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Texas U. S. Representative District 21

Serves two-year term. Primary duties: Writing bills and resolutions, offering amendments and serving on committees. How do they impact you? By answering directly to the relatively small group of people they represent and running for election every two years, as opposed to senators, who represent an entire state and have six-year terms.

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    Wendy R. Davis

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    Arthur DiBianca

  • Chip Roy

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    Tommy Wakely

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Are any federal laws needed to safeguard our democracy? Explain.

What legislation would you support to address the economic impact of COVID-19?

What criminal justice reform do you recommend, if any?

What changes to our immigration system would you propose or support?

What is your position on climate change?

Do you recommend any changes to our health care system? Explain.

Experience Former Texas State Senator, 2014 Texas Democratic Gubernatorial nominee, and founder of Deeds Not Words, a non-profit that empowers young women to participate in political discourse. Wendy led two filibusters in her time as a state senator, one fighting against $5.4 billion in cuts to public school funding and one for women’s reproductive rights.
Campaign Phone (971) 998-9676
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Twitter @wendydavis
Restoration of the Voting Rights Act and an end to partisan gerrymandering are essential to restoring equitable access to the ballot.
Guided by public health experts, we need a cohesive plan for safely getting people back to work and to school so that our economy can thrive. This includes universal mask wearing when social distancing is not practical, comprehensive COVID testing with rapid turn-around, contact tracing and incentives to assure PPE is made in America. It should also include financial support to keep small/medium businesses afloat (with transparency requirements) & unemployment supplements.
While I do not support defunding the police, I support ending choke-holds, no-knock warrants, qualified immunity, and criminalization of low level marijuana possession. We should increase resources to mental health/drug addiction & homelessness.
We can secure our borders while also comprehensively reforming our immigration system, put an end to family separations, stop caging asylum seekers and provide a path to citizenship to Dreamers.
I feel a profound responsibility to my granddaughters -- and all children -- to do my part to deliver a sustainable future for them. We must invest in clean energy jobs and transition from reliance on fossil fuels. We should restore environmental protections that the Trump administration decimated, constrain use of eminent domain for placement of private energy pipelines and give communities a voice in environmental consequences of permitting activities impacting their air and water.
Healthcare should be universal. We must protect the ACA, create a public-option that provides subsidized coverage for people who are uninsured and provides an option to employer-based health insurance. We should give Medicare the power to negotiate prescription drug prices; increase the number of rural health centers/hospitals; expand tax breaks for the cost of private insurance; expand the use of telemedicine; increase focus on preventative care; stop the war on reproductive healthcare.
Experience Libertarian activist, 2002 - present.
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We need federal laws to protect the voters' right to vote for the candidates they want. The Republican and Democratic Party hate competition, and they have recently worked hard to throw Libertarian and Green candidates off the ballot in Texas. I support legislation to protect ballot access in federal elections.
Unfortunately, government interference has made this problem worse. This is the wrong time to make it hard for Americans to get access to foreign products, medical equipment, etc. I support free trade laws that allow our economy to be more flexible in response to crises like COVID-19.
The federal government encourages the militarization of police by providing military equipment to them. I want to end that. I also want to end federal drug prohibition, which is connected to many of the problems with police abuse we see today. There is a lot of evidence that our criminal justice system is filled with racial inequity, and that is wrong and needs to end.
Immigrants are our friends, not our enemies. I want to make it much easier for foreign nationals to come live and work in the United States.
Climate change is a complex scientific question, and I am not a climate scientist. However, I oppose efforts by the federal government to control or restrict Americans' energy choices.
Federal interference has made medical care far more expensive and complicated than it needs to be. I want to reduce that interference. I want to cut federal spending across the board, and that includes programs like Medicare and Medicaid. I know that position is unpopular with many Americans, but I believe it's important and necessary. We need to start acting like grown-ups.
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Experience I was the 2016 Democratic nominee for Congress-TX21. I ran on a platform of banning fracking & flaring to fight climate change. In 2018 I entered the TX Democratic primary for Governor. Again, I ran on a platform of banning fracking & flaring to fight climate change. It's a Climate Emergency. I'm the only candidate talking about the West coast fire
Campaign Phone (210) 504-4744
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Twitter @wakely2020
1). We need to add criminal penalties to violations of the Hatch Act to ensure civil service employees don't engage in political activity while on the job. 2). We need to make harder for the Executive Branch to remove Inspector General's whose job it is to perform oversight of federal agencies by conducting audits, investigations, inspections, and other reviews. The removal of an IG should only happen with the approval of Congress.

The best way to address the economic impact of COVID-19 is UBI or universal basic income. Simply put UBI, which was the main focus of Andrew Yang's presidential campaign, would guarantee that every American received a monthly check from the federal government (no strings attached) to ensure they had enough money to pay their bills. Unlike Yang, I would back legislation that would means test who would receive a check.
Our nation's criminal-legal system denies the rights & dignity of all human life, harms both victims & offenders, & disrupts communities. New policy must re-envision & reform our current system, while restoring the common good. The three areas of reform I would recommend are: 1. Ending CIVIL FORFEITURE - The practice that let's the police cease a person property even if they have never been convicted of a crime; 2. Ending QUALIFIED IMMUNITY which shields police & 3. LEGALIZING MARIJUANA;
My wife is from Mexico. Most of her family still live in Mexico & as such, immigration is an important issue for me. I would support a 5 year pathway to permanent status & citizenship for the 11 million unauthorized immigrants currently living, working, and contributing in America today. I would also support removing old or low-level contacts with the criminal justice system, such as marijuana possession, that currently prevent undocumented immigrants from attaining citizenship.
This is a CLIMATE EMERGENCY. Ice sheets are melting, the West coast is burning. It is only a matter of time before a 75,000 year old carcass thaws out somewhere & releases a deadly pathogen that will make COVID-19 seems like the sniffles. As tillable land & fresh water disappear around the world, local conflicts will turn into regional conflicts & war. I'm the only candidate on the ballot for TX21 that understands that we must act now & that is why I support a ban on fracking & flaring.
Since the late 1980s I have advocated for universal healthcare or in today's language Medicare For All. With so many people out of work today due to COVIS-19 it is ludicrous to continue to tie your healthcare to your job.

I'm the only candidate on the ballot for TX21 who supports MEDICARE FOR ALL.