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Voters will elect one City Council Member from the Ward they reside within the City of Lakewood. In addition to the Voter Guide, a 30-minute video candidate forum is available for viewing at YOUTUBE

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What do you see as a current challenge for your Ward specifically and what action would you propose to overcome it?

With the passing of Lakewood Question 200 the City Council will be determining the number of allocations available for issuance for each year based on 1% of the number of estimated dwelling units as of Dec. 31st of the previous year as the equal point – while allowing for any additions of new dwellings, annexations and exempted projects – and subtractions – for any destroyed or abandoned dwellings and expired permits. How do you see this change affecting your Ward? And what plans, if any, do you have for its implementation?

In your opinion, what makes the City of Lakewood a ‘great place’ to live?

What challenges for your Ward, if any do you anticipate as the Lakewood 2025 Moving Forward Comprehensive Plan approaches its completion dates during your term?

As we celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the City of Lakewood, what is your vision for Lakewood’s future and more specifically for your Ward?

Background I have over 45 years of directly relevant experience working both inside and outside of government on traffic, transportation planning, stormwater management, land use planning, and public administration and funding throughout the country. I have served on the Lakewood Planning Commission for the last 8 years, two years as its chair, and have intimate knowledge of the City's zoning and land use issues. Prior to that, I served as a volunteer on Lakewood's Advisory Commission for an Inclusive Community. I also previously served on the Wheat Ridge Planning Commission. I have been lucky enough to be married to my childhood sweetheart, Patricia, for 45 years and have 2 daughters and 6 grandchildren, all of whom live in Colorado. I currently serve as the Engineer for the Valley Water District in Wheat Ridge and have owned my own small engineering business for the last 20 years, which I closed at the end of last year to devote more time to my family and the City of Lakewood. I was involved as a Planning Commissioner in the revisions of both the Wheat Ridge and Lakewood Zoning Ordinances, and Lakewood’s Comprehensive and Sustainability Plans. I fought hard for provisions in the Comprehensive Plan that protect neighborhoods and was able to include a provision that allows consideration of views from nearby residents when hearing rezoning cases. Most recently, I lead the Planning Commission’s effort to provide 27 recommendations to City Council for revisions to the zoning ordinance that included increasing the parking requirements for high density residential buildings and restaurants, and stricter height transitions for developments next to single family residences. In addition to owning my own engineering firm, my professional career included the following: - Experience as a highway engineer and transportation planner for the Federal Highway Administration in New Jersey, Oklahoma, Arizona, Colorado, Minnesota, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. Held various positions with responsibilities including design of roads and bridges on federal lands, compliance reviews of, and distribution of federal funds to State Transportation Agencies, assessment of flood damage, administration of Highway Research Program, development of roadside barriers used in National Parks around the Country. - Worked in state and county government in New Jersey. - Served as engineer for several municipalities, including development of a Comprehensive Plan for a small community in Pennsylvania. - Worked for Michael Baker and several other private consultants designing and managing road, bridge, land development, dam, and utility projects. Served as department head and opened an office in Central Pennsylvania and managed its growth to 40 people. I have the knowledge, experience and commitment to be an effective city councilor from day one.
Contact phone 720-201-5170
Twitter @henry4lakewood
One of the current challenges facing Ward 3 is the number of vacant buildings in the area. They are eyesores and are often occupied by the homeless. I would propose development policies that promote use of these properties to meet community needs for commercial development needed to maintain our tax base and/or housing that is more affordable so that more people who work in Lakewood can afford to live here as appropriate for the location of the building. If done right this will reduce crime, traffic and homelessness.
Most of the traffic on Lakewood's major roads originates and/or is heading to destinations outside of Lakewood. Many of these roads, such as Kipling, Wadsworth, Garrison, Pierce, Mississippi and Alameda pass through Ward 3. Passage of Question 200 makes it more difficult to provide the development that can address this and other community priorities such as affordable housing and sustainability. Furthermore, responsible residential development is needed to provide customers for the commercial development (restaurants and shops) that many residents would like to see. Fortunately, the ordinance has provisions for exemptions to the growth cap to meet certain community needs. These exemptions require Council action. I will use my knowledge and experience to provide exemptions that meet community needs without adversely impacting established neighborhoods.
Lakewood is a great place to live because of its parks, diverse neighborhoods, and proximity to Denver and the mountains. Most of us live within a short walk of at least one beautiful park. World renowned music and theatre performances, major sports events, and many other opportunities that a major city has to offer are only a few minutes away. We also can go a short distance to the west to experience the peaceful serenity or excitement of the Rocky Mountains. Because Lakewood is such a great place, more people want to live here. The resulting growth that we are experiencing must be managed properly to keep Lakewood a great place to live, not only in our current thriving economy, but also during periods of economic slowdown like we experienced 10-15 years ago.

The growth that has occurred in the last 10 years has been consistent with the Lakewood 2025 Moving Forward Comprehensive Plan, which was developed over a two-year period with extensive public outreach. Unfortunately, not everyone is happy with some of the development that has occurred. It is time to address changing priorities by beginning work on an updated Comprehensive Plan before my 4-year term is complete. Lakewood is a diverse city. The neighborhoods in Green Mountain are much different than those bordering Denver. Ward 3 goes from the eastern edge of Green Mountain to the Denver border. Ward 3 also has a significant amount of horse properties and Bel Mar. The updated plan must address the differing priorities of these diverse neighborhoods.
The future of Lakewood will be determined by decisions made by City Council in the next few years. My vision of Lakewood's future is one that keeps our city a great place to live for our children and grandchildren. In Ward 3, this means a future that maintains the desirability of the neighborhoods as great places to live so that young people are attracted to replace an aging population as they move on. This also means replacing vacant buildings with development that provides an appropriate mix of uses in the area to reduce traffic and bring housing costs under control. I also envision a future Ward 3 that allows businesses to thrive to contribute to a stable tax base and provide more opportunities to dine and shop.
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