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    Steven Cervantes

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    Janifer "Jan" Kulmann

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    Beth Martinez-Humenik

  • Eric Montoya

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    James Treibert

Biographical Information

How would you prioritize spending in light of increased or decreased revenues in your City?

What are two of your greatest concerns in your City over the next four years and how would you address them?

Describe your style of conflict resolution.

Background I am a proud Thornton High School graduate having gone on to serve on the Finance and Audit Committee for Adams 12 Five Star Schools, Community Service Block Grant Advisory Council for Adams County and the Thornton Assistance Funds Committee's. These experiences have given me a deeper understanding of finance, budgeting and planning with public money. I helped to spread awareness to the community about wasteful water habits as a Water Ambassador and volunteered my time to complete tax returns free of charge to low income individuals and families as a Tax Preparer for Tax Help Colorado. As Vice-President of the National Society of Leadership and Success, I had the pleasure of leading and developing leadership qualities and success habits in 500+ students through various training's and skill building workshops. Additionally, meeting fundraising goals to pay membership dues and to fund future activities and trips. I also had the honor to present these students with their Certificates of Completion upon graduation in a dedicated ceremony in front of family, friends, faculty and staff. As a graduate of the Thornton Fire Department's Citizens Academy and the Adams 12 Five Star Leadership Academy, I have had the privilege of learning more about the Fire Department and the School District's successes, challenges, and areas of opportunity.
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With the expected population of Thornton planned to nearly double within the next 10-20 years and the national economy beginning to slowdown, now is the time to ensure that we are taking full advantage of market conditions by overhauling our current infrastructure and to begin the transition to 100% renewable energy. These capital improvement projects will not only bring high paying jobs to the city for the short term but for the foreseeable future. This will ensure we are energy independent and provide additional funding that can be allocated to projects and services throughout the city.
My two greatest concerns over the next fours are climate change and affordable housing. First, I would create legislative measures to ban fracking within the city limits. I would then move to transition all of our city’s fleet from gas powered vehicles to all electric vehicles. From there, we will then implement measures to make sure every municipal run building is powered by 100% renewable energy with a city wide transition thereafter. With affordable housing, we must provide more incentives to attract affordable housing developers to the city. We must demand that any market rate housing developers allocate at least 20% of their expected portfolio to affordable housing. We must also explore the feasibility of city owned housing and community land trusts.
My conflict resolution style is to not avoid it. The issue should be addressed privately and you cannot assume to know what each party is thinking or how they feel. Each party has to be allowed to say what they have to say and to try to find common ground. Once the air is cleared, you have to define acceptable behavior without exerting authority.
Background I'm Jan Kulmann and I am running to be Mayor of Thornton. For almost 6 years I have served as a Ward 4 Councilmember. Since early 2017 I've also served as Mayor Pro Tem. During my time on council I have been a strong advocate locally and regionally for public safety, water security, transportation solutions and smart economic development. I'm a proven leader for all of Thornton with a voting record to show it. As a 20-year licensed professional engineer, I have the technical knowledge needed to manage a growing city. I can balance development with necessary infrastructure investments, plan ahead to ensure water security for years to come and work collaboratively to solve the headache that is our transportation system from I-25 to our neighborhood streets. These skills have enabled me to be successful on a local Charter School Board, City Council and as Thornton’s next Mayor. Most importantly, I’m a mom of 2 amazing kids and wife to a very supportive husband.
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Contact phone 720.440.7250
Thornton is currently still experiencing a boom in growth that continues to bring strong revenue to the City. To take advantage of this economic growth opportunity responsibly will take a collaborative effort. That means bringing people together and respecting all individuals along with their ideas and concerns. I am committed to, and have a record of, working with business, developers and most importantly, the citizens, to make sure that we are preserving the Thornton we all love while at the same time working to better our local economy and our quality of life.

I will continue to support priority-based spending. That means supporting the training and recruitment of our public safety professionals that keep us safe, completing pending infrastructure maintenance projects, and meeting the demands for services that our residents deserve and expect.
My most important priority is bringing our community together and encouraging respectful dialogue and civility with each other. This has been missing in recent history and for our community to thrive, it must be restored. We can do better.

In addition to managing our growth in a smart way, I want to Improve public, local and regional transportation issues. That means funding local infrastructure needs to keep up with growth, working to improve I-25, and pushing RTD to finally finish the N Line.

Second, I want to continue to advance public safety to ensure our kids, families and community are safe. One top priority under that banner is to make sure we have School Resource Officers in every Thornton school.

Additionally, I am proud to have the endorsement of the Thornton Fraternal Order of Police and the Thornton Professional Firefighters.
In my career as an engineer and as an elected official I have experienced my fair share of conflict. Its part of life and how you handle it is important. I view it as an opportunity for growth.

My process is simple. I go into most things with the belief that folks can disagree without being disagreeable. That means maintaining a respectful tone, staying on topic and being receptive to opposing viewpoints. It’s important to have the tough discussions to “hash out” whatever the issue may be. Most of the time, not always, you can find a middle ground and move forward. An important part of this process is knowing the facts and knowing the audience to gauge what a successful outcome looks like in the end. This is my approach.

On the same note it’s relevant to highlight that our diversity of thought and ideas are what make Thornton and unique place to live, work and raise a family. It is important to we embrace the diversity because in the end it only makes our community stronger.
Background Thornton resident for the past 23 years. Thornton City Council Member (2007-2015); Colorado State Senator (2015-2019)
Contact phone 303-907-6995
Twitter @SenBethSD24
As a fiscal steward, I will be thoughtful in the decision-making process regarding taxpayer investment in our city, so that funds are spent responsibly in the annual budget. As Mayor, I will work with City Council and staff to ensure that our budget reflects our current and future priorities. While it is difficult to predict what the priorities will be year-to-year, I believe our next budget must prioritize public safety, infrastructure improvements, transportation projects, affordable/attainable housing, parks/open spaces, city services, smart growth planning and economic development. Long-term financial planning is also essential to make sure that the city maintains a healthy reserve in place to help us weather potential decreases in future revenue.
As the next mayor, I will draw from my past experience in city/state government and work diligently with first responders to keep our neighborhoods, schools and community safe. Deteriorating roads and traffic congestion have an adverse impact on safety and the quality of life for Thornton residents. I am focused on improving our roads by collaborating with local, regional, state and federal partners to help Thornton address its transportation infrastructure needs. I have been actively engaged in making sure our community is fully connected so that lines of communication and essential services are easily accessible to all. I will continue to work with RTD to get the North FasTracks line completed to highway 7 so it is fully functional as originally planned. An important focus of mine is to make sure our community is fully connected with open lines of communication, full transparency, respectful dialogue and community interaction as well as access to essential city services.
I believe in bringing stakeholders together to find common ground on all issues in order to resolve conflict. All voices are important and all voices should be heard. While it is seldom possible to get everyone to agree on every point regarding each issue, if common ground can be established, it opens up the possibility for working together to find the specific areas of negotiation and compromise. Bringing stakeholders and City Council together to work for the common good of the people we serve is critical to getting things done. Our residents and the business community have put their faith in us to find solutions to challenges and issues as they are presented. Finding common ground in solving the puzzle allows the resolution of conflict when all options that make sense are on the table and explored by working together.
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Background My background is I am currently Married and no Children. I got a BA History at Minnesota State University. Also, I have a Masters Certificate in International Commerce at the University of Maryland University College. I spent 13 years in the retail chocolate sales industry and 18 years working both Colorado State University and the University of Colorado. I am a Northglenn Elks Member. Other organizations include Rocky Mountain Rugby Referee, American Oriental Society, James Monroe Presidential Library and Rutherford B Hayes Presidential Library. I am a historian and writer. I was a CU Board of Regents at Large Candidate in 2018.
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Contact phone 303-882-1747
Twitter @Treibertjames
I would prioritize the following spending Infrastructure, Parks included Tennis and Playgrounds, Senior Living and Fire and Police I want to create a raining day fund for the city. Because we need to prepare for any recessions or depressions in the future. I want to have something people remember me by helping future generations not hurt them by out of control spending.
Population Growth and Infrastructure I would enforce smart growth not controlled growth. Build more Condos and Affordable Living. I will not support high density Apartments due to safety issues. Increase budget slightly for police and firefighters. Infrastructure is important to reduce traffic problems. New paved roads and safety signs. Possible buy land or annex new land for new business or residence. Especially, around 168th Ave here in Thornton. Preserve open spaces and parks must have easy access to residence.
I would practice the form of Synergy. Working together even if disagree or not. Respect other differences and be polite. Listen to any opposition views and ignore anything rude behavior or out of character of professionalism. I am assertive to the point I cannot tolerate rude behavior.