaign Phone (630) 355-9535
My Masters degree in education with budgetary background skills, Supervision of many student teachers, making daily/weekly and career decisions with university students for over forty years gives me qualifications for the supervisor of Naperville Township. My background has assisted me in developing good listening skills necessary to make the tough township decisions regarding General and Emergency Assistance, Senior Services programing, and staffing decisions.
As the Incumbent Township Supervisor who inherited a township suing each other, Co-mingled finances, Major consolidation issues. and a building that had not been maintained for many years. These challenging issues have been resolved. The new challenge is to master the consolidation of the road district into the township as a department beginning May 2021.
To reduce costs the consolidation of the road district into a the township as a department and reviewing staffing needs, past practices and to develop a five year scheduled repair/maintenance program for continuity of budgeting.
I propose to utilize the April Annual Township Meeting as an input tool to improve communication and programing as opposed to lecturing to the public at what has been done. Personally I wish to Improve my website skills for communication.
The FEDERAL CARES ACT has been assisting residents and has reduced some of the General and Emergency traffic to the township office. This will create budgetary challenges in the near future once COVID is past us, the surplus in the General Assistance Fund will need to be defended to potential tax objectors.