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The Mayor shall be presiding officer of the City Council and the recognized head of the city government for all ceremonial and legal purposes.The mayor term is 2 years. The salary is $1,500 per month.Qualifications are: qualified elector for 1 year before election, US citizen, 21 years of age, resident for past year preceding election. The Mayor cannot be a salaried City employee during his or her term.Municipal elections are non-partisan.

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Regarding the proposed hockey rink/aquatic center, specify which populations (e.g., high school, club hockey, swim teams, general public, etc.) and in what proportions, each group should be permitted to use the facilities.

What is your assessment of the extent of current city indebtedness through long-term bond issues?

What is your view of the expansion of Vance Brand Airport?

What measures should the City of Longmont enact to reduce climate change?

Considering the cost of living in Longmont, what actions would you propose to preserve and expand affordable housing, including Accessory Dwelling Units?

What is your long-term vision for economic development in Longmont?

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Background I grew up in a small town in northern Indiana and I started working when I was 15 years old to help feed myself. My early workforce experience shaped the way I view employment. After 2.5 years of hard work and dedication to my position, I was given no more than a $.25 raise for my entire time spent and work put into that job. Before quitting that job I had a second job and in between that transition of jobs, I broke my spine with no health insurance. I was working more than 30 hours a week as a child and had no healthcare. This was during the following years that the recession had hit. I managed to graduate high school with very little support or guidance on how to move my life forward. I went to a community college for psychology and quickly realized I could not fix the system from within. I have developed a passion for public health due to my experiences with the healthcare industry, massive gaps in mental health support, and my experiences in the cannabis industry. I understand how policy impacts people on a day to day basis because of my interactions with patients and distribution of medicine. Over the last 5 years, that industry is where I have focused my attention. Now, I am organizing a labor movement within the cannabis industry because of stagnant wages and a lack of benefits for employees. I have been fighting for higher wages for a long time and it is because I watch the wage/wealth gap increase everyday while developers put half a million-dollar condominiums up everywhere. My generation is struggling because CEO's have decided "we have to make them work for what they have". Well, we have been working. We have been working our tails off since we were 15 years old and it is time, we have a seat on the table. As I sat and listened to the Longmont Observer debates, everyone is advocating for more affordable housing so young people can buy houses. Let's give a young person a seat so we can talk about what we need, instead of having people of entirely different generations speak on our behalf.
Contact phone 7203459030
Twitter @sjt2019
We would absolutely have to attract more funding to the rink by attracting people to train at our facility. It operates on a $700,000 deficit and it is fiscally irresponsible to put upon this town.

Who should use it if it passes: Everyone locally who wants to. Entry for a day pass should be equivalent to entry for a day pass at our rec center and it should be open late to ensure high schools sports, the general public, teams who want to rent times to train at this world-class facility to help advertise its existence. We should have scholarships for people who cannot afford hockey or figure skating for their child, and the scholarships should not be scarce or burdensome for needy families to fill out.
I think some of the bonds provide a genuine public benefit. This includes our Nextlight and our Bonds for public spaces. I think we should be extremely careful with adding luxury items to our list of bonds when we are in runaway climate change and facing another economic recession or "correction". If we are going to be adding bonds for anything, I think it should be to ensure equity in our climate plan is enforced as well as every aspect of the environmental goals we have set. This will create a real amount of jobs and profit for our communities. We will be able to create "too much" power and pay people to use electricity if we do this right.
I am going to be surveying the area to get the best advice from the community. They know their best interests, and they might know what their neighbors are talking about. I encourage all community members and neighborhoods to collectively or individually reach out if I have missed anyone's input. I am here to listen to the people of Longmont, not push an individual agenda on development or burden anyone with overbearing development if the community doesn't want. Nor do I want to hinder everyday peoples ability to build wealth.
There is a 3 step process we must adapt to stay on track otherwise we will fail in equity, and we will fail in purpose. It is so detailed I cannot even come close to addressing everything that needs to be done. Our plans are already ambitious but they lack legs to build equity. Please, visit my website for ambitious plans about how to deal with the environment. It involves municipal updates, banning food waste, enforcing equity, and boosting our local economy by creating good-paying jobs and boosting small businesses, and holding Colorado Oil and Gas accountable for stealing our constituents minerals, which they have rights to.
We actually do allow Accessory Dwelling Units. I was just at a coffee with the council yesterday (9/28) and the locals were mostly talking about such neighborhood amenities. We need to expand our outreach regarding our enforcement programs and incentivize contractors to use union builders when making such conversions. There is nothing in the law that says people cannot do it, it just requires proper permitting. There is a problem regarding such units and there are people trying to take advantage of and intimidate locals who have lived here for their whole lives. These people are developers and trying to turn nice houses into unkempt subdivisions of single-family homes. It will come to a point where the fire codes aren't being met and people aren't safe. We need to expand code enforcement specifically for developers. One of these developers came up to a neighborhood resident and said "don't talk to my workers, my residents, or go on my property." Some bad apples are dictating change.
It is based on my sustainability plan. I want to build wealth for long term residents instead of subsidizing multi-national corporations that profit of their workers backs while giving low wages and minimum benefits or bargaining rights. I want to support small businesses to create solar and wind harnessing energy maintenance companies.

I want a self-sustaining wage implemented because everyone who has a full-time job, deserves to come out with a balanced budget to feed their families. Imagine living in a world where a mother of 2 kids can come home and not have to worry about putting food on the table.

I want to see our community truly invest in itself instead of relying on corporations and expecting them to engage in community outreach and equity. If they were going to do what is best for our community, they wouldn't pay our employees 105% of Weld county wages. They would pay 105% of Boulder County wages. They can afford it with their 20 brands.