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    Mark Phillip Bromley

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    Meredith Leighty

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How would you prioritize spending in light of increased or decreased revenues in your City?

What are two of your greatest concerns in your City over the next four years and how would you address them?

Describe your style of conflict resolution.

Background I was Raised in Northglenn, Colorado, graduated Northglenn High 1988, Attended Western State University, Joined the US Navy and was promoted to Leadership in the Air department of 2 Aircraft Carriers that where forward deployed to Japan and many other countries and awarded many medals and a Veteran Medal and Honorable Separation, Joined Homeland Security, Lived in Moab, Utah for 4.5 years and was involved with State, county and city Politicians, Boards, committees, Law Enforcement and Emergency Management Services as a Leader. Owner and operator of my own company. Other jobs I held of minor note were Holiday Inn Northglenn banquets, Inverness hotel and golf club, Dunbar Armored as an armed merchant guard, Worked at a Western State University in Communications as a student in the TV studio, Theater, and Radio Station my Fraternity took it over on Taylor Halls first floor. Worked in the Ship Yards building Military Supply ships. Then worked on Yachts and other ocean going vessels. A professionally Licensed Electrician for all systems AC and DC and certified electronics technician, Surveillance, security and alarm systems, MG sets, Phone systems, Internet programming . Trained in basic life saving and first aid, Aircraft and Shipboard firefighting, FEMA online Emergency Management.
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First priority of spending is Law Enforcement, Emergency Management, Fire Emergency Response and EMS Emergency Medical Services this is why the City Government Exist. Safety and Protection of the Citizens always comes first. Second is the Infrastructure to insure proper City management is in place and ready to address the needs of the citizens in the community such as city services that are supplied to the residents. This is Water, Electricity, Sewage, phone, internet, gas, and roads to mention a few. Third is planning and development for the future needs and demands of the City to better facilitate the future needs of the city. This includes business, jobs, parks, recreation, economic development, and over all entertainment values offered by the city amenities. To me this is simple and strait forward but then again I’ve been doing this in government for quite some time. I’ve been a recognized as a leader for knowing the operational means that make a city work for it's people.
As mentioned by the Former Mayor that is the cause of this election was the Toxic levels the council has reached that created unsafe conditions in the city of Northglenn Leadership. It’s reflected in my competitors absent from doing their job on the city council. The reason I’m running for Mayor is to rid the council and city leadership of this problem. Ensuring proper Custodianship of the City Leadership is paramount if the city is to move forward and set the example of true community. Making sure Northglenn is a wholesome place to live is what community is about and I can get Northglenn back on Track. Secondly, Moral and Ethical bearing as it pertains to city operations and the problems that has been caused over the past 10 years that has upset the citizens. Law Abiding Citizens should not be hassled and harmed by city activity. Not everyone is a criminal. Returning the city to core values of the city charter and restoring Trust to the community. Makes me the rightful Mayor.
My conflict resolution methodology is based on practical science and engineering techniques along with Leadership of Management. I spent a large portion of my life trying to understand people in how they are not different from me but different like me. I delved deeply into most of the cultures and societies I have met. I read their religious texts, got to know their beliefs, went to the their cultural and history centers and studied many forms of governments. I walked the world traveling to far corners of the world to apply understanding to the conditions of conflict. I even became a Leader in Government and conflict resolution was a daily task I excelled at similar to a baptism by fire. Spurring my involvement in Emergency Management training and education and being quite successful at managing very large projects to small projects. Learned the ability to work with people from various different backgrounds, cultures, races and beliefs to work together for the greater good of all.
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Background 22 years in education as a teacher, assistant principal and principal. I am a mom. I am a neighbor. I am an educator. I care about my community and am proud to have the opportunity, as a city council member and Mayor Pro Tem, to contribute to the progress taking place in our great city. I have two amazing children that teach me something new every day. I am an elementary school principal, leading a small community of learners in Lakewood, Colorado. I'm raising my children, along with our two golden retrievers, in a city that is safe, affordable and a place where families can thrive.
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We need to prioritize spending on our infrastructure: fences, roads, and water.
I would like to see our police force at full staff and retaining it's officers longer than 5 years. We have new commanders that are working on an internal training program that will put more police on the streets. I would like to see the rec center project and the civic campus project come in under budget and provide high quality products to our residents.
I do not shy away from conflict. I ask questions and provide space for solutions that are mutually beneficial.