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Thornton Councilmember - Ward 4

Council member Ward 4. Four year term. For for one.

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    Curtis Kowalski

  • Adam Matkowsky

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How would you prioritize spending in light of increased or decreased revenues in your City?

What are two of your greatest concerns in your City over the next four years and how would you address them?

Describe your style of conflict resolution.

Background I am a 15-year resident of Thornton, and work in the software industry. In my work, I have been a part of, and led, teams that disagreed on how to approach a problem initially, but ultimately rose to the challenge and came to a consensus. I’m a firm believer that disagreement and debate, in the right spirit, is a good thing that drives better outcomes for everyone. It is what I think Democracy is all about. Over the past few years I’ve gotten more involved in my community, after encountering challenges with raising an autistic child, and joining the board of an anti-bullying charity – and I want to do more to help others in my community -- especially those who help others, themselves.
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Generally speaking, I think that public safety should probably be the first priority in any circumstance. When people need help, I believe it should come quickly.

In light of decreasing revenues, I would likely pursue measures to improve the economy, as one of the highest priorities (lower housing costs, lower taxes, and higher incentives to keep businesses thriving and offset any employment impacts).

With increasing revenues, I would move to focus efforts on sustainable growth for our city, in ways that improve the lives of every citizen. I would move to improve parks and recreation, transportation, and the environment.

1) Oil & gas development that affects the health, safety, and home values of those who live near it. I want to see better zoning of oil and gas activity, now that we have the power to do that, under SB181.

2) The interconnected issues of affordable housing, small and local business, and transportation. I've found that some of the people working in my part of Thornton have long commutes, because they can't afford to live here -- and that local small businesses struggle to hire and retain people. I would like to see more affordable housing development throughout Thornton, and I would like to see us use a data-based approach to our development decisions, so our city remains balanced.
I am a firm believer in acknowledging the validity of every perspective, even if I disagree with it. When there is conflict, I think it is most important to take the time to understand any difference of opinion, and I avoid questioning others' motives, whenever possible. I have learned, through my career, that disagreement is good -- and that when good, ethical people disagree, a better outcome will occur.
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