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    Celeste Arner

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How would you prioritize spending in light of increased or decreased revenues in your City?

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Background I am the proud mother of two boys. My oldest son serves in the Navy and just recently re-enlisted. My youngest son moved in with his Grandparents to help care for my Mom before she passed away and works as an Assistant Manager at an auto shop in Wheat Ridge. I am a 3rd generation Colorado native. When my parents first moved to Denver in 1962, Federal Heights was their home. My partner and I decided to make Federal Heights our home 4 years ago. Together, we are raising her great-neice and great-nephews. They are a big part of the reason that I decided to run for office. I am dedicated to making our community safer and stronger through the following initiatives: I want to ensure that our community is invested in our youth. I would like to support our youth council. I believe that it is imperative that our youth have a voice in our community. I believe that this has been difficult because many of our youth attend school in other communities. I want to have some real conversations about the things our city does right for our elderly community. I know we can do more. I promise to work tirelessly to provide support and resources so that all of our citizens can call Federal Heights home for as long as they choose. I want to live in a city that provides a safe and clean environment for our children and grandchildren to grow up in. Community safety should always be a priority for city government, as well as maintaining clean and we'll kept parks and trails. These community assets are essential to the identity of Federal Heights and add to the quality of life our citizens enjoy. I have always been a working parent and I understand the struggles of working families. We are a community of hard working people and deserve a city that will work just as hard for us. I will fight to be your voice and to bring your concerns and ideas to our government. I want to hear from you. I have enjoyed visiting with many of you already and look forward to hearing from you.
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I think safety is our number one concern and should be priority. When we find ourselves with decreased revenue we must always expedite funding to our Police and Fire. In addition, we need to take a look at how we can support our local businesses so that they can be successful. Incrased revenue would allow for us to look into expanding programs for our youth, our elderly as well as making our Police and Fire more competitive so that we can have more retention within these forces.
Safety. We need to slow traffic down in many of our neighborhoods. The strategies we are currently using aren't working and we need to re-evaluate. I believe we need to look closely into speed bumps or traffic calming islands and permanent speed limit signs posting current speeds. Research what other communities have done that may be more cost effective.

Our youth and elderly are another focus of mine. I want to make our youth aware of programs available to them for vo-tech training. In addition aging in place is a huge concern for me. Our elderly need to have the support if their city in order to access resources that are available. This is near and dear to my heart.
I believe I am a good listener. I like to propose solutions that I feel are viable and then step back and listen to the other side and thoughtfully consider their points in order to move forward with negotiations.
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