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Northglenn Councilmember Ward 2

Council member Ward 2. Four year Term. Vote for one.

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    Spencer Yale

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How would you prioritize spending in light of increased or decreased revenues in your City?

What are two of your greatest concerns in your City over the next four years and how would you address them?

Describe your style of conflict resolution.

Background I am running for Re-Election because I love working with and for the residents of Ward 2. We really have done a lot in the city but there are so many exciting things unfolding. I want to continue to be the eyes and ears of our residents while holding our City Government to task. I have been proud resident of Northglenn for over 24 years with over 10 years of service to the residents of Northglenn volunteering and an additional 4 years on City Council. My husband and I have raised our children in Northglenn with each attending Northglenn schools. Our oldest daughter Rakel is raising her family in Northglenn, which is an added treat and if you ask my grandson Keith, I am only 1.2 minutes away when he needs me. I am currently working for a global IT company as Business Operations Manager handling a budget profile in excess of 10 Million dollars monthly, with a wide range of employees residing in the US, China and India. I feel that my experience with diverse cultures, large projects and budgets has really helped me in my role as a City Council Member for Ward 2.
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Spending is tough because you want to make sure that as an elected official you are a good steward of the resident’s money. Each new project has to be scrutinized before allocating any budget and moving forward. There are projects that are always going to be a priority in any community, those projects are critical to the cities infrastructure and public safety.
1. To make sure as a city we are not overextending ourselves with debt that could put the city at risk during a possible economic downturn. The future is bright but these projects still have years to go before completion. We must stay vigilant in our commitment to the residents to complete projects on time, within budget and with public input to ensure that we stay the course. 2. City infrastructure as it relates to roads, paths, trails, walkways, public safety and growth
All sides to any story must be defined and you must have all the facts. A good leader needs to be able to determine what type of conflict is at issue. Is this a conflict of personalities; is it a vendor conflict over services or even a conflict between City Governments? Each of these conflict types can seem different but the only way to resolve conflict is to work with people in a respectful, fair, honest and transparent manner. A good leader also needs to be able to identify when a conflict is at a level that requires additional help and reaches out.
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I understand and support that the current Northglenn City Council Administration has implemented many new policies that will revitalize the underachieving Northglenn Marketplace with commerce to create new jobs which will increase revenue to the City of Northglenn as a destination for entertainment and shopping off of Interstate-25. The funds utilized to build the new Civic Campus: Northglenn Recreation Center/Parsons Theatre/Senior Center will take numerous months to reciprocate into economic growth but it is a great investment in the future of our community to move forward into contemporary times as a municipality.

The two greatest concerns I have over the next four years in Northglenn is that in my Ward (2), we contain the most undeveloped land in Northglenn at the sites of Karl’s Farm (120th Ave & Irma Drive) and the RTD Light-rail Station located on 112th Ave & York Street. The potential in these areas are crucial to Northglenn’s forward trajectory. I will make it my duty to ensure there is diligent land use which I’ll benefit current and future Northglenn Residents for years to come.

I also promised my constituents that I will address traffic and pedestrian safety in our neighborhoods in the form of traffic lines, speed control, speed bumps, flashing speed limit signs, flashing stop signs and flashing pedestrian crossing signs which I’ll be solar powered. Especially in school zones nearby main streets of Malley Drive & Irma Drive to ensure the families in Northglenn can remain safe in their neighborhood.
My style of conflict resolution is to listen to both sides of each story and being open and receptive to opposing ideas with evidence to support while working toward finding common ground to build upon.
Background Growing up in Northglenn I always had the opportunity to hear about the community that came before me and always heard tales about the mayor coming door to door to talk to the residents in the city. However as I’ve grown up I have realized that the sense of community my parents had talked about in this city is no longer the case. In the 18 years I’ve been alive, I can count on one hand the number of times an acting member of City Council has knocked on my door. That number is 0. Being an 8 year old that doesn’t mean much to you, but as you get older and learn about the government you realize that the people in power love to make it seem like they are in it for the community but from my experience growing up here that’s not always the case. If elected my primary focus will be to reestablish that sense of community with the government that this wonderful city once had.
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Personally, I believe economic decisions should always be taken with input from residents and businesses in our city. However I would like to see our spending going into a wider set of business incentive programs. Currently the City of Northglenn only offers 2 business grants that are ran through our Northglenn Urban Renewal Authority Board or NURA. A major part of my economic goals and policy are involved with the expansion of NURA. I wish to expand NURA's grant capabilities to include direct buisness investments, further construction grants as well as the creation of a business loyalty program to improve business retention in our city.
My largest concern in Northglenn is the lack of public interaction between our government and our residents, as I have been knocking doors and talking to residents I have come to realize that the residents of ward 2 are being ignored and feel like the government does not care about them. The solution to this is very simple, getting out and talking to people. After the election I wish to return to the streets and keep knocking doors quarterly just to make sure people have their voice in our government.

My Second largest priority is surrounding Mental Health. Ward 2 has the highest suicide rate out of Northglenn and while less then the Colorado average it is important our local government take a firm stance in this field. My plan is the creation of a new city board called the Northglenn Public Health Commission. This boards purpose would be to provide business owners in the health industry the opportunity to advertise via city events and through the monthly newsletter.
I believe my conflict resolution style involves working toward solutions that fits our residents needs even if it goes against my own personal beliefs.