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Texas U.S. Senator

Six-year term. One of two members of the U.S. Senate from Texas. The Senate has the exclusive power to advise and consent on presidential nominations to executive and judicial offices, to ratify U.S. treaties, and to try impeachments. With the U.S. House, the Senate adopts budgets, levies taxes, borrows money, regulates interstate commerce, provides services, adopts regulations, and declares war. Current annual salary: $174,000

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    John Cornyn

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    Mary 'MJ' Hegar

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    Kerry Douglas McKennon

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    David B. Collins

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Background: What training, experience, and background qualify you for this position?

Immigration: What are your priorities regarding the immigration system?

Healthcare: How would you address access to and the cost of healthcare?

Gun Violence: What are your recommendations to protect students from gun violence?

COVID-19: What actions, if any, do you believe are needed to address the health and economic impact caused by COVID-19?

Voting Rights: What actions, if any, would you take to ensure that all eligible voters have equal access to safe and fair elections?

Vouchers: What is your position on using public funds for private school vouchers and why?

Optional Video: Comment on the recent civil rights demonstrations.

Optional: Comment on the recent civil rights demonstrations.

John Cornyn was elected to the Texas Supreme Court in 1990. In 1998, he was elected Attorney General of Texas. In 2002, he was elected to the U.S. Senate. Senator Cornyn serves on the Senate’s Judiciary, Finance, and Intelligence Committees.
Recognizing we are a nation of immigrants, Senator Cornyn has voted in support of a permanent legislative solution for Dreamers who call Texas their home. The Senator cosponsored the Secured and Succeed Act in 2018, which proposed a solution for DACA recipients that provides a pathway to citizenship for 1.8 million young adults.
Senator Cornyn supports a system that: protects those with preexisting conditions; lowers the cost of prescription drugs by increasing generics; increases competition by allowing cross-state health insurance; lowers out of pocket costs for seniors on Medicare; reestablishes the privacy of the doctor patient relationship
Sen. Cornyn believes the right to keep and bear arms is a sacred Constitutional right for Texans. But we must ensure guns are kept out of the hands of criminals and domestic abusers. He believes we need to eliminate unlicensed firearm dealers, which will mean more people get background checks because all Federal Firearms Licenses are required to complete those.
Sen. Cornyn voted for the CARES Act, which sent stimulus checks to individuals who – through no fault of their own – were unable to work and earn a paycheck, and established the Paycheck Protection Program – a critical lifeline that helped ensure businesses could bridge the gap without laying off employees.
Sen. Cornyn believes that any Texan who wants to vote safely can do so under existing law. If you’re over 65 or you’re disabled, you can vote by mail. Or if you are not going to be present in your county on Election Day, Gov. Abbott has extended the early voting period.
School choice empowers parents to choose the setting that best fits their child’s unique interests, learning style and educational needs. While education is rightfully managed at the local and state level, our entire country has a stake in ensuring we are raising highly educated, analytical, well-rounded citizens.
See the video above.
I have served our country, am a working mom, and live the challenges of regular Texans. I served 3 tours in Afghanistan as a medevac pilot, earning a Purple Heart & DFC w/ Valor and took on DC to make our military stronger. I’m the fighter we need.
We need comprehensive immigration reform that reflects our core American values - the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We must streamline the process for applying for and receiving citizenship, create a pathway to citizenship for those here, protect DREAMers, permanently end child separation and secure the border with effective procedures & technology.
During my 5 years working in health care, it was clear that our skyrocketing costs and high uninsured rate were unsustainable. As we face a pandemic and beyond, I’ll fight for access to quality affordable health care for every Texan, and for their right to determine whether that is a public option or their current plan.
As a mother of two young boys, gun violence survivor and a responsible gun owner, I say enough is enough. We must pass common-sense gun safety legislation to require background checks on every single gun sale, including closing the gun show loophole. We must also stop selling weapons of war to the public.
We need to listen to experts, not politicians, when it comes to solving the public health and economic crisis. We must provide adequate testing that is fully covered, protect our frontline workers, and improve contact tracing capacity. The economic recovery must center around supporting small businesses and workers, while enforcing transparency and accountability measures.
Having served 12 years in the military I’m committed to defending our constitutional rights. I’ll work to expand access to registration and voting, fight against voter suppression tactics, and support the John Lewis Voting Rights Act, restoring protections which have been weakened by the Supreme Court.
I’m a proud product of public school and a mama bear for my two young boys, and I will always fight for public schools and ALL of our kids. I oppose any policy that cuts or siphons funding from public schools.
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My entire career I’ve fought to protect people’s right to protest, and I stand with those peacefully demonstrating for change now. It’s time for systemic reforms to fix how we train and equip law enforcement and improve their relationship with the public, and action to address the racial disparities that go far beyond our criminal justice system.
I have served on the executive committee for the Libertarian Party of Texas. I have over 20 years of management in the retail and food industry.
Our first priority is that no child is left in a cage or separated from their family, reforming immigration policy means making it as simple as have the same policy for all immigrants from all countries. More judges and caseworkers are needed to determine if those seeking asylum can be allowed in, because an individual in a detention facility for three year is unacceptable
Health insurance allowed to be purchased across state lines. The cost of healthcare is due primarily to the amount of money being spent in administration. We see within the VA and Medicare system; where actual treatments are being delayed or not approved due to lack of doctors, but there is never a shortage of admins boosting drug costs.
Mental health and hate lie at the core of gun violence and those who act in it's wake. Hate is learned and can be unlearned, but is a very tough row to hoe. Mental health is an issue that we can diagnosis and treat. Those are not the answers that some individuals want to hear, but they are closer to protecting our students than any gun ban.
I think politicians are damned if they do and damned if they don't in a pandemic situation. What we can do is get the government out of the way of treatment and care. It is difficult to say who is and who is not essential. For the individual working that is now not essential by the government for them that paycheck is essential to feed their family, to have shelter, etc.
The Voters Rights Act has been a huge success. So much so that preclearance at the federal level is rarely needed to ensure the right to vote. One way to ensure eligible voters can access equal, safe, and fair elections is to stop the gerrymandering that currently occurs from both old parties.
I oppose using public funds for private school vouchers. The main reason is that those fund have been set aside for the use of public education. If a parent or guardian chooses to send their child to a private school, the taxpayers should not be paying for that choice.
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Protest are always warranted. Violence as with the Boston Tea Party is sometimes necessary when in defense of Liberty. I would stand with Justin Amash in ending Qualified Immunity and gladly sponsor that bill.
I am a US citizen, 30 years of age or more. In college I studied political science, originally as my major field but eventually as a second field toward a Texas teacher certification. Since then, as an activist, I have followed global politics.
Make immigration policy humane, at last. The US has helped make much of Central and South America unsafe for poor and indigenous families for decades; this must stop. Let our neighbors in and give them a path toward citizenship. If the flow of capital is globalized, with national boundaries practically irrelevant, the movement of workers should be just as unrestricted.
This nation should do what other wealthy nations have done successfully: guarantee universal, single-payer health care. COVID-19 has made this more urgent than ever. Improved Medicare for All will cover all ages, with dental, mental, and optical coverage and no premiums. Once fully operational, it will save the nation as a whole 50% on health care costs.
When young people have hope for the future and access to the mental health care they need, they will be far less likely to look to firearms to "solve" their problems. Schools need to be places of nurturing and care for the whole student, especially when their homes often are not. Our government can set a better example by not bombing people to boost corporate profits.
Our 4% of the world's population has about quarter of its COVID-19 deaths. If we had shut down public spaces, suspended rent and mortgage collections, and given US residents a livable income for a few months, like New Zealand and other countries, we would have saved thousands of lives and billions of dollars. We could easily pay for this by redirecting defense funding.
1. Propose a Constitutional Amendment guaranteeing voting rights for all US citizens 18 and up, including convicted felons, and prohibiting states and counties from purging voter rolls. 2. Enact automatic voter registration and a federal database (which I know scares some people). 3. Approval voting makes elections much fairer by avoiding the third-party "spoiler" problem.
Vouchers are a lazy solution to an avoidable problem. We can have excellent public schools for everyone, and much more, if we cut our national "defense" budget by half. Side note: Texas school districts should prioritize the mission of actually educating children rather than building palatial football stadia.
I wholeheartedly support the Movement for Black Lives, as do the Green Parties of Texas and the US. Our platform calls for reparations and strong measures to end racially motivated police violence.