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Aurora City Council Ward IV

Aurora City Council Ward IVThe Aurora City Council is composed of a mayor and 10 council members. Of those 10 members, six are ward council members, representing one of the six wards that section the city. The remaining four council members are elected at large, like the mayor, to represent the entire city. The 10 members of Aurora's city council are part-time elected officials, meaning they may all have jobs in addition to their responsibilities as council members.

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  • Juan Marcano

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    Charles "Charlie" Richardson

Biographical Information

How would you prioritize spending in light of increased or decreased revenues in your City?

What are two of your greatest concerns in your City over the next four years and how would you address them?

Describe your style of conflict resolution.

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Background I served 28 years as the Aurora City Attorney then 1 year as the late Mayor Hogan’s Chief of Staff.
Contact phone 720-320-0808
I would prioritize staffing in the Police Department. Aurora has gained many hotel and hospital facilities without appropriately increasing our Police Department. According to a study our officers do not have sufficient time to engage in proactive patrol. In other words they are always rushing from one call to another pending call.
My second priority is road surface improvement. Our roads are rated as fair. If we do not respond with curative maintenance in a timely fashion we end up having to spend more total dollars later.
My style of conflict resolution is to not do it publicly but speak privately with the person you disagree with in a mature and calm fashion.