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Golden City Council District Two

There are seven members of the City Council. Four are elected from wards, two are elected from districts (each district is comprised of two wards–district one is wards one and two– district two is wards three and four), and the mayor is elected at-large.The Council sets direction for the City and decides all policy matters. The Council appoints the municipal attorney, the municipal judge, and the city manager.

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    Casey L. Brown

Biographical Information

In your opinion, what makes the City of Golden a ‘great place’ to live?

What do you see as the major issue facing Golden and what do you think the solution is?

What changes, if any, would you like to see concerning how the city is run?

Why are you running for city council?

Background I've lived in Golden for the past 15 years with my wife and our two boys who attend Golden High School and Bell Middle School. For over 10 years, I volunteered on Golden board and commissions, including 8 years on the Golden Planning Commission and the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board. Since 2016, I've served as the District 2 representative on the Golden City Council.
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Contact phone (303) 900-2003
Twitter @brownforgolden
There are many things that make Golden a great place to live, including its historic character, it’s special location partially secluded from the rest of the Denver metro area, it’s creek and mountain natural resources, and it’s citizens that actively participate in the community they love.
The biggest issue facing Golden is the increase in population growth in Denver and the front range communities and the impact it is having on the pace and scale of land redevelopment and skyrocketing prices of homes and apartments that is making the cost of living increasingly unaffordable. To help address this, we instituted a temporary building moratorium while we made some changes to our zoning codes. Over the course of the next year, we will conduct a thorough audit and rewrite of our development codes with extensive opportunities for community input. The outcome will be a completely revised City codes that will help us better manage the rate and pace of redevelopment change and ensure that what is built in Golden better complements the look, feel, and character of our historic neighborhoods.
I feel the City is currently very well run. That said, there is always room for improvement in how we communicate with our residents and solicit their input on important issues and challenges facing the City. We should always be striving to be more efficient and effective in the services we provide. We should continue to seek opportunities to be more transparent and utilize technology in new ways to make key information more readily accessible to citizens. And we should always be looking forward to how we can best protect and preserve the historic character and charm of Golden.
I’m running for reelection because the City has accomplished a lot in my time on City Council and I’m proud that my voice and actions have made significant contributions in many of these efforts. For example, in recognition of the rapid pace of growth and development in Golden and the front range, I was instrumental in advocating for a residential building moratorium and for changes to our municipal planning codes to better protect the unique feel and character of our Golden neighborhoods from the ill-conceived bulk, size, mass, scale, and design of new development. I successfully advocated for a much needed integrated transportation master plan to better guide Golden’s capital investments for streets, bike lanes, sidewalks, and transit. I’m hoping to earn your vote to continue these efforts for another term representing District 2 on the Golden City Council. I welcome your input on how to best address our shared challenges and look forward to learning about the issues that are most