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Crested Butte Mayoral

The Mayor serves a two-year term and is a voting member of the council. Crested Butte is a Home Rule Charter and a Council-Manager form of government.In addition to the general Council responsibilities, the Mayor chairs meetings and is the signatory for all council action. Salary: $9600 / year

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  • Jim Schmidt

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Discuss your top priorities for your term as a City Council member and why.

What do you think the Council has done well? What do you think needs improvement?

What experience and personal characteristics would you bring to the role of Council member and why are they important?

How do you see contributing to the relationship with other jurisdictions/agencies to solve ongoing problems?

Background BA in Economics from Cornell College, 1970, over 30 uears of public service
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Contact phone 209-1601
1.Affordable housing. We will continue to work on solutions with our partners such as Mt. Crested Butte to provide housing throughout the valley. We have done a tremendous amount for housing and currently have 30 units under construction. 2.Climate- I have been a believer in Climate Change for a long time, before the first Earth Day. But I am ashamed the my generation has not done more. I will not be passive anymore in my interactions with tourists and climate deniers. It is the greatest threat to the world and when the US should be doing everything possible to curb carbon emissions, Trump is plunging us backward to the days of black lung and rivers catching on fire. And the weak willed members of the Republic party like Senator Gardner and Rep. Scott Tipton are afraid to stand up to Trump for the generations to come. It's a case of greed over everything else. Locally, I have introduced a plan and the council has budgeted for it, to buy green power for one year OVER WORD LIMIT
Every time I go to another resort town I realize how many things we are doing well. Housing: 23% of units in the town are deed restricted and 30 more units are under construction.

Short Term Rentals: our ordinance works well (everybody is a little dissatisfied-it was a compromise) and it is a model for other towns

Parks, Rec, and trails: outstanding considering the amount of money available. We have leveraged our meager funds for large grants. Downside, we cannot afford a rec center (pool) without doing it on a north end of the valley basis.

Transportation: Mountain Express and the RTA have both worked well for years Open Space-when officials from Park City were here they were greatly impressed by our funding source and the results.

Parking and traffic: I am not as freaked out as some by the traffic in town. Again after visiting many other ski towns, we have a much higher rate of bicycle use than anywhere else.
I have served the Town for 5-4 year terms on council and 4-2 year terms as mayor. My experience and institutional knowledge is very valuable to the town. I have been described as a radical centrist by George Sibley. It is a moniker I proudly wear. I have played softball for years, skied, biked and built trails. I have been in over ten plays and directed 4, served on the boards of the Mountain Theater , the CB Society, and the Center for the Arts. I have DJ'd on KBUT and written for the paper. I have run businesses and worked for others. I truly have a balanced grasp of the community.
The Town's relationship with Mt. CB and the City of Gunnison are as strong as they ever have been. Since taking over as Mayor two years ago I called for joint meeting with both Mt. CB and the City of Gunnison. They were very productive meetings. I called for a joint meeting of all the elected officials of the three municipalities and the County. Some might say they did not go so well but we have met 4 times and will be meeting again on October 23 in Crested Butte. The first step toward relationships is sitting down with everyone. Obviously the north end of the valley has disagreed with the county regarding the Brush Creek proposal. Hopefully we can start anew with a public process and settle on a project does not cause controversy. We all want a good workforce housing project developed on that site.