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Arvada City Council District 4

The Arvada City Council is composed of seven directly elected citizens. The City of Arvada is divided into four Council districts. Residents of each district elect a Councilmember who lives within the district and represents the concerns of that district. The Mayor and two other Councilmembers are elected At-Large, meaning that they represent the entire City of Arvada rather than a specific area or district.The League of Women Voters Candidate Forum Video is available to watch. Please click HERE.

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What do you believe is the top challenge facing the City of Arvada today and how would you address this challenge?

AS A CITY COUNCIL MEMBER, Would you support the ban of plastic bags in the City of Arvada? Why or why not?

Arvada is a great place to live, work and play. As A City Council Member, what will you do to ensure that the City of Arvada continues to thrive?

Background Work on political campaigns. Previously ran for city council in 2017.
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The top challenge facing Arvada is the lack of good deals that reflect the interests of our residents. From the $30 give-away land deal, to the construction of the potentially dangerous and unwanted Jefferson Parkway, to the lack of affordable housing options, Arvada needs a leader who will fight for better deals that incentivize thoughtful development, repair infrastructure, and protect our residents.
I absolutely would support the ban of plastic bags in the City of Arvada. The facts show that plastic bags are environmentally detrimental and harmful to our wildlife and ecosystems. All of us have a duty to take care of the environment and banning plastic bags is a step in the right direction.
Arvada thrives when our residents thrive, but that only happens when we have leaders advocating in the best interests of everyone. By offering affording housing options, Arvada brings in greater and more diverse talent that helps small and large businesses thrive. By passing better, safer deals that reflect the interests of our residents, we also build our community and get more citizen involvement, which is a good thing. Together we can ensure that Arvada thrives, but it starts by electing leaders that truly represent our residents and are willing to fight for them, like I am.
Background People say I am a pretty easy-going guy who loves to laugh, and make people laugh. I have been blessed with a great family. My wife of 21 years, Ann, and our two young men, Jake, who is at CU, and Parks at Ralston Valley High School. My family is constantly busy in our Leyden Rock community running from school or sporting events, to the next church activity, then home again to take care of our two dogs Murphy and Lucy. I was born in Arvada to Bill and Colleen Jones who lived in the white house directly behind Wright’s Nursery—and the house is still there today! When I was 5 years old, we moved to Coal Creek Canyon and I spent my childhood running around the beautiful mountainside making so many wonderful memories. By the time I graduated from Golden High School and was off to college, my parents returned to live Arvada into the new Harvest Lane community off of 75th and Simms. Back in the early 1980’s my dad, William R. Jones, took a big risk right here in Arvada and started his own company, Sonsio (the name is a long story that I can tell you about another time). Dad was asked if he could solve a problem. He knew how important it was to focus on keeping your customer, so he came up with an idea to start a small network of independent and company owned automotive repair centers. That one risky idea has grown to become the largest network of warranty service centers in the United States and Canada. We just celebrated our 35th anniversary this past April and we’re still here in Arvada today with 120 employees at our office on Ward Road and operations in Arizona as well. In 2015, I decided to run to be the Council member representing District 4 on City Council not because I thought anything was wrong with Arvada, but because I wanted to fulfill a lifelong dream of serving my community at the local level of government. When I was in the 5th grade I went to Washington, D.C. and became interested in how government worked. I realized I could do good right here in my own community, be a part of doing good for all and give back with actions, and not just words. That 5th grader grew up, but before running for City Council I got involved in our local community. I became a member of the Jefferson County Economic Development Corporation Board of Directors to make sure that Jefferson County continued to attract and retained jobs for all who live here—jobs are what fuel our local economies. Now as an elected official on Arvada City Council, what you may not know is that in addition to city council duties, I represent Arvada on other boards and commissions. The Jefferson County Economic Development Council, Jefferson County Community Corrections Board, Northwest Parkway Authority, E-470 Authority, Jefferson Parkway Public Highway Authority, West Connect Coalition, Jeffco Schools Coordinating Committee and Arvada Fire Protection District Coordinating Committee are all my responsibility. I am so grateful to have served on each and every one of them and learned so much about our county and city—we have a lot to be proud of and I am running for re-election to the Arvada City Council to continue this important work and hope to earn your vote on November 5th.
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Twitter @DavidforArvada
In District 4 there are several issues, one of the most visible being traffic. In Arvada we have a lot of roads that are shared, with the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) and with Jefferson County intermixed with roads owned and maintained by the City of Arvada. Anywhere you see a curb, gutter and a sidewalk, the City of Arvada has been there to help build, maintain or repair that of road. The City of Arvada has spent money to repair roads owned by CDOT, such as the newly finished intersection of 72nd Avenue and Indiana that is paramount to traffic moving North and South. There are other roads in Arvada that help to move traffic North and South but if we were to even think about expanding those roads to handle more traffic, that would require a lot of takings of property and that would not serve Arvada well. These are the kinds of things that we need to think about as we consider the future of infrastructure and transportation throughout Arvada, not just in District 4.

Having traveled around the metro area, and abroad, I’ve visited communities who have made the decision to provide to their customers plastic bags and charge a small fee if a person needs a bag. From what I can see there has been a shift and more and more people in Arvada are bringing their own bags when they go shopping. I’m unsure if it’s a proper function of City government to ban a business from providing plastic bags to their customers. Instead this question may be better asked of the business owners to see what other options they provide their customers to carry goods out of their stores. If the goal is to decrease the amount of plastic bags in our environment, should we talk to both large and small business owners to see what options could be provided instead? This may be a decision for the business owner to consider and if they decide to charge or discontinue the practice of offering plastic bags altogether and offer a more environmentally friendly alternative, then that is th
Arvada is a great place- and I believe it is a great place to live, work, play and learn! People love to live in Arvada because of all the great things Arvada has to offer as a community. Olde Town has been revitalized and I would love to see that feel replicated in Candelas and other newly developed parts of Northwest Arvada, such as Five Parks. The City charter states our dedication to parks and outdoor recreation throughout Arvada, and in District 4 we have some of the prettiest sections of the Ralston Creek trail, a reservoir you can fish in and play spaces for dogs too. In Arvada we are lucky to have a campus for Red Rocks Community College, and our vibrant and diverse Jeffco Public Schools. People of all ages come to Arvada to learn, and I’ll continue to support our systems for education that keep people coming to Arvada not just to learn but to graduate, find a job, buy a home, and raise their families here just like my parents did and my wife and I are doing with our two bo