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Texas State Board of Education, Place 5

4-year term. Must be 26 years old or older, a U.S. Citizen, a Texas resident, and a registered voter. Oversees curriculum standards, instructional materials, graduation requirements, new charter school applications, and the Texas Permanent School Fund; appoints board members to military reservation/special school districts.Elegido para un período de 4 años. Debe tener al menos 26 años de edad o más, ser ciudadano estadounidense, ser residente de Texas, y ser votante registrado. Supervisa las normas de planes de estudio, los materiales de instrucción, los requisitos de graduación, las nuevas aplicaciones de las escuelas autónomas y el Fondo Escolar Permanente de Texas; nombra a miembros de la Junta para la reserva militar/ distritos escolares especiales.

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    Rebecca Bell-Metereau

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    Letti Bresnahan

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    Inga Cotton

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    Robert Morrow

  • Lani Popp

Biographical Information

Background: What training, experience, and background qualify you for this position?

Civic Education: What would you recommend to better prepare students for their civic responsibilities?

Instruction: What is your position on issues related to student testing?

What is your opinion about the Texas Supreme Court decision that Texas education funding is Constitutional but inadequate and inefficient?

What other issues do you believe will be most pressing for the State Board of Education?

Education: BA, MA, PhD, degrees in English, Indiana University, specializations in film, rhetoric and composition, pedagogy. Dissertation published by Columbia University Press as Hollywood Androgyny
Twitter: @voterebecca
I taught as a Peace Corps volunteer in Chad, interpreter US Air Force grain flights, Assistant to Director of First Year Studies at Indiana University, training new instructors. At TX State, I've led teacher training, developed & direct Media Studies Minor, chaired Environment & Sustainability, Faculty Senator. San Marcos Planning & Zoning, Bond, and Recycling Commissions
Historical context helps students value citizen responsibilities and privileges, with curriculum including practical lessons in how government works, and how to research and vote in city, county, state, and national elections. Let's teach how local, state, and national governments function, with non-partisan information on voting practices ranging from local to worldwide.
Studies indicate high-stakes testing is not only ineffective, but actually detrimental to student learning. Responsible teachers use various measures of student knowledge and skills and avoid teaching to the test. Nationally-normed tests, sparingly administered every other year can offer reliable comparative and longitudinal data, used for formative, not punitive purposes.
Hailed by some as a small step in the right direction for acknowledging the inadequacy of our state funding, this ruling says it's constitutional, putting the responsibility with the legislature, which has been reducing its support steadily over the years. The legislature needs to increase funding by at least 50%. One representative rightly criticized the state for "neglecting its responsibilities, failing to pick up its fair share of the school finance tab, and pushing the costs down to overburdened local taxpayers." Abbott's decision to support quality pre-K education is a wise investment, but the legislature must also allocate adequate funds to educate the other 12 grades and plan for a future that diversifies funding for public education from a mix of resources. We must see education as an investment rather than a cost, since it produces an educated work force, contributes to a stable economy, and improves the health and well-being of all citizens. For those who wish to abandon public education in favor of for-profit systems for education, health, and prisons, this may seem like a just ruling, but those who see an educated citizenry as the bedrock of democracy view it as sidestepping a responsibility that will have unfortunate consequences in the future. Inadequate funding of special needs students may lose Texas up to $223 million in federal funding. SBOE oversees $41.44 billion, but only about $2.5 billion was released in 2019-20. SBOE can tell our leaders to do better.
SBOE needs to provide guidance to districts that participate or merge with charters under SB 1882, passed in the 85th session. It's unclear who is responsible for schools at the local level after a charter contract is executed, affecting 13 districts and 609 campuses. Let's update literacy in statistics, civil discourse, coding, finance, sustainability, health life skills.
Education: Bachelor of Arts - Spanish Bachelor of Science - Business St. Louis University - 1982 Masters of Business Administration University of Texas at San Antonio - 1988
Facebook: http://letti4sboe
Twitter: @Letti4SBOE
I have lived in San Antonio for 35 years and obtained my MBA from UTSA. Our children graduated from public schools where I spent 25 years volunteering. I served as PTA and Booster Club President. I was elected to the NEISD Board of Trustees - 2008-2016, serving as VP and President. I am a Board Member for Texas' Region 20 ESC. I work in medical education at UT Health SA.
Civic responsibilities must be taught to our students from the beginning and reinforced and built upon throughout their schooling. Learning formats should be engaging, hands on, and enhanced with modern technology. Real world classroom civic engagement such as meeting with public officials, and participating in legislative activities helps our students understand civics.
Student testing is critical as a diagnostic tool and to provide feedback to our parents/teachers about what our students know. Testing can serve as a tool for teachers/administrators to review and reassess their instruction. However, testing should not be excessive or used for punitive purposes. Testing should not serve as the sole measure of student performance.
The role of the legislature is to pass laws that benefit its citizens, thus the responsibility to adequately fund public schools belongs to the legislature. However, I disagree with theTexas Supreme Court's ruling that the states portion of funding for education is constitutional. The legislature's $5.4 billion cut in public school funding should have been ruled as unconstitutional because it was unreasonable.
We must prepare all students with the knowledge and skills to succeed in our communities. Curriculum must be factual, objective, and supported with high quality instructional materials. Educators must be skilled and trained to meet the needs of all students. Oversight of the permanent school fund and charter school applications is critical.
Education: B.A. in History from Trinity University (1996) and J.D. from The University of Texas School of Law (1999)
Twitter: @ingaforschools
When our family began looking at schools for our children, one of whom has a disability, we were apprehensive. I was able to find a public school nearby that worked for our children. During my research I heard from parents across the state who were not as lucky. I made the choice at that time to be a voice for parents and students, advocating for stronger Texas schools.
Effective civics education requires both rigorous instruction in history and hands-on experiences about government in action. Students who gain a deep knowledge of United States history—both the failures and the triumphs—should develop a strong sense of patriotism and a love of liberty, freedom, and the rule of law.
We need to reform standardized testing practices and support policies that promote greater competition and accountability in our schools. Schools should not teach to the test, and students should not fear the tests.
In its 2016 decision, the Texas Supreme Court correctly gave deference to the legislature as the policy making branch of government. During the 2019 session, the legislators listened to voters and passed HB3, making changes to outdated funding formulas and appropriating $11.6 billion to public education.
Adoption of curriculum standards is one of the most important duties of the State Board of Education. Providing students with knowledge-rich classrooms is a powerful way to close achievement gaps.

As the parent of a child with special needs, I understand the importance of providing resources for students with disabilities so they can reach their full potential.
Education: Tuscaloosa Academy 1983 Princeton - A.B. History 1987 Univ. of Texas - MBA - 1990
Twitter: @DCPolitics2016
The Republican party has come the cult of an authoritarian lunatic. I do not think GOP or Democrats should be supporting political criminals who had close associations with a mega child molester such as the deceased Jeffrey Epstein. I oppose any politician who is a Russian or Zionist stooge & traitor to the USA. I am against criminals in both parties.
Every Texas high school student should read Roger Stone's book "The Man Who Killed Kennedy: The Case Against LBJ" as well as Daniel Hopsicker's "Barry and the Boys" which is about the murder of CIA drug smuggler Barry Seal by GHW Bush and Oliver North. Also, I would make Nick Bryant's book The Franklin Scandal mandatory reading for all high school seniors.
Mandatory statewide testing should be eliminated. Let local school districts decide how they want to test student.
It is a complete joke. The taxpayer is being screwed over yet again by judges acting like legislators. I am for ending Robin Hood and replacing it with nothing. Poor school districts can put up GoFundMe accounts.
I think that high school students should be offered elective classes on the safe use of AR-15s. I think all high school senior girls should be offered spring semester elective classes on pole dancing and twerking. I say only girls for those classes because it would too homo for the boys. They need to be playing sports and learning team work.
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