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Greeley-Evans Weld County School District 6 School Board

All Greeley-Evans Weld County School District members are elected as At-Large members. Board of Education meetings are generally held the second and fourth Mondays of each month except July at the Administration Building, 1025 9th Avenue, Greeley. The meetings usually consist of a work session beginning at 4pm and a regular business meeting at 6pm and are open to the public.

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Biographical Information

What are your qualifications to serve on the Weld County School District 6 Board of Education?

What will be your top three priorities as a member on the District 6 Board of Education?

What do you believe the principal issues will be for School District 6 over the next ten years?

Background The Araceli Calderón de Weis file Family: Husband Robert Weis and 14-year-old daughter Myrna Weis-Calderón. Job: Program Coordinator in Centennial BOCES- Migrant Education Program Community Service: Immigrant and Refugee of Northern Colorado Board of Directors since 2017 and the ChinookFound/ Cultivating-Community since May 2019. Founder and Director of Summer English & Literacy Camp Comunicarte Program, this program brings volunteer English teachers to Tingambato, Michoacán, Mexico for intensive English & art classes for children and cultural immersion for American volunteers, 2009-present. Council Member, Coordinator of Education and Culture Committee, Michoacán State Governor's Council on Immigration. Advised state Governor and Secretary of Immigrant Affairs on matters related to education and culture among Mexican immigrants and their families in Mexico & United States. Gubernatorial Terms of 2009-2012; 2012-2015. It would be an honor to serve on the Greeley-Evens District 6 Board. I am eager to share lessons I have gained from years of working with families in different school districts. I am an immigrant and I learned English to adapt to my new life and share experiences in my new country. I have worked with the community in education, culture, and social justice. I completed my Master's Degree in Education at UNC and have published several books about children, poetry, and immigrant experiences, including testimonies of immigrant and refugee families in District 6. My daughter, soon to be a proud GCHS Wildcat, has been in District 6 since kindergarten. My special passion is getting families involved in their children's education, focusing on supporting students by linking communities, families, and schools. I have learned that successful family involvement comes from listening to the different voices in the district and valuing diverse ideas about how to work together in favor of all our children. I love to work with people to create opportunities for community involvement.
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Araceli Calderón De Weis MA in Education (reading) at UNC. D6 hired me as a Migrant Counselor at Greeley West. My job was to provide support to migrant and refugee students to ensure high school graduation. For the last five years, I have worked for Centennial BOCES, or Board of Cooperative Educational Services--a cooperative agency that provides educational services to school districts across northern Colorado. I am a Program Coordinator and my duties are community, parent, and school collaboration. Our focus is to facilitate parental involvement in their children’s education in order to best support teachers and the community in which we live. Also, I work as a liaison for Bi-National Education with Mexican agencies and universities and districts in order to promote cultural awareness.
Fixing the state funding model – To increase student achievement, we need to continually raise our voices and be present at the table. As board members, we need to work with the Colorado Association of School Boards (CASB) and the State Board to further raise attention to this issue. Since this problem can only be addressed by the legislature, school board members need to continuously share concerns with our local representatives and be willing to present at the state level. Our teachers deserve better wages, our students deserve better learning conditions and opportunities, and our community deserves equitable resources to meet our diverse needs.

Over-crowed facilities – To increase student achievement, we must first identify our facility needs. What are our plans for future buildings and upgrades? Are the plans equitable – meaning, are the highest need facilities receiving the highest attention? Do we have our best prepared teachers in the highest need classrooms? Have we applied
I see a district that enriches our community with cultural competency and awareness. I see a district in which school, families, and communities work together to support our children.
Background Vietnam Vet 1966-1969.During my prior residency in Greeley (2001-2007) I ran for Mayor, Ward 4 twice, successfully petitioned to include weight room with opening of Funplex. Budget Advisory Board for City Council. Weld County property owner since 2006
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Dealing with multi projects and government agencies through a lifetime career in the reinforcing steel industry 50 plus years, holding positions from Journeyman to owner. Most recent charge was Project Supervisor on the expansion of B.A.R.T. (Bay Area Rapid Transit), San Francisco (4,600 ton reinforcing steel project).

My grandson attends Dist 6 school; involvement with my own children’s education in the public school system. Currently driving Uber.

Taxpayer advocate.
1. That a maintenance program is set up and funded to maintain the school in running order. Schools are like cars, they last longer with proper maintenance. 2. Students strive better with proper materials and equipment. We need to absolutely secure that the teachers have the materials and equipment their students need to complete class projects and assignments. 3. To look at and set up clear alternative programs for students that are not college bound.
They will be the same we have today. Money for new schools, money for pay-raises, money for updated programs and equipment. Money for staying ahead of the education for the future of our children. We must look at all expense increases with the taxpayer in mind.
Background Nine months ago, I was appointed to the Greeley-Evans School District 6 Board of Education and the experience has been incredibly rewarding. The energy and tone in District 6 is so positive with teachers and staff experiencing support and appreciation, and students and parents feeling seen and cared for. Growth and achievement of our students can be seen across our schools with our graduation rate of 81.5%, sixteen schools earning the highest state rating, and over 600 high school students enrolled in college courses. We are in a great place, but there is still much work to be done. My appointment to the board expires in November, and I am seeking your support as I pursue a four year term to continue serving the community in this capacity. As a board member and parent of two middle school students, I appreciate all of the opportunities that are afforded them through programs in Greeley-Evans schools. The approval of career and college pathways, innovation schools, magnet schools and charter schools by the board in the past has created many choices for learners of all types. I bring a unique lens as a community health nurse as I work with the immigrant and refugee population in our community. On multiple occasions my profession as a nurse and my position on the board have overlapped and I have connected families to resources and helped students with health care options. I hope to explore ways in which we can further assist newcomers to our district in feeling welcome and comfortable and able to take advantage of all of the opportunities available. We also know that the mental health of our students is of great importance to our teachers, staff and parents and I am eager to continue to find ways to support our students in the area of mental health and wellness. Finally, I grew up in Greeley and have a deep love for the Greeley-Evans community which is a wonderful place for people of all ages and walks of life to thrive. My husband and I have long been champions of Greeley, investing in locally-owned businesses, living and working in Greeley and volunteering at the Food Bank, downtown events, and with KidsHope mentoring program. I know that thriving schools will sustain the strong economy and rapid growth that we have enjoyed over the last decade. I have worked hard during my time on the board to learn as much as I could about our district, and I want the opportunity to use this knowledge over the next four years. The education of our children is one of the most important ingredients to a flourishing city. With this is mind, I ask for your vote on election day.
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I was appointed to the Board in January to fill a vacancy and have been serving the community in this capacity for the past 9 months. I am a parent of 2 students in the district, a community health nurse and a long time Greeley resident. I believe these 3 perspectives allow me to serve and represent the community well, and I seek to continue to learn and listen and then lead in guiding the mission and vision of the district. I have received the recommendation of the Greeley Education Association and am very honored to have their endorsement.
My top 3 priorities as a board member will be to revise the Innovation 2020 strategic plan to capture the current mission and vision of our district and to lay out our goals over the next 4-5 years. My second priority will be to address our overcrowding issues and buildings which are in disrepair, as well as ensuring the safety and security of all students. Student mental health and wellness will be my third priority. We have heard from teachers during contract negotiations and at the Student Wellness Committee meetings, as well as from families and seen in the news that anxiety, depression and suicide are affecting out young people in great numbers. We have added additional counselors and given our teachers trauma and cultural proficiency training, but we will need to find additional ways to support the health and wellness of our students.
The principle issues facing District 6 in the next 10 years will be continued growth in our student population and the need for more schools and renovations, the need to continue to create individualized learning experiences for every child, knowing that every student can achieve and we will need to continue to innovate in the areas of teaching English language learners, special education and advancing opportunities for students to be college and career ready. The issue of safety and security in our schools is at the forefront of the concerns of our families and district staff.
Background As an Academic Coach and Advisor, I work specifically with incoming college freshman to guide them through their transition from high school to college. Oftentimes that transition can be difficult because they may not have the study skills, organizational skills or socio-emotional support to succeed. In addition, college is a new system that can be difficult to navigate, especially for first generation students and my job is to guide them on their path through the system. Because of this I am very aware of students who have not been adequately prepared for the rigor of college and I want to ensure that every District 6 student graduates career and college ready. In addition, my past experience as chair of the District Accountability Committee (in 2017-2018), past president of the International Baccalaureate Parent Organization President at Greeley West High School (2014-2017) and mom to two sons who have graduated from District 6 Schools have made me very aware of the issues District 6 faces in ensuring an excellent education for all our students. I worked on the 3A Mill Levy Override campaign in 2017 to improve funding for District 6 needs from bus drivers to security to updated curriculum and I am enthusiastic to work on the 4C Bond issue campaign this year to ensure our school facilities are renovated or rebuilt to provide the best learning environment for our children.
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I am a product of public education, having been brought up in Adams County 12 schools, graduating from Northglenn High School many decades ago. I believe in the promise of public education and have even taught a class at UNC called the Sociology of Education for many years educating students about the historic development of public education in the United States. My sons attended Meeker Elementary, Health Middle School and Brentwood Middle School and were both graduates of the International Baccalaureate program at Greeley West High School. I have been involved in Music Booster clubs, drama parent volunteer groups, team parent groups for baseball, football and swimming/diving. I was the president of the IB Parent Organization for three years at Greeley West and served on SAC for Greeley West and DAC for the District. All these experiences combined with my professional work as an Academic Coach and Advisor for the University of Northern Colorado give me the qualifications to serve.
The most important element of student achievement is the partnership between teacher and parent. As such, I do feel we must find a way to be competitive in terms of teacher compensation. Unfortunately, fiscal realities are difficult to overcome. I believe we must increase our advocacy work with Governor Polis to ensure that the funding model for K-12 education is revisited within Colorado.

We also have an aging infrastructure. Greeley West High School’s enrollment trends are simply not sustainable in its current building. The building is a 50 years old, problematic design and was built to hold almost half of what it does now. I believe we must get the bond issue passed and am supportive of the District’s efforts to move forward with it on the ballot.

Finally, we have an alarming rise in the suicide rate across Colorado and here locally. We need to improve the socio-emotional well being of our students with early interventions and educator support.
In our fast paced world, technology is ever present and essential for workplace success. We need to ensure our students have the most modern curriculum and technological resources to be competitive in this climate. Unfortunately, technology is expensive and needs regular support and updating. This I believe will be the principal issue in the next ten years; making education relevant for students in an ever changing, information-based society. This is why college and career readiness are such important issues to me. Students need to be able to hit the ground running upon graduation in order to compete in industry or higher educational pursuits. We must ensure they have the best foundation for meeting this need to compete and this includes blended learning, individual learning plans, career pathways, technology, curriculum, the best teachers and modern, accessible and safe buildings to learn it all in.
Background I graduated from UNC with a bachelor’s degree in elementary/bilingual education and master’s degree in middle school education. I have an endorsement in teaching English as a second language and an educational leadership license. I was teacher for 19 years, an assistant principal and principal for 9 years. I was an adjunct professor at UNC in the Department of Hispanic Studies and a consultant for the Colorado Department of Education in the area of MTSS, multi- tiered systems of support. I serve on several community boards, including SEVA Community as the Executive Director since 2011, the Greeley Dream Team Board of Directors since 2013 and the United Way Early Childhood Council.
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Before I retired from District Six, I served for 1 year as the district MTSS coordinator for 1 year. MTSS stands for Multi-tiered systems of support for every student. Post retirement, I worked for 4 years as a MTSS consultant for the Colorado Department of Education, working with several schools in northern Colorado. This work has greatly informed my ability to serve on the Board of Education. In District Six we are committed to ensuring that every student has access to grade level content. For 7 years I was an adjunct professor at UNC in the Office of Hispanic Studies, teaching second language acquisition and strategies to support language learners in the mainstream classroom. have used this experience during the last four years on the Board to ensure that our district English Language Development Program supports the academic achievement of our English Language Learners.
Voters approved a Mill Levy Override in 2017 and we are now asking them to approve a bond issue. As board members it is our responsibility to advocate at a state level to increase state funding for education. Another top priority is to ensure that we are continuing the positive direction of student achievement in District Six by creating a sustainable system of support for every student. As we review Innovation 2020, our strategic plan, and prepare for Innovation 2025, it is imperative that the growth under the leadership of current superintendent, her staff and the board is maintained by keeping a focus on the mission, vision, values and beliefs, the four identified goal areas, and action plans to meet the goals. A third top priority is continuing the work on cultural responsiveness through the implementation of equity teams at each building, developing cultural proficiency and providing equitable access to opportunities and experiences to every student.
Increasing enrollment- We are currently 5000 students over capacity and expect continued growth over the next 10 years. Greeley is the 6th fastest growing metropolitan area in the United States. Building needs- Even when the bond passes, we will have ongoing maintenance needs and the need to build new schools. Recruitment and retention of qualified teachers- There is a national shortage of teachers and Colorado is at the lowest end of the spectrum in teacher salary. Mental health issues. We have increasing numbers of students who experience trauma and other related social emotional issues. We need to be proactive in addressing these needs at an early age.

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Being involved in the community and schools has always been very important to me. Have been active throughout my life in school and community issues. My wife Hope, is a para-professional with district 6. I am aware of the educational need of students. I believe I have a sound judgment, even temper, able to communicate with others, a willingness to collaborate and a sincere interest in education. Having my daughter and two grandchildren attend public schools has made me aware of issues that schools face everyday. All three were involved in sports, baseball, football, volleyball. My loyalty has been consistent. I am a listener, ask relevant question's, and analyze data carefully. Member of The American Legion, Chairman of the Legion's baseball program, Advisory Board of the Rodarte Center, served on District 6 Community Facilities Planning Committee, served on City of Greeley Broadband Focus Group, license realtor, [not active], past business owner, U.S. Postal retiree, Army veteran.
Safety and security, ensuring that all children feel safe and sound in the school environment. We must protect children from the bulling that exist in our schools. We must protect our children from all harms that might come there way. If not children cannot learn or want to attend school. Modern schools that meets the needs of students and teachers. Growth in population and the effects it will have in our schools today and the future. School funding is a major problem and how are we going to get the resources and needs of our students and teachers. Teachers are leaving their profession due to pay and benefits. We have to get more funding from the state and federal agencies in order to maintain our great teachers. Also, to educate our children in the world of technology
Background Community Mental Health, Social Work
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Over the last 3 years that I have been in Colorado, I have been working with youth and families in the Weld County area. I worked with youth on healthy transitions and interactions in a school and social setting. Additionally, I spent a year working with District 6 and the students and families in the highs schools. With this, I supported students in finding alternative placements or schools that would support students who were not engaging in a traditional school setting. I had the privilege and opportunity to work with the families throughout the school district and hear what barriers there were for students that made it difficult for them to be successful in a traditional school. Last, I believe that the school district is VERY diverse. I believe that a board should represent all of the students in the district. I feel that the board is lacking a young, working parent, male of color.
1. More support for school counselors and social workers. There are so many students with significant lives. We expect our mental health professionals to give their best work 100% of the time. However, when working with 200+ students on your caseload, it is impossible to give each student all that you can.

2. Community engagement- working with members of the community, families, and employers to build a stronger relationships to have incentives for students. It is important that we continue to develop the relationships so that there are internships and apprenticeships for students to continue to learn and grow.

3. Trade skills and certifications- Work with students in high school to provide the opportunity to earn trade certifications and skills while in high schools. There are opportunities like IT certifications, Welding trades, or Constructions trades that will set students up for opportunity after school.
I think the growth of our district will be detrimental to the space we currently have for students. We need to began working with AIMs and UNC to develop a relationships and trade programs in the schools so the students will have more opportunities when the schools are packed. Additionally, we need to look at land and space to build another high school. If we do not start talking about and planning for it in the next few years, we will be over the capacity at all of our schools in the school district.