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Duties: U.S. Senators make laws along with the members of the House of Representatives, ratify treaties, and conduct investigations on issues of national importance. The Senate confirms Presidential appointments.How Elected: Elected statewide. In 2018, Maryland voters will elect one of our two Senators. About one-third of the 100 members of the Senate is elected every two years. Senators must be at least 30 years old, have been citizens of the United States at least 9 years and be residents of the state they want to represent.Term: Six years.Base Salary: $174,000 per year.Website:

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    Tony Campbell

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    Ben Cardin

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    Arvin Vohra

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    Neal Simon

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    Michael B. Puskar Write-In

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    Edward Shlikas (Write-In)

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    Lih Young (Write-In)

Biographical Information

QUALIFICATIONS: How does your experience prepare you for the duties of this office?

HEALTH CARE: What changes in federal healthcare policy do you advocate and why?

DISCRIMINATION: What policies will you support to address discrimination based on race, gender, religion, disability, or poverty?

ECONOMIC POLICY: What policies will you support to strengthen the national economy, such as those affecting international trade, taxes, labor rights, and infrastructure?

IMMIGRATION: What changes, if any, will you support in immigration policy?

ENVIRONMENT: What are the most pressing environmental challenges and how will you address them?

OTHER PRIORITIES: What other issues are priorities for you?

I have 30 years of government and non-profit experience. I served on a Congressional staff and as a presidential appointee at Social Security Administration. As a former Army officer, I understand national security issues as well as the need for sound foreign policy based on our national interest. I have real world experience and academic knowledge which is necessary to serve in the US Senate.
I advocate for an end to ObamaCare. The national government should not be in the business of mandating health care coverage. A possible change I would be in favor of is looking at providing block grants to states from the national government to try to solve the opioid epidemic. Another change in health policy would be to allow Veterans to go to any hospital to get the care they need.
The Constitution of the United States guarantees liberties for citizens so they are equal under the law through the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment. Education Reform is one of the most pressing issues which can help to eliminate discrimination in our country. I support School Choice initiatives for all parents to send their children to the schools of their choice.
I am against raising taxes. I support a balanced budget amendment. I am in favor of bi-lateral Fair Trade policies. Keeping America Secure is a key focus of my campaign for US Senate. Our cyber infrastructure is severely compromised with American companies being hacked by foreign countries. Our energy grid infrastructure is also at risk and should be priority of the national government.
National Sovereignty is connected to the ability of a country to protect its borders. I support enhancing our border security through a variety of means including building a border wall and increased border agents. I am against current policies of the diversity lottery and chain migration. I am against a pathway to citizenship for undocumented people. I would support permanent residency status.
In Maryland, a pressing environmental challenge is the dredging of our waterways. Maryland is unique in the amount of waterways we have and the need we have for a partnership with the US Army Corps of Engineers. As your next United States Senator, I will work to fully fund dredging projects to make sure our beautiful Chesapeake Bay is environmentally healthy.
Advocating Success, not subsistence. The American Dream has been not possible for a lot of Marylanders. As your next United States Senator, I want to promote a vision of economic success. I believe limited government intervention is important so people can build a legacy of wealth creation to pass onto their children and grandchildren.
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In the Senate, I fight every day for the issues of concern to my fellow Marylanders, promoting policies, legislation and programs that help our local and regional economy, encouraging public safety and supporting public health. My success navigating the Small Business, Environment & Public Works, Finance and Foreign Relations committees allow me to effectively continue my advocacy for Marylanders.
Health care is a human right. We should have seamless quality health care from pre-natal to death that is affordable without sacrificing quality and basic protections. Congress must restore the payments to insurers that have helped keep premiums in reach for millions. I have long supported a public option in the health exchanges that would increase competition, put patients first and lower costs.
Bills I have authored or cosponsored include: the End Racial and Religious Profiling Act, a resolution to remove the deadline for the Equal Rights Amendment, the Democracy Restoration Act, The Equality Act of 2017 and the Paycheck Fairness Act. I continue to support legislation to protect our LGBT students and adults. I support an increase in the federal minimum wage.
We should modify our tax code to truly target middle-income and working families, help small businesses & make smart investments in infrastructure & green technologies. Investments should address income inequality & raising wages. We need trade agreements that level the field for our workers, including robust & enforceable labors rights, environmental provisions & anti-corruption provisions.
I support bipartisan, comprehensive immigration reform, but Congress must first pass legislation to permanently protect Dreamers. We need a legal pathway to residency for TPS recipients. We don’t need a wall but we can strengthen technology and other border security. We must stop President Trump’s proposal to slash legal immigration, break up families and mostly close America’s doors to refugees.
The president’s unwillingness to confront climate change. I will fight for federal resources that compel this administration to invest, especially in clean air, clean water, renewable energy and public transit. We’ve seen success with funding for the Chesapeake Bay. If the Trump administration will not take steps necessary to protect our environment, we must encourage states to continue their work
Opioid addiction and abuse is a public health crisis. We must fight it head on with every available resource at all levels of government. Our drug laws must be smart, fair and rational, and treat addiction as a disease that requires treatment. We should improve access to evidence-based treatment centers, promote prevention education methods, and provide support for those in or seeking recovery.
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As an educator and entrepreneur, I have seen the damage government has done. I advocate repealing regulations, ending government involvement in education, abolishing public schools, abolishing all government welfare, and ending the income tax. As Vice Chair of the Libertarian Party, I support ending the welfare-warfare state, ceasing involvement in foreign civil wars, and downsizing the military.
I will sponsor legislation to abolish Obamacare, Medicare, Medicaid, the FDA, and cut taxes accordingly. Consider this: laser eye surgery, which is not covered by government insurance, has dropped from several thousand dollars to a few hundred per eye. EpiPen, which is covered, has increased in price from a hundred to several hundred dollars. Free markets make medicine actually affordable
I will sponsor legislation to immediately end Affirmative Action and all other government racial quotas and preferences. I will also work to eliminate all "anti-discrimination" laws, which accomplish nothing besides creating resentment. Any business has the right to refuse service to anyone, or fire any employee, for any reason. I will defund related government programs and cut taxes accordingly.
I will work to end the income tax by cutting federal spending, eliminating federal departments, firing federal employees, dismantling the welfare state, shutting down foreign military bases, and bringing the troops home.

We'll have more money to spend on businesses that work, creating more free market, legitimate jobs, while also attracting job creating businesses to America.
I will sponsor legislation to open borders and end all welfare, including food stamps, public schools, social security, medicaid, and college financial aid. I also support ending the income tax, in order to attract entrepreneurs and job creators.

Anyone who wants to come to America to work and create jobs should be welcome. No one who comes to America should get a cent of welfare.
The federal government is the biggest polluter in America. Much of that comes from massive military production of unneeded equipment. If elected, I will sponsor legislation to end production of needless military equipment, and to cease all environmentally destructive military overreach. I will work to end all involvement in foreign civil wars, bring the troops home, and cut taxes accordingly.
I will sponsor legislation to end all welfare, to encourage personal responsibility. I will sponsor legislation to end the drug war, to eliminate prohibition-created violence. I will sponsor legislation to cut federal spending, fire federal workers, dismantle federal agencies, in order to increase freedom and end the income tax.
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I've run several professional services companies in my career, where I was surrounded by many smart people with different ideas. My job in managing those companies was to listen, bring people together, and find common ground. I have also been very involved in my community as a volunteer, board member, and board chair. I've chaired the Montgomery County and Greater Washington Community Foundations.
It is time for the two parties to stop fighting over how to pay for an inefficient, costly health care system and instead find ways to reduce the crippling cost of healthcare for businesses and families. We need to enact reform that will incentivize wellness instead of incentivizing more procedures, to lower the overall cost of care.
I believe that America should be a place where everyone is treated equally, regardless of their race, religion, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic status. I support equal pay for equal work, and other measures designed to accomplish this goal. I believe deeply that America should be a place where everyone can work hard and get ahead.
One of my primary objectives as your Senator is to create high-paying jobs in Maryland. I will work with our Governor & other leaders to attract large businesses and incentivize investment in small businesses, especially in lower income parts of our state. As far as infrastructure, I find it inexcusable that the two major parties have failed to work together to invest in our future.
Immigration is an area where, despite 15 years of debate, the parties have been unable to agree on immigration reform. We need comprehensive reform that will strengthen our borders, increase temporary work visas, expand the e-verification program, keep immigrant families together, and create paths for the law-abiding immigrants who have been here for a long time.
It is clear that the greatest environmental threat to our civilization is climate change, which is real and needs to be addressed in partnership with other countries. In Maryland, we need to protect the Chesapeake Bay from sediment flowing over the Conowingo Dam, I will work with our Governor, as well as Senators from NY and PA to ensure we have the federal resources we need to keep the Bay clean.
The extremes of the two parties have co-opted our government, and altered the rules in their favor. We need political reform, and it’s clear that neither party is going to fix the brokenness in our government. I support 5 policies that will change the way Washington works: ending partisan gerrymandering, opening primaries, campaign finance reform, term limits, and modernizing the senate rules.
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The most important experience anyone can have when representing the People is living the way the majority of the People live. I am a working-class man for the working class. This is an asset lacking in or lost to most elected officials.
One word: UNIVERSAL. Healthcare is a right, and certain groups take advantage of the People's health for their own gain. While current proposals are far from the right solution, we need to move in that direction. Have you (or anyone you know) had a point in life when medical bills/costs were an impediment? There's no need for that to be.
Everyone is equal/equitable. Women & men deserve equal pay. No one should be singled out by law enforcement because of skin color. 1A allows for freedom of religion, so anyone can worship (or abstain therefrom) as they wish. Income inequality is too huge an issue in our wealthy nation: we need to stop giving breaks to those who don't need them - that is why they are called "breaks!"
America First, but that does not mean alienating allies. Workers first, but we need to help small biz too. Taxes: what if we stop paying elected officials far more than we ourselves make? MD's per capita income is about $80k - Congressional salaries are >2x that for working as little as 1/3 of a year! As for infrastructure, we need to spend more there than on the war machine. Give jobs to vets!
1. Legal immigration needs to be prioritized to asylum seekers: We have an ancestry of immigrants based on need, not based on whom we like or dislike. 2. For every issue (not just immigration), I will put children first. So, when it comes to families not entering legally, we need to look at the needs of migrant children.
Climate change is an issue. Going green is an eventual ideal, but we cannot do it overnight... miners still have jobs; most people can only afford gas-powered cars. The aforementioned economic issues need fixing first.
With children first, education matters greatly, and dealing with income equality/healthcare can assist with that. Eliminating college debt would help immensely and allow for a more diverse/stress-free assortment in the workforce. I also strongly support the rights of veterans. The gov't can't do enough to repay those who have sacrificed much for us. Finally, I support animal welfare. #MustLoveDogs
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I am an experienced, tried and true leader. I collaborate well with others. I am not on the take like all other Democratic and Republican candidates for the U.S. Senate in Maryland, who take money from PACs and wealthy individuals, and in return do their bidding, instead of representing the People. I will represent the best interests of all Marylanders and Americans. Vote Shlikas for Senate.
Universal Single Payer Healthcare for all Americans. Our current healthcare system sucks. We pay the most money for our healthcare and we get the worst healthcare of all developed nations. Because our current senators are so corrupt and on the take, insurance and pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, and doctors make an exorbitant amount of money for providing horrible healthcare to Americans.
Criminally prosecute companies that discriminate against people based on race, gender, religion, disability, or poverty. Criminally prosecute executives in companies that discriminate, including CEOs and Board Members. Criminally prosecute members of Congress and the Executive Branch of the U.S. Government, who discriminate based on race, gender, religion, disability, or poverty.
Include in the negotiations affecting international trade, from the start, all Americans' interests, not just the wealthy and corporations, who own and control all three branches of our federal government. Include environmental, health, and labor interests. Get rid of the Federal Reserve, who artificially set interest rates to benefit bankers and the Wealthy1%. End the War on Plants/Drugs.
Stop allowing corporations like Tech and Agricultural companies exploit immigrants by paying them below market wages and benefits, which suppresses the wages and benefits of American workers, through programs like H1-B. Criminally prosecute corporations, executives, and the wealthy who employ and exploit illegal immigrants by paying them below market wages. Stop scapegoating immigrants.
Pollution. Stop coal, oil, chemical, power, and agribusiness corporations from polluting our environment with impunity. Criminally prosecute the corporations, executives, board members, and government officials who knowingly pollute out environment and sicken and kill people. Stop subsidizing corporations with taxpayer money that pollute our environment. Stop farm runoff into the Chesapeake Bay.
We must get the Wealthy1% and corporations, who own and control all three branches of our government, out of power. We must get moneyed interests out of the business of buying our representatives elections through "donations," aka bribes, and publicly finance all candidates with the same amount of money. We must End the War on Plants/Drugs and legalize all plants to reduce overdoses and deaths.
Reformer/advocate/activist. Promote fairness/freedom/justice/peace; productivity/accountability/cost-effectiveness. Identified “socio- economic-political- election- media- budget- legislation- system problems”; local- global; testify/recommend to officials, law enforcement, 3 branches. TV programs producer speaker; field/studio. Expertise, commitment: intensive/extensive/diversified civic services
Support single-payer healthcare by government, affordable health care. Our health care system should not be controlled by for-profit corporations. To improve quality, affordable health care for all as a fundamental right and should be achieved by the government. Medical costs should not be shifted onto other programs (e.g., Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries). Promote productivity, accountability
Equal protection, non-discrimination; employment/business/activities; rights/homes/vehicles/resources/ reputation/ freedoms/ affiliation, environment; document, evidence. Equal pay, sick paid leaves. Prosecute “official misconduct-government gang- MURDER- FRAUD- CRIME- INJUSTICE NETWORKS" operation; threat/coercion/victimization; physical/mental/financial/medication/litigation/levies/ foreclosures
Prosecute/eliminate " official misconduct-government gang-MURDER-FRAUD-CRIME-INJUSTICE NETWORKS" operation, unjust/false/misleading practices; private-public; 3 branches, local-fed- global, inc. non-profit, think tanks. Protect people/families/ businesses: lives, rights, reputation, assets, vehicles, resources. Promote productivity, public interest, cost-benefits, social needs, budget constraints.
SUPPORT: Comprehensive immigration reform. Promote humanity, productivity, justice, peace. Protect people, families, environment. Prosecute “official misconduct-government gang- MURDER FRAUD- CRIME- INJUSTICE networks”; unjust practices, victimization, deprivation, destruction; threat, coercion; unjust arrest, detention, torture. Reduce fees, fast processing of citizen application/replacement card
End: dependence/subsidies for fossil fuels, coal, nuclear energy, offshore oil drilling, spills. Curb carbon pollution, medical costs. Improve regulation/oversight. Promote clean air, water, renewable energy. Protect public health, environment. Promote efficiency, technology, research. Reduce unjust practices, hacking, manipulation, obstruction; false excuses, distortion. Prosecute wrongdoers.
Prosecute/eliminate “official misconduct-government gang- MURDER- FRAUD- CRIME- INJUSTICE NETWORKS"= "cruel tyranny"= "robbery machine"= "ROBBER-ISM"= “super classes of frauds, crimes, parasites, disservices”; public-private; 3 branches, local- global. Promote accountability, social needs. objective evaluations. Televise candidate debate; maintain/disseminate accurate meaningful records,proceeding