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How would you prioritize spending in light of increased or decreased revenues in your City?

What are two of your greatest concerns in your City over the next four years and how would you address them?

Describe your style of conflict resolution.

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Background I am a Colorado native growing up in North Arvada. My wife and I, along with our two cats, have been living in Westminster for the past 3 years, and we don’t plan to go anywhere because we have fallen in love with this city. I grew up just down the road so I know Westminster history, and I have seen the development first hand over time. Please do not think that because I have only technically lived in the city for 3 years that I love or care for this city any less, I am fully committed to serving our community. I am running for city council because I have always been a helper, I want to do everything in my power to put others needs before my own. I want residents and businesses in Westminster to be able to come to me with their issues, and at the end of the day help improve their quality of living. Along those lines I can disagree with someone and still respect them. I believe that diversity and different perspectives, when brought together and discussed will bring the best solution to an issue. I will bring my unique perspective, and vigorously debate issues considering differing viewpoints to arrive at the best answer. I will have a responsibility to work with the rest of the council members, all while listening to the voice of the city and acting in your best interest. I will not be just talk, I will follow through and take action, and I will stay involved. I am going to commit to figuring out the best solution to lower our outrageous water rates. I will handle the urban development of Westminster while listening to and acting on current residents’ concerns. I am going to grow, support existing spaces, and fight to protect Westminster's parks and open spaces.
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I draw a very hard line in the sand when it comes to staying in a balanced budget. So no matter what I will prioritize not over-extending the city and spending more than our total revenue. Growth can be good, but we also have to prioritize supporting our current residents and businesses. I would like to focus on what Westminster currently has, and support our current city right now. When you develop and grow too fast, mistakes and negative oversights happen. As a city we can afford to pause our rapid growth initiative and take a look at what we can improve in our existing infrastructure before moving forward with more development.
The most immediate concern facing Westminster is our outrageously high water rates. None of the surrounding cities are facing as high of a water rate as we are. On paper I understand the city's attempt of using the inclining block (tier) system, but paying $7.35 per thousand gallons is not a practical answer. Resident's lawns are dying and water bills have sky rocketed, this is an issue that needs to get corrected immediately. I commit to finding the best solution and lowering our water rates to match those cities surrounding us. A concern of mine that will be a continuing issue for years to come is how we weigh growth and development. I want to firstly support our current residents and businesses. I'm not opposed to growth, but it has to be planned out strategic growth. If a residential development isn't going to have enough parking spaces, that is an immediate red flag and would not support that. We need to be smart in how we develop our remaining land.
I am a collaborator. I believe that most solutions can be win-win, but I understand that this is not always the case. I want to get the greatest satisfaction for all parties involved. I believe that conflict is healthy and normal. This is an issue in both national and our local politics, there is a stigma of "If you're not with me than you are against me." I can disagree with someone on an issue, but still respect them. Different perspectives, when brought together and discussed, bring the best solution to issues. Its in this discussion where respect is important, without it people just argue with no end goal. I promise I will uphold this respect while fighting for the voice of our city.
Background I have 30+years in education. I have served on numerous boards and commissions including Westminster Park and Recreation Board, Inclusivity Task Force, Police Complaint Board, & Healthy Community Board. Currently serving on Community Reach and Jeffco Economic Development, and Arvada-Jefferson Kiwanis Club. I have resided in Westminster for 26 years. Single parent of five children and 7 grandchildren. Named "Woman of the Year" for Westminster in 1996 as a result of the College Hill Library collaboration between the City of Westminster and Front Range Community College and was awarded the Norma Anderson Lifetime Achievement Award for my work in education, Outstanding Woman in Jefferson County by the West Metro Chamber, and Outstanding Woman in Business by the Denver Business Journal. In 2019 I was voted the Colorado Community College President of the Year. I grew up as a military brat, traveling and living across the world both in Asia and Europe. I believe that this experience has contributed to my being able to deal with change and has fostered a passion for meeting and working with people of all backgrounds to improve the world around us. My focus has been on improved collaboration between other governments, businesses and non-governmental organizations, sustainable growth and smart development. We need to have a city that has a sustainable supply of safe drinking water and a fully-staffed and well-funded police and fire department. We need to continue to create and develop a workforce for our current and future businesses in order to keep our city vibrant. We need to protect the character of our established neighborhoods, our open space and trail systems and make sure that development fits the needs of our current residents. I want to be sure our citizens' concerns are heard and I am committed to making city government more open, accountable and accessible to the residents of Westminster.
Contact phone 303-243-0225
My priorities would always be to provide the core services of the city to all of our citizens and to continue to fully fund a police and fire department as well as sustain a safe water system.
Our infrastructure is aging and we will need to spend our efforts in repairing our roadways and supporting alternative methods of transportation in our city. We also need to preserve our open space and need to continue to be able to purchase and maintain additional parcels throughout our city. Many of our issues are regional in nature. We need to come together as communities to find solutions to homelessness and mental illness. We just can't put a fence around our community.
I believe that people need to sit down and have rational conversations and treat each other, regardless of the issue, with respect and civility. I am and always will be, willing to listen and try to figure out how we compromise in the best interest of the city and our residents.
Background I love the city of Westminster and it is an honor to give back to this community. I have spent the last 16 years as a pediatrician in a non-profit clinic, Every Child Pediatrics, which serves largely low income families. I love helping families and working to make our city as healthy as possible. I believe that health is not just about doctor’s visits but about community. It is about things such as attainable housing, public safety, clean air and water, parks and open spaces to play in, and feeling a sense of belonging. I am also very interested in protecting the environment. In 2016 I returned to get a master’s degree in Environmental Health, looking mainly at the impact of climate change on health and how equitably our parks and open spaces are distributed in our city. I have also served as a member of the city’s Environmental Advisory Board and volunteered on restoration programs in our open spaces. In December I applied and was appointed to Westminster City Council where I have enjoyed further giving back to our city. During my time on council, I have been the Council Liaison for the Parks, Rec, Open Space and Libraries Board. I have also served as the city representative for the Colorado Municipal League. I have worked hard to reach out to members of our community who do not feel empowered to have a voice in local politics. I have also worked for affordable housing for families. I have raised my family in Westminster and am a proud soccer mom and band mom. Barely a day goes by where I am not walking or running in our Westminster open spaces. As much as I love and value our open spaces, it is the people of Westminster who make this city my home. I am running to make Westminster the healthiest city possible. I am committed to attainable housing, especially for families and seniors, prioritizing our parks and open spaces, protecting our clean air and water, and making sure everyone in our community feels like they have a voice.
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Twitter @SheelaMahnke
If we were to see decreased revenues in Westminster, I would prioritize our core services including public safety, infrastructure, water and utilities and our parks and open spaces. I would also work to provide competitive compensation and benefits for our city employees who I believe are some of the best in the country. If we were to have increased revenues in the city, I would prioritize expansion of our parks and open spaces. Our residents consistently tell us that one of the greatest sources of pride is Westminster is our outdoor areas. I would also continue to work to make our city environmentally sustainable, including drafting a climate action and resiliency plan and working to find ways to fund public rail. Lastly, I would like to see the opening of a wellness center with an emphasis on accessibility for seniors, in the northern part of our city.
First, as we move toward build out of our city, we need to be careful in how we develop our last remaining areas. Water is a limited resource, particularly with our changing climate and will be a major determinant of future growth. Other important factors include infrastructure, traffic and congestion, public safety and maintaining the quality of our schools. Preserving our current neighborhoods and sense of community must also be a priority. Assuring these criteria will require careful and strategic planning, looking at each potential future development carefully. Second we need to preserve and protect our environment. I would like to work to expand our parks and open spaces, protect our clean air and water, and to work on climate change on the local level. As we reach build out, we have to work to preserve some of our remaining land. At all times, we need to put the safety and health of our residents first.
I believe it is important to listen to all sides of a story. Everyone has a different story to tell and until we at least try to understand where others have been and where they are coming from, we will never be able to work together towards resolution. Involving all stakeholders early in the process is key so that there is a clear path of moving forward together. My hope is always that when there is a conflict, we will be able to negotiate to a point where everyone is in agreement. However, that is not always the case and there are times when we may need to agree to disagree. I believe that even when this occurs, it is important to respect others views and to continue to maintain a good working relationship.
Background 35-year resident and only candidate of Historic Westminster, married, mother, grandmother and retired. My background is in accounting, managerial and I am a long time community activist.
Contact phone 720-363-6367
Water infrastructure funds for Public Works and Utilities Dept Streets Dept. for Traffic pattern designs, paving and snow removal. Competitive Employee salaries and benefits to retain the best and qualified employees such as our Police, Fire Dept. and those employee that keep our City competitive with surrounding cities progress and salaries. Economic and Housing development.

The supply and rise in water rates: We need much much more communication with the residents of why the water rates were increased. What is the City spending those water rate increase monies on? Is there an end to increase water rate? How do we as residents help to conserve? What is the City doing to conserve? These questions need to be answer. This would be one of my goals on City Council to answer

I am not in favor of building High Compact Density Apartments. I know and in favor that we need housing for Low and Affordable residents but not high density. We need to invite the home builders , Bank and Mortgage community to work with the City to build Low and Affordable homes to own.
First , have an open mind and a neutral view. Sitting down and listening with both sides of the issue, then listing the pros and the cons from each side. Having a sit down discussion with both sides of the issue how they want to resolve the issue. Compromise or thinking outside the box maybe for the solution. The process is for both sides to listen and hear what each other looking for to solve the issue. I only want what is best for the residents of the community. Not to make a decision before the Community has had the time to voice their concerns.
Background I have served on the Westminster City Council since December of 2013. I was unanimously appointed by the city council at that time, to fill a vacancy. In November 2015 I was elected by the voters of Westminster, out of the 10 candidates running I received the most votes from our residents, and I have been honored to serve them. I was humbled to be voted to serve as Mayor Pro Tem by my colleagues on Westminster City Council in December of 2018. I am a wife, a mom (to three great kids), anda business professional. I have an BA in Earth Science from UNC and an MBA from Regis. I am very proud of our accomplishments during my term. Ihave championed major initiatives, on issues like sustainability and the vision for our new downtown. I carefully weigh policy decisions, considering both intended and unintended consequences. I actively solicit and respond to feedback from Westminster’s residents. I have consistently demonstrated my ability to find sound and innovative policy solutions for difficult challenges facing the city. I am committed to lifelong learning, during my time on council I have invested in on going professional development to learn best practices in city leadership. In 2016 I received a Gates Family Fellowship to attend the Harvard University, John F. Kennedy School of Government’s Senior Executives in State and Local Government Program. I have the commitment, skills, and values to effectively serve our community. Over the last five years I have proven to be a deliberate, strategic and effective leader. The following is a list of ways I have invested in the community: Other leadership positions & community involvement: • I have served on the Ralston House Board for the last 5 years. Ralston House is the child advocacy center for the 1st and 17th Judicial Districts. • I am the immediate Past President for Colorado Communities for Climate Action, a group of 27 local governments that advocate for state and federal climate policy, and I currently serve on their steering committee and policy committee. • I am a Westminster delegate for the Colorado Municipal League’s Policy Committee, helping to make sure both Westminster’s and municipal interests are understood and considered at the state capitol. • I am the council alternate for US 36 Mayors and Commissioners Coalition, working on regional transportation issues. • I am actively participating in the Colorado Department of Transportations 239 Emerging Mobility stakeholder working group and serve on the sustainability: incentivizing adoption of zero emission vehicles subcommittee • I serve as the Public Official Board Member, for the American Planning Association of Colorado. Helping to educate planning commission members, and elected officials on best practices in planning and land use. Great communities don’t just happen, they are planned • I am the Council Liaison for the Westminster Environmental Advisory Board. • I am the Founder of Westminster Start By Believing, a local chapter of the national Start By Believing campaign. Start By Believing works to educate community members on the best practice in responding if they are an outcry witness; if a friend or loved one discloses that they have been sexually assaulted. • I am a former Board Member, Jefferson County Economic Development Corporation. Working to promote economic resilience and prosperity in Jefferson County. • Former Council Liaison for the Human Services Board, which provides city grants to non-profits operating in the community. • Former Council Park, Recreation, Libraries and Open Space Board, which provides guidance to city council on recreation, educational, open space matters and programing. They also provide neighborhood grants. • Former Council Liaison for the Planning Commission, the citizen advisory group that determines and advices council on land use issues. • Former Council Alternate for the Denver Regional Council of Governments. Is a group of local governments in the Denver metro area. Together they establish guidelines, set policy and allocate federal funding in the areas of transportation, planning and aging and disability resources. • I am a former steering committee member for the Compact of Colorado Communities, a group of local governments whose mission is to build climate mitigation, adaptation and resilience at the local level. • I participated in the Colorado Climate Network and the Colorado Municipal League’s Colorado Local Resilience Project, looking at the impacts of climate change on local government. • I participated in the Land Use Leadership Alliance training on the integration of water resource planning and conservation and land use decision making
Contact phone 303.817.5237
Balancing, often competing, priorities in our city’s budget is an important responsibility of city council, and one I take seriously. Our city government provides services that impact many facets our life. From the roads we drive on, the water we drink, our parks and open spaces, police and fire, and our built environment. We need to be able to continue to facilitate and support a high quality of life for all residents, now and in the future. I stand for sustainability; making decisions that support our local economy and citywide fiscal stability, maintain and improve the quality of life for residents, and protect our environment and natural spaces today and tomorrow. One way I have supported this goal is by investing in our infrastructure and building our reserves now, while we are enjoying strong revenues. I have worked to support a diverse and resilient local economy, and supported our fiscal sustainability study.Whatever the future holds, we need to be able to chart a wise course.
1. Colorado has seen major population growth, and Westminster has been impacted. We need to make sure future generations still have access to the exceptional quality of life we all enjoy. Challenges that arise from growth must be anticipated and dealt with head-on. Without planning, growth will lead to soaring housing prices and traffic congestion. I have fought to ensure we plan for our community's expansion in a way that minimizes negative impacts and enhances our quality of life. Without a strategy, we stand to lose what we love about this community. 2. Westminster is over 100 years old and many of our facilities and systems are in need of repairs and maintenance, including our roads, bridges and water treatment facilities. It is our responsibility to invest in our city, and protect the health and safety of our residents. Ignoring issues that need to be addressed only makes it more expensive, as anyone with a car or home knows
I believe in treating others with respect, in presuming good intentions, and keeping the debate about policy. I believe that while it is often difficult to hear feedback, it should be received as a gift. It is important to set aside my ego, and really listen. That doesn't mean I always agree, but I always try to listen to understand. While on council I have lead with integrity, transparency, and civility. I am often able to serve as a peacemaker in a group, deescalating tensions, and serving as a communication bridge.
Background I’m a Colorado native and graduate of Northglenn High School and the University of Northern Colorado where I met my wife Shelly. Shelly and I have three children and have lived in Westminster since 1991. I enjoy gardening, gourmet cooking & wine, riding road and mountain bikes and celebrating the Colorado outdoors. I joined Farmers Insurance in 1988 in their corporate offices in Colorado Springs, CO. Since 2003 I’ve been an independent owner of the Farmers Insurance Agency located in the Westbrook Shopping Center located in my Westminster neighborhood. Community Involvement/accomplishments: Cub Scout Leader 1996-1997 North Jefferson Jr. Baseball Association (NJJBA) Youth Baseball Coach 9 year old- freshman SLHS 2003 - 2009, NJJBA Board of Directors 1st Vice-President 2006 APEX Park & Recreation Distinguished Service Award 2010 Standley Lake High School After-Prom Committee 1998-2010 Standley Lake High School Career & Technical Education Committee 2011-2012 Standley Lake High School “Voice of Gator baseball” announcer 2012-2016 Colorado County Elected Salary Commission, Nominated by Speaker Andrew Romanoff 2009, Reappointed 2011-2013 Westminster Citizen’s Fire Academy 2013 Westminster Public Safety Recognition Foundation, Board of Directors 2013-Present Westminster Citizen’s Police Academy 2015 Westminster Citizen’s Police Academy Alumni Association 2015-Present, Board of Directors Membership Chair 2018- Westminster Mayoral Candidate 2017 Westminster Historical Society Board of Trustees 2017- , Secretary 2018- Westminster 7:10 Rotary 2017-, Board of Directors, Foundation Board Sooper Credit Union –Supervisory Board 2018- Professional: National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (NAIFA): Past President NAIFA - Colorado 2012-2013 Past President NAIFA - North Metro Denver Association 2005-2006 President NAIFA Colorado Statewide local 2014-2016 NAIFA Government Relations Committee - Legislative Advocate Colorado 2010-Present Westminster Chamber of Commerce – Charter Member, Founding Secretary Board of Directors 2013-2017 Westminster Chamber of Commerce “Westy Connector” 2014 Westminster Chamber of Commerce – Government Relations Committee 2018 - Education: Bachelors of Arts University of Northern Colorado, Greeley 1981 Accredited Advisor in Insurance (AAI), Insurance Institute of America 1991 Certificate in Life Insurance (CLI), The American College 2005 Graduate - Leadership in Life Institute (LILI) 2014
Contact phone 720-773-2046
Twitter @rich_in_westy
Regardless of the increase or decrease in revenues we must set our budget to those services that effect our citizens and effect their daily lives. Roads must be widened, not just for bike lanes, paved and plowed. Water must be available and clean with sewage treated and disposed of in a cost effect manner. Our residents want traffic that's not made hazardous by dangerous driving habits and when they dial 911 they want the finest Police & Fire response available equipped as needed. We may have to give up some autonomy in tax collection to the State of Colorado so we can maximize tax collections from mail order and mobile business.
If we continue the drive of "the Next Urban Center of the Colorado Front Range" we'll dramatically degrade the quality of our suburban lifestyle and face the potential of water shortages. The Comprehensive that's currently under development should only be voted on by the new council and hopefully we'll have a very different vision then the current council.

We've invested over $70 million at the old mall site and we may have missed one of the great building booms of the last two decades. All of the projects on the site were on the books in July of 2017 so obviously we don't share the same vision as those who are building up adn down the 36 corridor.
I'm a listener and consensus builder. All too often our council has made decisions on direction and policy, on non-time sensitive issues based on if there were 4 votes approving. Council builds and directs long term strategic plans that must be built through consensus among council and staff.
Background Meeting with residents, I continually hear their distrust in the decisions being made for our city. Concerns about water rate increases, the re-development of the old mall site at the expense of tax-payer dollars, not being transparent in communicating all information to residents/business owners, and making decisions without community input are all reasons why I’m running to bring a new perspective and diversity of thought to council. For more about me, please visit my website
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Being fiscally conservative, I will ensure residents have a good quality of life by working for residents and being accountable with decisions involving taxpayers’ hard-earned money. The priority of revenue needs to fund our core services—public safety, maintenance on our infrastructure, like water/sewer and streets. Additionally, Westminster residents are paying one-quarter of one percent sales and use tax for open space, thus, the city needs to prioritize and manage funding so that open space is preserved and well-maintained. All these are important issues and are valued by all. How we accomplish these priorities are key to providing a fiscally accountable budget. In light of increased and/or a decreased budget, Westminster needs to be accountable to residents by setting a clear, transparent financial plan, prioritizing core services. Anything above or outside core services need to have a closer review on how we determine what’s being funded.
One of the greatest concerns I have is the lack of transparent and accountable communication with residents.Through my career and volunteer initiatives, I’ve learned to listen to all sides of an issue and consider how it impacts people. On council, I will seek public input and feedback in making policy decisions. Furthermore, I have the courage to uphold convictions to adopt policies and practices that are necessary for Westminster’s long-term health. Another key challenge is the growth within Westminster. While growth can strengthen and enhance the tax base, oversight on infrastructure maintenance was short changed putting a strain on resources, including our water and waste water infrastructure. When I’m on city council, residents will have a champion in their corner, someone with reasoned thinking and a commitment to building community. I’ll bring a focused and strategic look at what we are executing, all while bridging the communication gap by listening to all community members.
In everything I do, I listen, and then I respond in a thoughtful, logical, and realistic manner. I let people know they’ve been heard, and their time and interest are valued. I try to provide an understanding to those in opposition (and all sides and points of view) that a difficult decision was made in the most educated, researched and thought-out way with the information given. I invite conversation from all, and although we may not agree, that’s okay. It’s what develops diversity and new ways of thinking.