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Texas State Board of Education, District 5

See the information below/Vea la información abajo請參閱以下信息 (请参阅以下信息)/xem thông tin bên dướiFour-year term. the fifteen-member board decides curriculum, standards, student testing, special education programs, and textbooks for texas public schools. it also oversees the Permanent School Fund. members of the board do not receive pay, but are eligible for reimbursement for expenses incurred in the course of official business.What does the State board of education do? de 4 años. el consejo directivo de 15 miembros decide el plan de estudios, los estándares, los examenes de los estudiantes, los programas de educación especial y los libros de texto para las escuelas públicas de Texas. También supervisa el Fondo escolar Permanente. Los miembros de la junta no reciben pago, pero son elegibles para el reembolso de los gastos incurridos en el curso de las funciones oficiales.¿Que hace la Junta estatal de educacion?任期四年。必須是26歲以上的美國公民,德州居民,和註冊選民。委員會有15位成員,他們決定課程設置,標準,學生考試,特殊教育項目,和德州公立學校的教材。委員會同時監管學校的常設基金。委員沒有工資,但是可以報銷在公務中的支出。 (任期四年。必须是26岁以上的美国公民,德州居民,和注册选民。委员会有15位成员,他们决定课程设置,标准,学生考试,特殊教育项目,和德州公立学校的教材。委员会同时监管学校的常设基金。委员没有工资,但是可以报销在公务中的支出。)Nhiệm kỳ 4-năm. Phải từ 26 tuổi trở lên, là công dân hoa kỳ, đang cư trú tại texas, và là cử tri đã ghi danh. Giám sát các tiêu chuẩn chương trình giảng dạy, tài liệu hướng dẫn, yêu cầu tốt nghiệp, đơn xin duyệt quy định mới của trường, và quỹ học đường thường trực texas; bổ nhiệm thành viên hội đồng cho dự bị quân đội/trường công đặc biệt của quận.

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    Lani Popp

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    Rebecca Bell-Metereau

  • Stephanie Berlin

Biographical Information

Qualifications: What training, experience and background qualify you for this position?

Curriculum: What is your philosophy for setting curriculum standards?

Civic Education: What changes, if any, do you recommend to prepare students for their civic responsibilities?

Charter Schools: What is your position on charter schools in the public education system?

Other Issues: What other issues do you believe will be the most pressing for the State Board of Education?

I have spent my life serving Texas students, including working 17 years in public schools (four in inner city schools) and 11 years in private school. I am a passionate champion for children with autism, with expertise in Autism Spectrum Disorder.
I believe curriculum standards should be historically and scientifically accurate and age appropriate. We need to foster critical thinking skills so students are able to actively debate and question instead of being passive recipients of information. We need to discontinue requiring a single process for math calculations and allow students to use a variety of processes.
I believe students should have civics in their junior year in high school. Thus if they are 18 in the fall of their senior year, they will have an adequate understanding of our constitutions and the freedoms, rights, and responsibilities therein. I believe students should have to demonstrate competence in this area by answering questions from our citizenship test.
Having worked in an inner-city school district, I can see the benefit of charter schools for students who are more socio-economically disadvantaged. We need to make sure we are properly vetting charter schools, holding them to the same standards as other public schools. We also need to safeguard parent choice and must always promote the academic success of the student.
We need to reform our broken state standardized testing system. Many students with disabilities (high functioning autism, ADHD, students with anxiety, etc.) may be brilliant but not demonstrate that on a test. We need to make sure we are testing basic skills, but we need to look at more than just a test when judging a student’s knowledge, abilities, or progress.
PhD. Prof TxSt U, Directs Media Minor; Faculty Senate, was Special Asst. TxSt Pres, Fulbright Scholar, Teaching Awards, 4 books/30 essays, Peace Corps teacher/interpreter Air Force flights Chad, San Marcos P&Z, Bonds Recycling Commissions, HOA board.
Restore respect for teachers, public schools. Teach data-based science, technology, literature, art, music, history, vocations, civics, financial, statistical literacy, sex ed, SpEd, critical thinking. Show leadership, stop costly high-stakes testing, ideological influence on education; listen to students, teachers, parents; find common ground, equity, voice for diversity
Teach history of voting rights, governmental branches, variety of governments, include democracies, etc. variation among counties, states, nations, worldwide, and basic principles of voting, jury duty. Note U.S. ranks 26th in eligible voter participation at 56% in 2016. Use mock debates and voting to develop civil discourse and constructive engagement/register all over-18
SBOE must use better judgment. I saw SBOE approve a proposal for a charter in a strip mall alongside toxic businesses; luckily Abbott nixed it. Some charters, like Ann Richards school, are great models, admitting by lottery; some charters don't admit all students, siphon tax dollars from public schools, & aren't made to operate by same equitable standards as public schools
Science 2021 must teach scientific method, experimental techniques, peer review, biology and climate science, global warming, pandemics, biology and geology of evolution and latest in DNA research, influence of culture, politics and economics on scientific advancement, with engaging curriculum that offers hands-on experimental design, service learning, relevance of issues.
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