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Loveland City Council Ward II

The City of Loveland is a home-rule, council-manager form of government. The City Council is a nine member policy-making board for the City of Loveland. Two council members are elected by residents from each of the four wards in the City of Loveland to serve four year terms. The Council is led by the Mayor, who is elected by city residents at large for a two-year term. Council members are elected on 1st Tuesday in November in odd-numbered years.The City Council meets the first and third Tuesday of each month for regular meetings at 6:00 p.m. and the second Tuesday of each month for a study session at 6:30 p.m. in the City Council Chambers, 500 E. Third Street. The City Council serves a critical role in the development of policy that provides the basis for decision-making. Decisions made impact the community for years into the future. This form of representative government is intended to ensure that the community leaders build a sustainable community that protects the health, safety and welfare of Loveland residents.

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    Andrea Samson

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    Nita Starr

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Should the City of Loveland create a diversity commission to proactively address cross cultural and cross racial/ethnic harmony? (Agree/Disagree)

What impacts do you think the development of downtown Loveland have had on the City as a whole?

In order for Loveland to continue to be a desirable place to live, what do you believe are the city’s three most pressing needs?

How can the city assure that affordable housing requirements are included in future developments, including the new metro districts?

How do you think climate change will affect our city and what steps, if any, can the City Council take to mitigate such change?

What would you do to increase communications with the citizens of Loveland, both in terms of getting citizen input before making policy decisions as well as documenting and making publicly accessible the results of policy deliberations?

Background Andrea wants to be your voice on council. She is running for council to represent the everyday person, not special interests. Andrea is a wife and a mother of two little girls. She is a Colorado native and has lived in Loveland for 17 years. She spent 15 years just outside of Seattle Washington. Andrea is passionate about representing the everyday person in council. Not enough of our citizens are being heard and Andrea is working to change that. Andrea is running a grassroots campaign, she won't be bought by special interests because her interest is the Citizens of Loveland. Andrea supports Inclusionary Housing, creating a Futurists Committee and a Diversity Committee. Andrea will work to restructure any incentives issued to include oversight and accountability - and will thoroughly research and consider all viewpoints before approving incentives. Andrea also will work toward a stronger code of ethics and enforcement for city council and staff alike. Andrea has also been endorsed by United States Congressman Joe Neguse who said “Andrea Samson is a dynamic young leader working to brighten Loveland’s future through Innovation, Inclusion and Integrity. I am proud to endorse her for Loveland City Council.” Loveland’s Mayor endorses Andrea saying “Andrea Samson will be a tireless advocate for everyday people. I support Andrea because I believe she will put our residents and the well-being of our city first. She will serve on Loveland’s City Council with integrity and will be a strong voice for ethical practices and decision making going forward. I am thankful that Andrea has stepped up to serve.”. Andrea interned in Bern, Switzerland for an internationally recognized Haute Couture Bridal Designer and then traveled the US as a PR and Marketing Representative for multiple European Fashion Designers. She has experience as a Para-Educator, an Executive Assistant in businesses of all sizes, worked in Criminal Justice, is an Intellectual Property Patent Paralegal, a Certified Nurses Assistant, and an advocacy blogger for special needs families. Andrea believes Loveland has incredible worth, and that the people of Loveland are not being represented. She has been campaigning since June and has held many listening sessions to truly understand the wants and needs of Loveland - and in particular Ward 2 - and she has spent countless hours researching, studying, and meeting with both local and regional leaders to understand more. This is Andrea's first election, though prior to running she co-authored a citizen referendum and was a founding member of an alliance to bridge the gap between the everyday citizen, our homeless population and the city. Andrea advocates for families and children with special needs, as she is a mother to a special needs child. This advocacy has made for an easy transition into her work thus far in Loveland as there are many moving parts and pieces to both the special needs world and the city government world. Andrea will work hard for Loveland Citizens to have a seat at the table. City Government’s first priority should be the Citizens - their welfare and safety. Loveland has many unmet needs some of which being mass transit, motility, affordable housing, infrastructure maintenance and a true future vision for Loveland by Loveland. Please vote for Andrea Samson this election season, a voice and representative for you.
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A healthy Downtown is vital for a healthy community. I wholeheartedly believe we must continue to invest in Downtown as an opportunity to increase sales tax revenues but also to build an inclusive community. Developing downtown by staying true to our roots - maintaining the small businesses and small town feel - impacts our city as a whole by providing a lively heart center for Loveland and for visitors.
I believe our city's three most pressing needs are: Affordable housing, Fiscal Accountability and Oversight, and a longterm vision for Loveland. Additionally multi-modal transportation, our roads and sidewalks, diversity and ethics, communication and access to information also need addressing. A favorable affordable housing solution is Inclusionary housing, Fiscal Accountability and oversight requires better data management and a council that will pump the breaks on incentives.
I am passionate about affordable housing. Requiring developers to build Inclusionary housing which is presently being implemented in Longmont and Boulder, is an excellent way to assure affordable housing requirements are included in future developments. Once this becomes a requirement, a developer would have an opportunity to opt out by paying an in lieu-fee. For the fee to be effective the rate would be set to discourage use of the fee and would apply all new builds, including metro districts.
First and foremost the concern must be for the health and safety of our citizens. I believe to mitigate change we need to consider - from a fact and science based plan of action - preparation for potential increase in natural disasters, increased energy demands due to temperature changes, water storage and conservation, using yards as gardens, and increasing the availability of multi-modal transportation. Conservation and Sustainability are vital to our health and safety going into the future.
Loveland needs to hold a facilitated discussion to work through our current challenges and improve communication with councilors, staff, and citizens. A centralized marketing and communications department at the City would make information more accessible. Monthly joint town halls and utilizing social media, the Loveland City Update newsletter, updating and maintaining the website, and archiving would all improve citizens opportunity to provide input and receive information.
Background Nita was born on January 8, 1960 to Mike and Nancy Langhoff. Her father was in the Air Force,so she lived on various American Air Bases in the United States and in Germany, until her father retired and moved the family to Loveland in 1974. She attended Conrad Ball Jr. High, Loveland HS, and graduated from Thompson Valley HS in 1978. She attended the University of Northern Colorado, in Greeley, Colorado and graduated in 1982 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education and a Minor in Mathematics. While in college, Nita worked as a nanny in NYC, as a nanny in Greeley and worked for a travel agency in Fort Collins. Following graduation she taught school in Los Angeles, CA, and tutored English as a Second Language in Rocquencourt, France. Nita returned to Loveland, attended UNC, Greeley, and earned a Masters Degree in Reading Education from 1985-1987. From 1987-88 she taught at North Shore Elementary in Big Bear Lake, CA. She returned to Loveland in 1988 and married her husband, Randolph W. Starr. She has two step-daughters, Lindsey Murry and husband, Brian, Andrea Fischer and husband, Dave, and one granddaughter, Olivia. From that time to the present she has lived in Loveland and worked for the Thompson School District at Garfield Elementary School, Conrad Ball Middle School (Assistant Principal from 2006-2010), and is currently teaching 5th Grade at Ivy Stockwell Elementary School. She was recently honored with the 2018 TEF Elementary Educator of the Year award. She has vast community political and volunteer experience including: Loveland City Council Member for six years, elected to Loveland City Council Member Seat, Ward 3 in April 1996, and re-elected in November 1998; Life Long Girl Scout - Troop Leader; Republican Candidate Volunteer and precinct delegate; Great Books Leader; Forensics Judge; Thompson R2-J Master Planning Committee Chair; Loveland Community Theater, Past-President; Alpha Delta Kappa, Alpha Lambda Chapter, Past-President; Loveland Philomatheon Club, Past-President; Zion Lutheran Church Member and Vice-President of Executive Council; Larimer County CASA Volunteer; Foothills Service League; Loveland Music Guild Member; Benson Park Sculpture Garden Sculpture Adopter; Loveland Civic Music Association Supporter; Wild Blue Wonders, Odyssey of the Mind, and Destination Imagination Coach; Loveland Generations member—Community Foundation of Northern Colorado.
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The development of downtown Loveland has had positive impacts on the City as a whole. The City’s Municipal Services are anchored to its historic downtown. The City redeveloped Washington School and expanded the amenities to include a park, pond, library, recreation and senior center. The City supports a museum and performing arts venue in the downtown and is currently partnering with private citizens to renovate the Pulliam Building. I believe a vibrant and healthy downtown is vital.
Our duty to our citizens and others who pass through Loveland is a safe place to be. I support law enforcement and public safety budgets that will maximize the efficient delivery of safe homes, safe streets and safe businesses.

Loveland’s transportation issues need to be addressed. We need to deal with all of Loveland’s transportation issues on both a local and regional basis.

We need to continue to support positive economic growth - businesses of all sizes.
The City must strike a balance so code requirements landowners must adhere to do not make the ultimate cost of residential construction too high compared to other communities. The Loveland Housing Authority and private nonprofit entities such as Habitat For Humanity should be supported. Other private landowners have designed and built affordable residences in Loveland, not due to government mandates, but due to their desire to provide housing to prospective owners with multiple levels of income.
This complex question cannot be addressed in 500 characters or less. My personal beliefs on climate change will not alter what I view my duties as a City Councilor will be. I will learn all I can about all issues that come to the table, and do my utmost to encourage our citizens to educate themselves about matters affecting the world such as climate change, or poverty, starvation, mental health issues and slavery. We are on Earth together and I will not knowingly injure what God has given to us.
Citizens have many opportunities to give input to the City Council. The City operates within the Colorado Open Records Act. City Council meetings and study sessions are all open to the public. They are also broadcast on local television. All of the Board and Commissions operate with open meetings and their documents and records are open to public view. Citizens can call or email all City Council members. I have not heard from any citizen that there is any lack of accessibility to open records.