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U. S. Representative District 21

Serves two-year term. Primary duties: Writing bills and resolutions, offering amendments and serving on committees. How do they impact you? By answering directly to the relatively small group of people they represent and running for election every two years, as opposed to senators, who represent an entire state and have six-year terms.

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    Jennie Lou Leeder

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    Chip Roy

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    Wendy R. Davis

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What do you recommend to improve the immigration system?

What legislation would you support to address access to and cost of healthcare?

What do you recommend to curb gun violence in our country?

What other issue is your highest legislative priority and what do you propose to address it?

Elected leaders play a critical role in fostering economic development. What is your strategy for building a strong, adaptive economy driven by local assets and realities, a diverse industry base and a commitment to equality of opportunity and sustainable practices?

Experience Jennie Lou Leeder is a 7th generation Texan with deep ties to Tx 21. She’s a life long democrat who was Llano County Democratic Chair for 10 years and served on the SDEC for district 24. She will fight for Universal Healthcare, Education, Free and Fair Elections, Climate Action, and Common Sense Gun Reform.
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I believe in building bridges of diplomacy, not walls. In addition to being our neighbor, with whom we share 1,954 miles of beautiful ecology and geography, Mexico is our third largest trading partner, and we are her single largest trading partner. While we do need strong border security to ensure that criminal and terrorist actors are not taking advantage of this relationship, that security would be better achieved through providing our Border Agents with needed training.
It’s time in America for single-payer universal healthcare for all. In advanced nations, people should not be forced to choose between paying their rent or groceries and paying for lifesaving medicine or care.

Where women’s health is concerned, I am pro-care from the womb to the tomb. I believe women of all ages have a right to proactive, informed care, and that each and every woman must have autonomy in decisions made over her body and the care that she receives for any issue.

We need commonsense gun law reform in our country. This includes closing the gun show and internet purchase loopholes, changing the legal age to 21 to purchase long guns, and making automatic weapons and bump stocks illegal. I would support the reinstatement of the Clinton Assault Weapon Ban. As a former teacher, I strongly oppose the president’s proposal to arm teachers. Our educators have a job to do, and that job does not include serving as an armed patrol.
Our national infrastructure is more than just our roads and bridges. It’s the pipes that carry our drinking water, the rail system, National Wildlife refuges, levee and other flood protection systems, port and shipyards, the power grid, hospital and medical systems, and broadband connectivity. When we create the projects to fix all these aspects of our national infrastructure, we create jobs. If we invest in not only fixing but maintaining these systems, we create stable jobs for the future.
The energy platform of the future will be based in low-carbon, renewable resources. We must work to bring together solar, wind, and petroleum energy to fill the current and future needs of our nation’s energy usage without leaving behind those communities whose economies are based in petroleum extraction. We can accomplish this through investment in alternative fuels—wind, sun, and natural gas—which are as plentiful as crude, if not more so, in our district.
Experience Freshman Congressman. Former Vice President of Strategy for the Texas Public Policy Foundation. Also served in several top leadership positions for Texas elected officials, including as the First Assistant Attorney General of Texas under Ken Paxton, Chief of Staff to U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), and as a senior advisor to Texas Governor Perry.
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Our security and our sovereignty matters. Right now, we have criminal illegal gangs operating across our nation while drug cartels have effective operational control over our southern border. We must secure and establish operational control on our border and protect against the cartels and gangs. As we ensure our communities are safe we can easily provide a merit-based immigration system that works for everyone, rewards those who follow rules and provides a predictable and steady labor supply.
For affordable, high quality healthcare – nothing is more important than making sure there are no barriers between you and your doctor and that we limit the bureaucratic burdens of paperwork, insurance administrators, and the layers of regulations that currently are making healthcare expensive and to hard to get.
As a former federal prosecutor and the former First Assistant Attorney General of Texas, I can tell you we need common sense approaches that would provide for greater law enforcement presence and security in our schools which we can achieve easily when Texans have greater control over our education dollars. That way we can better focus our resources at the local level to ensure our schools are secure and our children have a safe learning envi
The national debt. We cannot leave our children and grandchildren with this debt. At $22 trillion, the national debt is not just the biggest issue in public policy, but poses a direct threat to our prosperity and national security. We’ve got to return to our constitutional duties in Washington and let states decide the rest. Let’s debate what works best for our state and people instead of one-size-fits-all spending solutions from a distant city on the east coast.
First, we must get a grasp on our federal spending and national debt. Next, we must continue to reduce the barriers of entry and allow businesses and individuals to innovate and create goods, services, and prosperity in our communities without intrusion from federal government. Texas is blessed with a robust economy and strong relationships with our trade partners. We should continue to foster and expand these whenever possible - such as the recent passage of the USMCA.
Experience Former Texas State Senator, 2014 Texas Democratic Gubernatorial nominee, and founder of Deeds Not Words, a non-profit that empowers young women to participate in political discourse. Wendy led two filibusters in her time as a state senator, one fighting against $5.4 billion in cuts to public school funding and one for women’s reproductive rights.
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Everyone agrees that we must keep our borders secure. But our approach to border security should not exclude common sense approaches to immigration policy. Congress needs to take up and pass comprehensive immigration reform so that people who are fleeing violence, who want to work hard and contribute to our economy and want to be part of the fabric of this state and this country, can come out of the shadows.
Creating access to affordable healthcare, including prescription drugs, is my top priority. I believe that healthcare is a human right and that every Texan deserves access to affordable healthcare. We must expand Medicaid and create the ability for those not covered by private insurance or Medicaid to access Medicare or some other public option for care as was originally envisioned under the Affordable Care Act. A healthy Texas population leads to a healthier Texas economy.
As a congressperson, I will do everything I can to create a safer climate for our communities and our children through the passage and enactment of common-sense gun safety laws. I respect the 2nd amendment and like the vast majority of Americans, including NRA members, I support red flag laws and universal background checks, which includes closing the boyfriend loophole, so that persons with a violent history or who demonstrate a threat of harm to themselves or others cannot own a firearm.
As the grandmother of 1 and 3-year-old granddaughters, I am deeply concerned about my generation’s responsibility to assure that they inherit a planet capable of sustaining life. We must take seriously our country’s shared role within the global community to do our part to address climate change. That includes working to achieve a net-zero carbon emissions plan by 2050. Using incentives, Texas should continue to lead the way in the creation of clean energy and the jobs that serve that sector.
We cannot build a strong economy without a strong workforce. That means setting the goal of creating the best public education system in the world. It means paying our teachers more, creating universal full day pre-k, providing access to affordable quality childcare and access to affordable higher education. As a congressperson, I will continue advocating for access to affordable higher education and striving for an economy that includes a place at the table and opportunity for everyone.