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Vote for 4Illinois townships are required by law to perform three functions:General Assistance – Offer food, shelter or emergency relief for people in need until they become self-supporting or qualify for other forms of assistance.Property Assessment – The Township Assessor sets property values for all properties within the township.Road and Bridge Maintenance – Townships collectively maintain approximately 71,000 miles of Illinois roads. This represents more than half of the road miles in the state.The eight-member DuPage Township Board includes Supervisor, Clerk, Assessor, Collector, and four (4) Trustees to govern township operations.DuPage Township has two cemeteries under its administration. One is Alexander Cemetery in Romeoville, Illinois. The second is Boardman's Cemetery, located in Bolingbrook, Illinois.In Illinois, Township government was launched in 1849, after the Illinois Constitution of 1848 allowed voters in each county to choose to establish township governments or a county commission form of government without township units. Today, 85 of the 102 counties in Illinois operate under the township form of government. There are currently 1,433 townships in the state serving more than eight million residents.Townships are individual geographic areas that are separate from cities and counties. For example, a large city may contain several townships while one township may encompass several small towns. Township government operates at local levels and was designed to serve the basic needs of the community. It is the form of government that operates in close proximity to the people it serves. In many rural areas, townships are the only unit of government available to provide social services and road maintenance. More information: DuPage Township

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    Monte Larrick

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    Dennis R. Raga

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    Teaquicia (Tea) Ward

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    Thomas E. Braxton

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    Terri Ransom

Biographical Information

Please describe the educational background, work experience, and other skills which uniquely qualify you for this position.

What do you consider to be the most important issues facing the Trustee’s office right now and how would you propose to address them?

What opportunities would you propose to reduce costs in the Trustee’s office while maintaining or improving needed services for the community?

What programs and policies would you propose, if any, to increase the transparency and accountability of the Trustee’s office?

How has the COVID-19 pandemic impacted the need for short term and long term services in the Township and how would you propose to address the impacts?

Campaign Phone (630) 551-8187
Hello, I'm Monte Larrick. I'm running for DuPage Township trustee. I'm a member of the We Care team Republican slate.

* Before college, I worked at a factory in Wilmington, Ohio, and was a proud member of the Carpenters and Joiners Union. * I attended the Moody Bible Institute and graduated with honors from Columbia College in Chicago in 1983. I have a B.A. in broadcast communications. * I was employed by Moody Broadcasting in Chicago for more than 30 years. During that time I was the public affairs director, news anchor, and senior news correspondent.

Having worked in news, I came to an understanding of how government works and how it doesn't work. I've covered hundreds of elected officials and government meetings and have somewhat of an insider's view of government, especially state and local government. My job experience will allow me to be an asset to the residents in DuPage Township.
DuPage Township is a wonderful place to live and I want to help keep it that way. As a trustee, I will work against corruption, wasteful spending, and excessive taxes.
As a trustee, I would look at the programs and services already provided by DuPage Township to see if they are still relevant to the needs of the township residents, and are those services being utilized. I would also like to ensure that DuPage residents are aware of all the programs and services available to them.

I feel that as a trustee it is my duty to make sure that we protect taxpayers and operate in a cost-efficient manner while serving their needs.
As a trustee, I will review DuPage Township's transparency policy. I know from City Hall Chicago news coverage days, there are elected officials who try to get around transparency and accountability policies. I am devoted to providing good service and so are my colleagues on the We Care Team. Transparency and accountability start with honest people who have a heart for service.
The pandemic is one of the main reasons why I decided to run for DuPage Township trustee. Friends from my church who pre-Covid were doing well, are now, as are many people in DuPage Township, facing financial hardships. My faith guides me to help those in need. That is why I am running for DuPage Township trustee.

In the short term, we have to help facilitate the vaccination process for those people who want to be vaccinated. That's something the We Care Team is already doing in collaboration with the Will County Health Department. We should implement policies and procedures that will expedite the ability of trusted and verified organizations to help our township residents in a responsible way during this difficult time and into the future. Coming out of the pandemic, some DuPage Township residents may face difficulties in paying for their housing, perhaps we at the township can help guide them to the proper resources within Will County.

We are a business-friendly township and for good reasons. The businesses in our community provide many of the goods and services as well as employment for our residents. Due to Covid 19, the township should reach out even more to businesses to hear about their needs.

The pandemic has caused a loss of jobs and businesses. That's led to a lot of people seeking new employment or even having to switch careers. That's why I fully support the We Care Team's vocational job training proposal. It will prepare DuPage Township residents for good-paying jobs and a brighter future in DuPage Township.
I’m a Operating Engineer for the last 25 years before that I was a Police Officer and Firefighter for the Village of Summit.
We need to get the Levy right because it has been wrong. Plus we need to stop asking for grants because we are not spending the money properly. Trustee Benford and I have been addressing with no action taken.
I have been fighting to get the spending on pay to play politics eliminating. Our services have always been great and I continue to work hard to insure it.
I feel we are pretty transparent already. Also trustee Benford and I are making sure everyone is accountable.
This pandemic has effected everyone also the Township but we continue to learn how to deal with COVID-19 and to make sure our Residence needs are met as that is extremely important to me.
With over 25 years of experience as a construction foreman, estimator and project manager I have been part of many large budget projects that require an understanding of budgets and the importance of making sure every possible avenue is explored to ensure we meet the client's demands without unnecessary waste or over spending. This takes alot of planning coordination, and preparation. Also, I serve as the secretary of the Township's Building Assets and Grounds Committee. When elected, as a trustee I will be able to use the same skill set I use everyday to ensure the taxpayers that their tax dollars never are wasted or misused.
To me, the most important issue facing the Trustee's position is knowing if and when the taxpayers money is spent correctly and appropriately. It is imperative that a Trustee has an understanding of what is levied, budgeted, and how it's spent. There are portions of the Township budget that a Trustee has no control of how the funds are spent, for example, the general assistance fund. This fund may have hundreds of thousands of dollars in it at any given time, and the Township Supervisor is the only one with full control of how this money is spent, and they can spend it with little or no oversight. A Trustee needs to work with the Township Supervisor on all aspects of how the Township spends the taxpayers dollars.
One that is a thorn on my side, well, it should be a thorn on everyone's side is the fact that DuPage Township has been repeatedly sued for having excess money in its accounts! Year after year the township supervisor has over levied the taxpayers because for either ignorance or incompetence these current and past suppervisors have been incapable of figuring out how much the total tax levi should be. Now, what continues to happen is that the Township ends up with excess funds in it's accounts. The law states that the Township should never have excess funds, and if they do they end up getting sued. So, year after year our township has had to pay attorneys and legal fees to defend against these suits.
Well, first I would encourage everyone to come out and be part of the monthly meetings! The people are the only ones that we're accountable to! But as a trustee I will work with the other trustees and the supervisor to ensure all our financial information is completely open to the public.
COVID-19 has affected all of us. This township has been impacted in many ways due to the fact that it is the closest form of goverment to the people. From the food pantry to the senior center and general assistance this township has had to deal with having to not only an increase in requests for aid and assistance but also on how it addresses them. As A Trustee I would listen to the needs and concerns of those responsible for administering these services the township offers and working with them to find the best, commonsense solutions.
I am a paralegal with 13+ years of experience with judicial procedures. I currently work at a prominent law firm in Aurora, Illinois while managing a small business as a mobile notary. I have 25+ years of experience in healthcare as well and currently teach as a BLS Instructor under AHA guidelines for the past 13 years. I am no stranger to hard work and appreciate my neighbors. I have a talent at looking at things differently and beyond the common eye. I will bring effective and needed change to our Township.
Better management of the general funds, while reducing unwarranted concerns with taxes and lack of programs.
Reviewing the Levy and correcting the issues, if any.
Job training Programs to help teens (Success Through Encouragement and Motivation)
This community is amazing and I know we will all help each other in whatever capacity is needed to move us forward.
Campaign Address 201 BULI LN
Campaign Phone (630) 809-4639
Campaign Website
I am an electrical engineer working in radio compatibility and regulatory compliance. I hold a Bachelor of Science degree from Purdue University and a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the Illnois Institute of Technology. My work currently is focused on wireless audio devices. Prior to that I worked as an independent engineering consultant and for many years at Bell Laboratories. That experience required analytical and decision-making skills. My family and I have lived in DuPage Township since 1979, and in that time I have served as a volunteer with Bolingbrook Community Television (33 years); coach in the Bolingbrook Tee-Ball Association (4 years); current Secretary and past Treasurer and Chair of the DuPage Township Democratic Organization; past Secretary of the Will County Democratic Central Committee; charter member of Crossroads of Faith United Methodist Church.
The trustees first allegiance is to the citizens of DuPage Township. State statute defines township government's role in three areas: provide public assistance; provide property assessment; and perform township road maintenace. Because DuPage Township no longer has roads under its jurisdiction, its focus needs to be public assistance and equitable assessment practices.

The food pantry is its most visible publlic-assistance feature, and access to the pantry must be made easier for those in need. The township is fortunate to have the Levy Senior Center to provide recreational and support services to DuPage Township seniors. The township's primary focus must be on these core functions for the benefit of the taxpayers of DuPage Township.

Property-tax revenue collected by the township is to be directed to those programs and to the administration of the assessor's office. Any additional expenditures must be discussed in the public forum with public input and full justification before a vote of the trustees is taken. Other extraneous programs or grants must receive a public hearing with full disclosure of any potential conflict of interest and an accurate accounting of expense.
Careful reviews of all programs that are above and beyond those mandated by state statute are the first step in the process of determining how tax monies are to be expended. Any proposal for such expenditures needs to be widely visible through a user-friendly online tool and available to any DuPage Township resident who calls or visits the township office. By maintaining visible, transparent scrutiny on expenses, costs will be prudently managed.
The pandemic in 2020 has demonstrated the viability of conducting meetings online. Unfortunately, the implementation of those online meetings has been problematic, with poor audio and other technical flaws. When restrictions imposed by the pandemic have been removed, public township meetings will resume in person and should also be available online via a user-friendly tool that provides clear audio and online document availability.

Ready access to public records and convenient access to public meetings provide the daylight that is necessary for local government to function as it should.
Clearly the pandemic has put limits on all areas of our lives, including the programs traditionally offered by the township. Though the restrictions on social events are disappointing, they are an incovenience. The township's principal function is publc assistance. In this pandemic the township should be the central point of contact for food and resource support for DuPage Township residents. Everyone has been touched in some way by the pandemic, whether it be an actual infection within the family or the loss or reduction in a job. Township government is in place to care for those needs, and it must to a better job.

Making the food pantry more readily available is an obvious first step, including networking with other local pantries offered by other organizations and agencies in the township. Providing a handyman-type reference service for seniors and those with challenges is another basic step the township can offer. Imagination is what is needed to give township citizens the services they deserve.
I have been a RN for 31 years including 18 years at the bedside and 13 years in advancing leadership positions in nursing and then in nursing education. I have earned a bachelor's degree in nursing and a master's degree in nursing administration and education. As a RN, interprofessional collaboration, effective communication, compassion, care, and negotiation skills were key. As a nursing leader, I am responsible for and known for effective negotiations, respectful collaboration and communication, strategic planning, fiscal responsibility for unit, department, and hospital budgets, care and compassion for my colleagues, my staff, and those we serve, empathetic listening, ensuring employee, patient, and physician satisfaction, and finding creative solutions to challenging problems. As the Community Service Director for the Exchange Club of North Will County, we put together events to help those in need in our community including seniors, children, veterans, first responders, and other community members.

Trustees need to be fiscally responsible while providing quality services to improve the township residents' quality of life, carefully audit monthly township spending, determine the strategic direction of the township, listen to residents' concerns and needs, provide education to the residents, be transparent, be honest, and help the township staff and residents. My knowledge, experience, and passion for helping people as described above translate well to being an effective Township Trustee.
There are several important issues facing the DuPage Township Trustee's office now. The township meetings are a mess of poor technology management, disrespect, politicking, arguing, grandstanding, and rancor. The Trustees need to collaborate, communicate respectfully and effectively, leave politics at the door, focus on the needs and business of the township, ensure the needs of the residents are heard and addressed, be transparent, and leave any personal feelings about other Trustees or the Supervisor at the door. Our township residents deserve meetings that are effective, accessible, respectful, and focused on programs and services to benefit the residents.

Our Township Food Pantry is in Romeoville but there are many township residents unable to access that location or access during the hours of operation. We propose adding a second food pantry location in Bolingbrook, establish delivery service of food to residents without transportation, creating a consortium between private food banks and the township food pantry, and expand food pantry hours.

Many people do not know what the township role is, what services and programs are available, and how to access those services. Under transparency below, our proposed solutions will be discussed.
DuPage Township is spending a great deal of taxpayer dollars on unnecessary legal costs and spends three times the amount of a neighboring township on legal costs. As a Trustee, I need to scrutinize all expenditures ahead of time and carefully audit the books monthly to ensure taxpayer money is being spent appropriately. Treating township employees with respect and collaborating with them to best serve the township residents are critical for a well run township and to decrease legal costs in the township.
Transparency and accountability are essential for the Trustee's office but also in every office of the township. The township residents deserve Trustees that work for them and are accountable to them. We propose posting the board packet on the township website by the Friday before the meeting (when the Trustees get their packet) so residents can inform themselves on what the board will be discussing, allow public comments on agenda items at the beginning of the meeting, ensure quality recordings are available to the residents during the pandemic, and develop a newsletter for the township that is mailed to all residents and posted on the website with information about what services the township offers, programs offered, how to access services, how to register for programs, and more information to help our township residents.
The COVID-19 pandemic has been so hard for everyone and the short-term and long-term needs are tremendous. There are so many who have food insecurity, job loss, decreased hours at one's job, kids home with homeschooling or hybrid school without free school breakfasts and lunches if they are part of that program, seniors isolated, people having difficulty paying their utility bills, rents, and mortgages, mental health distress, grief and loss, and so much more. DuPage Township needs to be here for their residents, planning creative ideas to better meet the needs of the residents, and caring for and communicating with the residents, especially our seniors.

We propose making the food pantry more available from expanding our township food pantry services long-term, mobile food pantries both long and short-term, to networking with other area pantries offered by area organizations and agencies short and long-term. We propose making handyman-type services available to our seniors and others in need. We propose mailing out the newsletter & posting to the website monthly to inform residents about what general services are available and how to access them, what programs are available, job search resources, and other important information for each resident. And short-term, offer mental health wellness and other helpful seminars in person if possible or via Zoom.
Reem has been an active member in the community since she moved to DuPage Township in 2019. Reem is invested in building a better and stronger community through philanthropy and championing community causes. She is a successful Administrative Professional and recently joined a Fortune 500 company. Working well with and for different personalities is part of her strong suit, and she looks forward to serving the residents of DuPage Township.
One of the more important issues facing the Township Board is being able to work together and focus on the people. I would be sure to focus on serving the residents.
The Township has a large budget that isn't being put to good use. I plan on expanding Food Pantry services and giving the Seniors more benefits, like implementing the "Handy Man Program." We would also ensure that there is no nepotism and all grants are given to organizations we are legally able to.
I will continue to be responsive to all all phone calls and emails. We will ensure that we have a Township agenda and minutes available for the public. We will send out newsletters more often so the residents understand there is a Township government and the services we proivde.
The pandemic has affected everyone, from the youth to seniors. The pandemic shed a light on the limitations of the current food pantry and how it needs to be expanded to accommodate more people. It also affected our Seniors' and their inability to bus to more locations when they have doctors' appointments. The Democrats plan on expanding the food pantry and bus services.
I have served in various leadership roles in a variety of organizations, including treasurer for the DuPage Township Democratic Organization; president of Jack and Jill of America, Inc., West Suburban Chicago Chapter; president of the SOS Investment Club; program director for the Black History Awareness Club; vice president for the Naperville Youth Club; fundraiser chair for Citizens Against Abuse; and treasurer for the Bolingbrook Panthers Sports Club. I have written grants to fund the technology program at a local day care center, and I have been instrumental in creating scholarships for high school seniors. I have a Bachelor of Science Degree from Roosevelt University in Computer Science and more than 25 years of technology experience working for major corporations in the financial industry. The experience I have gained through these and many other activities and positions of leadership makes me uniquely qualified to serve as Township Trustee.
One of the issues facing the Trustee’s office is mismanagement and infighting among the board members. Dems for DuPage Township Candidates will collaborate, work as a team, and most importantly treat each other with respect. With regard to services for the citizens of DuPage Township, I believe that a significant effort needs to be made toward improving access to the local food pantry. In addition, it is important that decisions regarding the allocation of property taxes are made with the input of the public. Expenditures should be determined with transparency and with complete justification and accurate accounting.
Attorney fees can be reduced by preventing lawsuits due to over-budgeting for the levies every year. Instead, these funds could be designated for expanding services for seniors. Specifically, I propose that we deliver on our commitments to make senior programs available to all DuPage Township seniors and make food assistance more readily available to those in need. Costs can be further reduced by reviewing programs that are beyond those mandated by state statute, and creating a user-friendly tool that ensure that expenditure proposals are available to all DuPage Township residents. This will help ensure efficient and effective management of costs.
I am an advocate for immediate transparency and accountability of township government. Rather than being a “rubber-stamp” for the administration, I support an approach that consists of investigation, questioning, and pursuit of innovative, practical solutions. A quarterly newsletter that highlights programs and services would assist in ensuring transparency, along with easy access to public records and public meetings.
COVID-19 has impacted our most vulnerable groups: seniors and low-income residents. We are committed to making our programs both more effective and more efficient. Plans include increasing the Food Pantry hours, providing delivery services to those without transportation, and adding a second location in Bolingbrook; providing more general assistance with the use of the CARES money for residents who are struggling to pay rent and utility bills; and providing a call center to assist our senior residents in scheduling appointments to receive the COVID-19 vaccination.