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The City of Edgewater electors will be voting for Mayor and four City Council Members.All municipal elections are nonpartisan, that is, persons are elected to office without consideration of political party affiliation.Candidate information packets are available in the City Clerk's office at 1800 Harlan St. For more information contact the City Clerk's office at or 720-763-3002.

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    Laura Keegan

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In your opinion, what makes the City of Edgewater a ‘great place’ to live?

What do you see as the major issue facing Edgewater and what do you think the solution is?

What changes, if any, would you like to see concerning how the city is run?

Why are you running for mayor?

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Background I was appointed to City Council Feb. of 2009, then elected to two more terms. I’ve served as Mayor for the last 2 years. Some of the City’s achievements since my service began as a City Councilor and as Mayor include: Appointing our first City Manager; Construction of our Civic Center; Inclusion into West Metro Fire; Creation of the Edgewater Sustainability Board; Restoration of a crumbling infrastructure; Competitive pay and updated facilities for all staff; Advocating for responsible building/zoning standards; Creation of the City’s inclusive Comprehensive, Mobility, and Sustainability Plans; Redevelopments of 20th & Depew, 25th & Gray, and Old City Hall in progress. I personally carried/was on the forefront of Edgewater’s Smoking Ordinances, some of the strongest in the State, Renters Rights ordinances for safe housing, Recycling programs and others environmental issues, co-creator of the Celtic Harvest Festival 2010-2016 and the Community Picnic, beginning in 2010.
Contact phone 303.232.0745
Twitter @keeganlaura
Edgewater is great because of our strong sense of community and dedication to maintaining our small town identity as we move into a new era. Our priorities to preserve our history and character haven’t changed as we’ve grown and morphed over the last decades. Edgewater is an ever-changing city always looking toward the future for our citizens, many whom are again choosing to make their permanent home in Edgewater. This is reflected in the increasing number of home ownership rates. As our demographics change and we are becoming one of the premier, desirable Front Range cities for home and business ownership, we are carefully growing into the community Edgewater and its residents deserve and can proudly call their community. Under a square mile in size, we are small enough to have a collective voice that is heard and that is implemental in making our choices. We are a wonderful mix of old and new homes; of recreation; safety and city facilities; parks; and a mix of unique businesses
There are several: 1. As Edgewater grows we must continue to carefully balance the responsible building/zoning standards for both commercial and residential properties. This can happen, as it has been, with joint interactions with our boards, commissions, council, department heads and community. 2. We must develop and strengthen the ties with local businesses in order to continue to enhance our community’s needs and those of our businesses. We must have dialogs to include both city and council in thoughtful communications with our business owners and their staff. We must listen to what businesses are experiencing now and in the foreseeable future. 3. We must continue partnering with local youth organizations and schools so that our growing numbers of families are served. We can do this by continuing our city programs, working with our Gold Crown facility, our schools and achieving a more solid and continuous the dialog with our school board to hear their and our concerns.
The city runs quite efficiently under our strong city leadership, which includes all the diligent work of both the former City Manager and our current City Manager, alongside a strong, diverse, progressive Council and teams of dedicated boards and commission members. However, as Edgewater has grown and changed with the number of new builds( both home and business), more upcoming projects necessary to facilitate our citizens, businesses and visitors and the new recreational facilities, I believe adding several employees and possibly departments to the city staff will help alleviate some of the issues that are occurring by over-utilizing some of our staff. In the future I’m excited to keep working on and encouraging more joint partnerships with Edgewater’s staff, Council and Boards and Commissions as we move through the next several years. Collective voices make us much stronger.
I'm running because I love our city and our community. As Mayor, I will continue to speak for the City of Edgewater with intelligent dignity. I will continue representing the people as I have always done, first as a city councilwoman for nearly 9 years and as mayor for the past 2 years, I will continue giving voice to community concerns and facilitating solutions between our elected officials and City staff. I will appoint strong Boards and Commission members who put service to the community first. I will make certain we preserve our history and character. I will continue to represent Edgewater at city and county & state levels, finding solutions to our common issues, as I have the past 2 years. I will continue to strengthen and build ties between community, city staff, council boards and commissions, and businesses.