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Golden City Council District One

There are seven members of the City Council. Four are elected from wards, two are elected from districts (each district is comprised of two wards–district one is wards one and two– district two is wards three and four), and the mayor is elected at-large.The Council sets direction for the City and decides all policy matters. The Council appoints the municipal attorney, the municipal judge, and the city manager.

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    Kim Brock

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    JJ Trout

Biographical Information

In your opinion, what makes the City of Golden a ‘great place’ to live?

What do you see as the major issue facing Golden and what do you think the solution is?

What changes, if any, would you like to see concerning how the city is run?

Why are you running for city council?

Background I am a Colorado native who has called Golden home for over 23 years, and I’ve been an active resident the entire time starting with Leadership Golden in 1999. Due to my longstanding commitment to our community, I have been asked twice to represent the citizens of Golden and participate in the statewide Community Conversations: TBD Colorado in 2012 and Building a Better Colorado in 2019. I’ve joined local organizations as a reading tutor, a big sister mentor, an election judge, and was appointed to the Economic Development Commission in 2005, serving an extra year until 2010. With children in Golden neighborhood schools, I became more involved in education advocacy holding various positions for the Shelton Elementary PTSA, and serving as an Area Articulation Vice President for Jeffco PTA. I was recently appointed to the Jeffco School District Accountability Committee to represent Golden Articulation Schools. In addition, I am currently the President of the GHS Football Booster Club and a member of the GHS Boys Lacrosse Booster Club. In 2013, I was elected as the Chair/Acting Executive Director of the Golden Schools Foundation(GSF); being brought in to act as lead of GSF and coalesce a set of programs encompassing grants, awards assistance, and information resources to further define and expand the GSF model. As the GSF Chair, I am the Acting-Executive Director working with stakeholder groups including Jeffco District representatives, schools, principals, boards, committees, volunteers, and external audiences to build and retain strong communication and partnerships. I also manage the annual Golden Gallop 10K/5K fundraiser which has attracted over 1000 registrants and over 40 local businesses. As a result of my work and efforts to support our Golden neighborhood schools, I was nominated by several community members and received the 2018 Mayor’s Award for Excellence. I was recognized for having implemented innovative programs like summer academic bootcamps at Bell Middle School and Golden High School, elementary tutoring programs, and the Teaching Excellence program, as well as improvements to GSF’s private donor funding which has grown 182 percent and grant support has grown an impressive 940 percent. I’ve been both a renter and a homeowner in Golden. I started and raised my family here. All three of my children have attended Golden neighborhood schools and my two oldest graduated from GHS last May. I am invested in Golden because it is our home. I have over 20 years combined experience in strategic marketing and business communication acquired at advertising agencies and consumer product companies. Currently, I am a freelance Brand Strategist/Consultant working from my home office here in Golden. I graduated from CU-Boulder with a double major in Political Science and Sociology. As your representative, I would work to ensure the vision of Golden’s future is guided by listening to the voice of the community and identifying a set of shared values that we aspire to abide by over time.
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From tree lined neighborhoods, to deer and elk out our windows, to our distinctive vistas, our natural environment is something we hold dear and makes Golden great. Golden is woven with the natural beauty of open space, as well as several natural areas and corridors within our community that keep us connected. Our open space is one of our greatest assets. It must be protected and used appropriately in order to be sustained for generations of all the diverse visitors. Citizens have made it clear to me that our open space must be preserved, protected and used appropriately by all. I would work to ensure Open Space is a priority for City Council, that our Comprehensive Plan defines open space, it’s uses, management and protection, and that we create a Master Plan specifically for Open Space. It is time to provide consistent guidance for protecting, preserving, and managing the use and future use of our open space areas and corridors that can only be upheld with an Open Space Master Plan.
As the population continues to grow in the Metro Area, Golden is facing increasing pressure to allow growth/development. I’ve spoken with many citizens who feel excluded or ignored during the development process. Our 0.9% growth limit can sometimes feel like it doesn’t exist with all the new builds we see around town. Golden's unique character is inherent in so many aspects of town despite the various changes that have taken place over the past few years. Change and development are inevitable for any community. I believe we can protect our history, character, and community values from unthoughtful development and unchecked growth through increased citizen input and City accountability. As a City Council member, I would strive to make the development process transparent and fair by doing more to ensure the public is informed about pending projects, that they are given the opportunity to be heard, and that decisions reflect the values of our community and align with Neighborhood Plans.
Healthy government is the voice of the people and requires consistent communication. Whether the conversations are challenging or supportive, the community must be engaged with City projects and decisions throughout the process from start to finish. The Golden Vision 2030 was an undertaking by the citizens of Golden that provides a philosophical and policy framework for other planning documents which has been underutilized in its implementation. Citizens were assured a voice in the room and an opportunity to proactively stay engaged. It is the responsibility of government to be accountable and transparent to its citizens. I want to provide a voice for voters on the issues they care most about. When we have difficulty agreeing on an issue, I would work to find a common-ground solution. I intend to maintain an open line of regular communication with constituents and the community. As a city council member, I will make every effort to be the representative voice of our community.
I’m running for City Council – District 1 because I want to be the representative voice of South Golden. I want to provide a voice for voters on the issues they care most about. I have no desire to advance any particular agenda but rather to represent our community. When we have difficulty agreeing on an issue, I would work to find a common-ground solution. I view the role of City Councilor to be less about my personal stance on key issues and more about my valuable perspective and thoughtful approach to addressing those issues. Understanding where Golden has been gives me clear perspective to support change in a thoughtful and considerate way as we look toward the future with integrity and accountability. I view the opportunity to represent District 1 constituents on City Council as the natural progression for my on-going knowledge and for my experience working within our community to be leveraged, in a truly meaningful way.
Background As a former victim advocate, I am trained to listen and speak on behalf of others. I have experience building regional relationships, partnering to problem solve, and bringing neighbors with diverse viewpoints together to find Golden-specific solutions. I am currently the Director of Data and Technology at PeopleForBikes, a national nonprofit that focuses on making communities better through safe and convenient bike riding. I manage staff and a budget, prioritize resources, provide innovative technology solutions, lead strategic planning, stay current on professional trends, and keep my team accountable to goals. I love my professional work. It keeps me connected to community best practices across the country and affords me the flexible schedule I need to effectively represent District 1 on City Council.
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Twelve years ago, my husband and I left our doorstep in Nebraska and headed west on an adventure, which is how we found and chose Golden. We fell in love with the beautiful open spaces and wonderfully engaged neighbors, and it felt just like the small towns I grew up in. Golden is the perfect place to pursue our passion for the outdoors and my love for service and building community.

And today, we know through a recent survey that 96% of Golden residents think Golden is an excellent or good place to live. We prioritize our safety, open spaces, cultural amenities, and small-town charm. Great communities are partnerships of government, businesses, nonprofits, and residents. I want to strengthen these relationships to ensure Golden remains the special place we all love and make it even better. Let's make Golden livable, safe, sustainable, health-minded, and provide opportunities for all residents to thrive.
Growth in the region affects our safety, open spaces, buildings, cost of living, and mobility. We need to smartly plan to ensure Golden remains the special place we all love and becomes even better. We can do this by strategically planning and laying the foundation now – physical, digital, and policy – to ensure future solutions fit Golden’s specific needs.

Physically, we can use our new transportation master plan to prioritize safe intersections and routes to school and partnering to make our regional roads less congested. Our upcoming open space master plan will help us protect current resources and acquire more. Digitally, we can bring broadband and data analysis to allocate growth appropriately. Policy-wise, we need to modernize our codes to make it easier to provide diverse housing and ensure new development fits our small-town character.

By strategically planning, we can balance the growth and ensure Golden is livable, safe, and sustainable for every resident.
Ten years ago, we completed our Golden Vision 2030 that details our values, like active outdoors and the environment and safe neighborhoods. It's time for a refresh, and then let's weave them into our community culture. Let's put it at the top of every City Council and board agenda to talk for five minutes about one value a month. We can use Informer to detail the value and then expand the conversation through and Nextdoor.

I also want to improve Coffee with Councilors where residents come to ask questions and get answers. I want to bring at least one resident from each neighborhood together to understand citywide issues and work on Golden-specific solutions. And so that all of City Council and residents can have in-depth discussions, I'd love to add quarterly town halls.

Finally, I'd love to dashboard and measure our progress to meeting goals online. This is an excellent way for residents to know where we’re going together and hold Council and staff accountable
Service is a core value of mine. I worked and volunteered for several nonprofits, including as a well-being researcher at Children’s Hospital and a victim advocate where I would go to crime scenes to ensure victims' needs were met and their voices were heard.

My service to Golden extends deep into the community. I am currently on the Citizen’s Budget Committee. I chaired the Parks, Rec, and Museums Board. I work on many task forces to make Golden better by prioritizing investments, making transportation easier, and bringing in diverse housing options while expanding our open spaces.

Because of all of my service to Golden, our current City Councilor asked me to run two years ago. Golden is facing some important challenges, and I want to contribute to solving them while being an effective voice for the southern neighborhoods. I am prepared. I am responsive. Most importantly, I am committed to keeping Golden beautiful and giving every Golden resident the opportunity to thrive.