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    Chris Bell

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    Virgil Bierschwale

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    John Anthony Castro

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    Michael Cooper

  • John Cornyn

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    Amanda K. Edwards

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    Jack Daniel Foster, Jr.

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    Annie 'Mama' Garcia

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    Victor Hugo Harris

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    Mary 'MJ' Hegar

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    Sema Hernandez

  • D. R. Hunter

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    Adrian Ocegueda

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    Dwayne Stovall

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    Cristina Tzintzun Ramirez

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    Royce West

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    Mark Yancey

Biographical Information

Background: What training, experience, and background qualify you for this position?

Immigration: What are your recommendations to improve the immigration system?

Health Care: What legislation would you support to address access to and cost of healthcare?

Gun Violence: What are your recommendations to curb gun violence in our country?

What other issues do you believe will be most pressing in the next session of Congress, and what are your positions on these issues?

Education: B.A. from the University of Texas at Austin and a J.D. from South Texas College of Law
Twitter: @BellForSenate
The only candidate in this race with experience in Congress and running statewide - Served 5 years on Houston City Council (1997-2001), chairing the Ethics Committee and Customer Service and Initiatives. - Served as US Congressman (TX-25) as a member of the Whip Team. - Earned the 2006 Democratic Nomination for Governor, coming the closest any Dem since Gov. Ann Richards
- Pass the DREAM Act and create a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants and DREAMers. - End family separation and border detention facilities - Decriminalized unauthorized border crossings and migration. - Reform CBP and ICE in order to best protect our borders while treating immigrants with dignity and integrity.
- Create an automatic enrollment public option, otherwise known as access to Medicare for All. - Lower prescription drug prices by making generic drugs more accessible and mandating the government to negotiate directly with pharmaceutical manufacturers. - Protect access to women's health providers. Texas is the number one state in maternal mortality. This must end.
- I support universal background checks and red flag laws that 90% of Americans fully support. - I would close the Charleston and Gun Show Loopholes. - Would take a step further and support a ban on assault weapons and a mandatory buyback program that would allow citizens to give up their weapons of war, otherwise under civil penalties.
- Reforming the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. We must make a more equitable tax system that requires the ultra-rich to pay their fair share. - Establish a $15 minimum wage indexed to inflation. - Rejoin the Paris Climate Accord and enact measures to fight Climate Change. - Invest in Education and make college debt dischargeable.
Education: 14 years Military Technical Schools Licensed Realtor
Twitter: @VBierschwale
I've been studying the effects of Free Trade Agreements and the tidal wave of non-immigrant guest workers since it first happened to me in 2003 and I can show you why our homeless population is increasing and all of the holes in the employment/unemployment propaganda which will have an impact on your business or organization.
In 2018 we had 533,557 legal immigrants. During that same year we issued 9,028,026 non-immigrant visas to take the jobs that your family needs to provide for themselves.

We need legal immigrants who come to America and make America better for everybody, not just themselves.

Illegal immigration is illegal, and that is all that needs to be said about that.
I believe health care will resolve itself if we take the "Profit" out of it and make it available to everybody
Hold people accountable for what they did Try them by a jury, and if found guilty, carry out the sentence.
we need jobs for our citizens so that they can provide for their families. The top 3 job groups if we compare 2018 against 2010 are nurses aides, food service, and truck driving. Can you build a better future for your family if those are the only jobs you can find?
Education: OPM, Harvard Business School LL.M., Georgetown University Law Center J.D., UNM School of Law B.A., Texas A&M Int'l University
Twitter: @realJohnACastro
My current net worth is in the mid-$20 million range. I am an OPM Fellow at Harvard Business School, and I earned two law degrees: a Master of Laws (LL.M.) in Taxation with Certification in International Tax from Georgetown University Law Center in Washington DC, and a Doctor of Jurisprudence (J.D.) from UNM School of Law.

I know what needs to be fixed.
Our immigration system is critical to national strategy. Are we bringing in anyone so we have a sufficient supply of low-cost labor with the risk that wages stay artificially low, or our we bringing in only the best to grow our economy with the risk that we share the limited economic pie with non-American-born immigrants? I choose a point-based merit system.
Tackling health care requires a multi-faceted approach. The short answer is an unlimited tax credit for student loan debt for MD degrees, a government-sponsored entity (GSE) health insurance company to keep private insurers accountable to the people, and mandatory use of generic brands after patent expiration of name brands. All of this will significantly drive down costs.
Guns are not the problem. More than 90% of all school shooting can be traced back to anti-depressants. Do the research yourself. The solution is plain and simple: if you're prescribed anti-depressants, you're not permitted to be in the same home as someone who owns or possesses a firearm. This would have prevented 90% of school shootings in the past 20 years.
Expanding public education to cover Pre-K to Ph.D. Achieving energy independence with the use of GSE manufacturers and construction companies to mass produce wind turbines, solar panels, and hydroelectric dams. A new Entrepreneur Tax Credit to fuel small business growth. Expansion and more strategic use of the R&D Tax Credit. Introduction of tax-free retirement post-65.
Education: Bachelors and Masters in Psychology - one year of work on my PhD in Education
I have been a servant leader for 30 years in the automotive business and held the position of Southeast Texas Toyota automotive dealers President. I think outside the box and come up with ways to balance the budget and get massive things done, as I signed the first check in the naming of the TOYOTA CENTER, the home of the Rockets. I am also a Pastor and Psychologist.
First of all we need to stop caging children. We need to stop separating children from their parents. It should not be illegal to seek refuge. We need to appoint more judges to get through the court cases. Use lawyers for magistrate.
As we work toward Medicare for all, I will have my team fix and repair affordable care act so that people like my son have insurance as a 26 year college student. I push education and when we fix it , healthcare fix itself. When we bring vocations back in the 6-12 grade and the youth graduate job ready. When we have more people paying in the system we have Medicare for all
We need better background checks. As a psychologist I want to look at conduct grades of 21 year olds and younger. One of the last shootings the young man was expelled from school with a bad conduct rating for 4 years. The info only came out after the shootings. We need to stop private seller loop holes. No, to bump stocks.
Education is a major issue in the State of Texas. I say, no to standardize testing. I say no to charter Schools as a way to water down teaching by using the SB 1882 bill. We can use charter schools to assist and improve not to water down. As Lt. Gov. candidate I pushed for pay raises for teachers., let’s tax businesses in Texas like Amazon and ExxonMobil to build schools.
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Education: B.A. Emory University, 2004 J.D. Harvard University, 2007
Twitter: @amandafortexas
For the last four years I have represented 2.3 million Texans as a Houston City Council Member, where I spearheaded efforts on Hurricane Harvey recovery and technology & innovation, and oversaw a multi-billion dollar budget. Prior to public service I practiced as a municipal finance lawyer, and was involved in numerous non-profit activities. My focus is achieving results.
Comprehensive immigration reform is long overdue. We can have a secure border, treat people with dignity and respect, keep families together and reduce the years-long backlog of those waiting to lawfully enter. Enforcement should focus on serious criminal activity like drug and human trafficking, and the US should work to stabilize nations that are sources of immigration.
Health care is a life or death issue for many. We should strengthen the ACA to cover more people. The federal government should offer an affordable public option and lower costs of premiums & prescription drugs. Texas should expand Medicaid, which would cover more than 1 million uninsured residents. Those who are satisfied with their current coverage should keep it
Universal background checks and nationwide "red flag" laws are crucial first steps. Limiting the availability of high capacity weapons and and ammunition also should be considered. While mass shootings receive a great deal of attention, most gun deaths occur in less high profile ways, and a majority are suicides. A comprehensive approach must proceed with that in mind.
Growing income and wealth inequality are huge concerns. With Texas being number 1 for rural hospital closures and number 1 for uninsured Americans, we much ensure that sustainable wage jobs with benefits are available in urban centers, suburbs and rural communities across America. We must also make available portable job training credits for those in manufacturing.
Education: B.S. Clinical Laboratory Science, ASCP Master's Degree in Finance State Certified Teacher- Secondary Ed. Economics, Biology Certified Retirement Counselor
Twitter: @JackDanielFost1
Article 1, Section 3, Clause 3; States you must be 30 years of age and a nine year resident of the state you live. There is no real experience that prepares a person to be an elected official at any level, but I have waited all my life for our "experienced politicians" to come up with big ideas for us all and they have failed us. So, I ask, "What has experience did for us?
While a person awaits their asylum claim, a property-homeowners should be able to invest in immigrants, within Texas Counties, for skilled vocational trades- welding, plumbing, wind turbine technology, water technology, solar panel technology, etc. Whether asylum is granted or not, an immigrant will have the ability to take care of themselves. My economic model bears this.
I support ACA Medicaid expansion, but I have other big ideas about access and cost. The most expensive aspect of healthcare is hospitalization; we address this by allowing counties to team up and negotiate in their regions, these are their neighbors, not Washington. I also want to use the IRS codes for exclusionary income, so people can obtain insurance for the uninsured.
I do not want to encroach on anyone's Second Amendment rights, I know it's not right for criminals to be armed better than law enforcement, therefore I would press hard for manufactures to begin putting fingerprint technology on all weapons. We also need federal legislation for background checks on all purchases, assembled weapons bought on-line as well, "air tight" laws.
The three pillars of our society are education, healthcare, and retirement; nothing will ever be more pressing than these issues in any session of Congress. My economic model addresses these issues through incentives, allowing property-homeowners to invest in people, who live in their county, for skilled vocational trades. Creating personal security is paramount for all.
Education: Rice University (Houston) University of Texas School of Law (Austin) Humboldt Universität (Berlin, Germany) Estudio Sampere (Cuenca, Ecuador) Escuela de Español Santa Barbara (Madrid, Spain)
Twitter: @RunAnnieRun2
I’m not a politician. I have built 2 small businesses and a non-profit, all profitable. Our family relies on all our paychecks to live. I speak 3 languages & have lived in 3 other countries. I am a ‘fed-up mama’ with 3 small kiddos. I’m running because we are running out of time. I have the moral clarity, political courage & work ethic to do what no politician will.
This is personal. My husband is a naturalized citizen, we have Cuban family & I practice immigration law. Politicians lack the courage to fix it & now we separate families & kids die in our care. The irony is that our success is a direct product of our diversity. We must rebuild the system so we honor our values & benefit our economy. More @
My daughter nearly died from a heart defect. We didn’t have insurance. She lived thanks to $1,500,000 in treatment. Here, we would be bankrupt, but she was born in Spain, where healthcare is a right. Americans deserve the same. Here it costs 2xs as much, doesn’t cover ¼ of Americans & up to 400,000 patients die annually from medical error. Read more @
More Americans die every WEEK from guns than most countries experience in a YEAR. This Is Not Normal. It’s a trade-off between the GOP & NRA- GOP power for gunmaker profits, paid for yearly in the blood of 40,000. We must do it all & more. Gunowners must carry gun liability insurance, like we do for cars. Let insurance companies access risk. More @
There are so many existential threats that have been made worse by this administration, I can’t pick one. Poverty. Crappy healthcare. Domestic terrorism. Climate change. Security. Voter suppression. What I know is that we can overcome all of this, if we have the moral clarity, political courage & work ethic. Email me at
Education: BA, History, Saint Mary's Univ, SA TX MA, Social and Public Policy, Georgetown Univ, DC MA, National Security and Strategic Studies, Naval War College MSTI, Info Ops & Cyber Intel, National Intel Univ MA, Strategic Studies, Army War College(7/2020)
Twitter: @victorfortexas
I executed the foreign policies of at least four presidents. In this respect, I possess unique foreign-policy qualifications acquired from the lived experiences of executing policy through combat operations in three distinct theaters and formal education in the subject.

Additionally, I have developed national-level programs for emergency management, one winning the 2017 Geospatial government program of the year.

A detailed plan on all issues can be found on web page.

We don't need a closed border, and we don't need an open border. What we need is a controlled border. Americans should not be in fear of what is crossing our border unchecked. We need to address the process of accepting immigrants that enter through these irregular methods. We do this with comprehensive immigration and border security reform. It should be done by congress, not by the President raiding our military coffers. A path to citizenship for children brought into this country illegally is a must.
Reduce cost. We do this by using technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) to triage common medical ailments. Every week millions of people go to see a doctor for common ailments and are told to take a few pills and return if it gets worse. These are first level visits that can be conducted more efficiently and less costly with an AI program. A second level visit can be accomplished through a combination of telemedicine, for our rural citizens, or in-office visits. Mobile clinics for rural Texas.
How do we not infringe on second amendment rights but also curb irresponsible gun owners? There are five points to cover. There are three categories of citizens we need to address. (1) Adolescents, (2) Lawbreakers, (3) Law-abiding citizens. Then we also address (4) capabilities of weapons that need to be controlled and (5) manufacture responsibilities. (1) Mental health grade school to high school. (2) License to purchase or handle weapons (3) Reciprocity (4) Ban capabilities (5) Smart technology
Social program reform: Healthcare, Education, Welfare (Universal Basic Income)
Education: B.A., University of Texas at Austin, 1999; AFROTC Detachment 825; E.M.B.A., University of Texas at Austin, 2016
Twitter: @mjhegar
I’m a combat veteran and working mom who understands the challenges facing Texas families and has never backed down from standing up for what’s right. I served 3 tours in Afghanistan as a medevac pilot, receiving the Purple Heart and Distinguished Flying Cross with Valor, and built a bipartisan coalition to open hundreds of thousands of jobs to women in the military.
We need to permanently end child separation, ensure asylum claims are properly processed, secure the border with effective procedures and technologies instead of robbing our military and seizing land from Texans to waste billions on an ineffective wall, and build a path to citizenship for undocumented residents that reflects our core values as Americans.
Texas has the highest uninsured rate in the nation, and that’s unacceptable. We must protect the progress made by the Affordable Care Act while making much-needed improvements, including a public option to make Medicare available for all who want it. We should also lower the cost of prescription drugs by allowing Medicare to negotiate prices with pharmaceutical companies.
We must pass common-sense gun safety legislation to require background checks on every single gun sale, stop the sale of assault weapons, pass red flag laws and close the “boyfriend loophole” to block access to firearms for domestic abusers, and strengthen laws preventing gun trafficking. I am also calling for state and local officials to end open carry.
I believe climate change is the greatest threat to my children’s future, and will advocate for aggressive action and investment in new clean energy production, infrastructure and manufacturing to address the climate crisis. I will also make it a priority to protect reproductive rights and pass comprehensive campaign finance, voting rights and ethics reforms.
Education: Acute Medical Training and Certificate Program Dual Licensed Insurance Agent
Twitter: @_SemaHernandez_
I've been a community advocate & organizer for over 12 years. I'm a fenceline community resident in a sacrifice zone, exposed daily to the hazards and risks posed by the fossil fuel industries. I am a co-founder of the Texas Poor People’s Campaign & co-founder of an environmental justice coalition working with local & statewide organizations to enforce regulations.
I will introduce and/or co-sponsor legislation that will provide permanent resident status to all DACA & TPS registrants, as well as for their family members & extend permanent resident status to persons who were denied DACA status due to registration deadlines. I will introduce legislation to abolish ICE and restore immigration enforcement to the Department of Justice.
I support Medicare For All, US Senate Bill S.1129. This is the direct way to provide full healthcare benefits for everyone and raising the standard of healthcare. The bill provides everyone with the same coverage, regardless of gender, socioeconomic status, race, religion, and other demographic status, while eliminating premiums, copays, deductibles, and the Donut Hole.
I will use the Commerce Clause to regulate gun sales and manufacturing, introduce and/or support legislation which will require mandatory universal background checks, close gun-show loopholes, outlaw the sale of assault weapons, end the manufacturing of ammunition for assault weapons, and protect the rights of gun owners, while offering voluntary buy-backs of weapons.
Voting Rights: I will introduce legislation to create uniform requirements for voting, in order to ensure equal protection of voting rights under the laws. Indigenous Rights: Honor all treaties and tribal sovereignty. Criminal Justice Reform: I will vote to repeal the 1994 Crime Act and de-fund states which maintain sentencing mandates that were enacted in response to it.
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Candidate has not yet responded.
Education: Princeton University, BA- Political Economy Southern Methodist University, Masters in Business Administration
Twitter: @TXReason
My professional background is both in local government and in private equity. The issues that we face today are exceedingly complex and an honest assessment of these issues suggests that collaboration beyond one person will be required. My candidacy places a premium on the approach to policy development rather than simply advocating for one position over another.
A limited view of improving our immigration system would simply be to improve our system for processing requests for asylum. However long-term concerns should also be addressed, this requires an evaluation of our foreign policy, from support for emerging economies, to supporting international agencies eradicating corruption or addressing regional climate change impacts.
I believe there is an opportunity to build bi-partisan support for initiatives to reduce costs, as many in both the public and private sector have come to the realization that we are at a tipping point on healthcare costs. Expanding coverage, through some form of public sponsored insurance may help promote cost changes more swiftly, but the impacts will vary.
Most of the discussion related to this issue has been to impose some restriction or added regulation to reduce access to & the number of weapons. I believe we can also adopt a public-health approach that seeks ways to de-couple the availability of arms from circumstances where the use of firearms leads to lethal violence, such as safety modifications & data-driven alerts.
Two additional issues that will face our nation in future legislative cycles is the inequality of our economy and climate change. Both of these issues are highly complex, interrelated, and face trend & structural headwinds that that will require a collaborative and constructive political environment, that depresses mis-information and places a premium on facts.
Education: Attended Kilgore Jr. College and SWTSU
Twitter: @DwayneStovall
I'm a 54 yr old native Texan, husband, father, business owner, w/ a deep historical knowledge of the office of U.S. Senator. I'm in construction & the oilfield. I've traded construction equipment internationally since the 90s & have a solid grasp of monetary policy. I have firsthand experience of what that policy does to US Citizens as well as to other countries' economies
Build the wall in every location possible, allow the border patrol to stop and turn around illegal aliens, make employers of illegal aliens come to the table for their part in this problem, and remove any and all access to tax payer funded programs (healthcare / education / welfare of any kind).
The Constitution of the United States offers the federal government no authority whatsoever to manage the healthcare industry, or any other industry for that matter. The only correct legislation would be to remove it from the issue altogether and allow the citizens of the individual States to manage this issue according to their will.
The Constitution of the United States offers the federal government no authority whatsoever to be involved in the issue. As with healthcare, leave it to the citizens of the individual States to manage this issue according to their will. That is the only constitutional answer.
The continued disregard for the constitutional limitations placed on the federal government, and the perpetual centralization of power in the hands of a few. We must - MUST - elect people who understand the authority offered them in Article III to divest power away from the federal back to the States. I understand that authority.
Education: BA in Liberal Arts & Latin American Studies, The University of Texas at Austin
Twitter: @cristinafortx
I have spent over a decade leading some of Texas’ most important labor and voting rights organizations. I have helped change laws at the local and state level for workers and have traveled across the state registering and mobilizing young voters in our state, empowering them to tackle the problems that we face. I will continue to advocate for everyday Texans in the Senate.
I support extending citizenship to DREAMers, but I also believe that we need to legalize the status of the millions of hardworking immigrants that have been part of our communities for years. We need an immigration system that allows future generations to come here safely and legally, that fills our labor needs, and that empowers all immigrants to live their full lives.
I want to ensure that Texas families are healthy. I support Medicare for All because it is the most efficient and cost effective way to make sure every American has quality healthcare, and it will allow small businesses and entrepreneurs to accelerate their growth instead of trying to worry about how to cover the cost of healthcare for themselves and their employees.
Every 3 hours, we lose a Texan to gun violence. I have endorsed the March for Our Lives Peace Plan and I will advocate for gun legislation that the majority of Americans support, including universal background checks, banning and buying back assault weapons like AR-15s and AK-47s, and holding the gun lobby accountable for the harm they have done to our communities.
Climate Change: I support the Green New Deal because it will create millions of new jobs, and will support oil and gas workers as we transition from fossil fuels to cleaner energy sources. Education: I support funding our education system from kindergarten through college, and investing in our greatest asset: our people. This means universal Pre-K and free public college.
Education: University of Texas at Arlington, BA, MA University of Houston, JD
Twitter: @roycewesttx
I have been a practicing attorney for more than 40 years and I’ve owned my own practice for 25 years. I know what it takes to own and operate a business. I have also served in the Texas Senate since 1993 which gives me an unmatched depth of knowledge about the legislative process.
First, we have to dramatically increase the number of judges available to hear asylum cases. Second, we need to pass DACA and get the Dreamers back on solid ground. Third, we need comprehensive immigration reform to simplify the process and give everyone here without citizenship a path to it if they want it.
I would support strengthening the ACA with a public option. I do not believe nationalizing insurance is the best path forward. We need competition on standard products so that people can decide for themselves. I am looking at a number of ways of removing politics from this to stop future Administrations from gutting the ACA.
I am for restoring the ban on assault rifles and instituting a ban on magazines that hold more than 8 rounds. I support a national background check system that closes all loopholes, even individual sales.
I believe criminal justice reform, a woman’s right to choose, equal pay for women, student debt relief, and employment non-discrimination will be key issues in the next session. I favor a multitude of criminal justice reforms, favor a woman’s right to choose, support equal pay for women, support a comprehensive student debt relief program, and will vote to pass ENDA.
Education: University of Oklahoma - Finance Harvard University
Twitter: @votemarkyancey
Mark Yancey, a longtime Dallas resident, is a veteran of the financial services industry. He has helped build four successful investment management firms, which in turn, created hundreds of well-paying jobs. The four firms combined managed north of $100 billion in assets for institutions and sovereign wealth funds.

Mark is currently the CEO of Attacca International.
 Build the wall – all 500 miles.  Stop the flow of illegal drugs and find the cartels operating in the U.S.  Support our Border Patrol and ICE agents.  Immediately deport illegal immigrants who have committed crimes.
I would abolish the affordable Health Care Act - ALL OF IT. I support private pay healthcare. The insurance companies have been gouging the American public since the inception of ACA on March 23, 2010. I would bring ALL health insurance providers before Congress and understand the disparity among high premiums and record insurance company profits.
Enforce current laws. Guns do not kill people. Mentally ill people kill people with guns. I will filibuster any Bills Democrats introduce that Republicans perceived as a threat to Second Amendment rights, including expanded background checks.
1). Fiscal responsibility and accountability. Congress's spending behavior is out of control. 2). Term-Limits. Two terms and you're out.