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Clackamas Co Treasurer

Qualifications: Candidate must be US Citizen and registered voter; resident of the district for one year prior to election; age: 18 or olderTerm: 4 years Salary: Varies by CountyWhen vacant, County governing body appoints qualified person to serve until successor is elected at next regular election.Duties: The Treasurer typically controls the flow of money to and from a county and maintains records for the receipt, investment and payment of county funds. The Treasurer maintains bank accounts at various banks as well as the State Treasury Local Government Investment Pool. The Treasurer may serve as the investment manager for the county.

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    Brian Nava

  • Brian T. Nava

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What are the three major issues the County faces in the next five years?

What are the arguments for and against appointing the position you are running for?

How will you manage your office with budget shortfalls?

Town Where You Live Canby, Oregon
Your Experience/Qualificatons During my 11 years with the Oregon Audits Division, I audited cash handling in many public agencies, including the Oregon State Treasury. As our County’s Internal Auditor, I work directly alongside the County’s Treasurer, Shari Anderson. I know the County’s Treasury operations. I will continue Treasury’s prudent investing, by ensuring funds are safe, liquid, and achieve the best yield possible. As Treasurer, I will create a plan to ensure good cash controls throughout the County.
Twitter @bnava30
County Clackamas County
Term 4 Years
The County faces a multitude of issues. The ones that are most pertinent to the Treasurer's office are the economy, cash controls and compliance. My primary objectives are to keep Clackamas County funds safe, liquid and achieve the best yield possible. As Treasurer, I want to increase transparency and accountability of County operations with more auditors. I will also work to increase secure electronic payments, saving the County and citizens, time and money.
The Treasurer as an elected position is based on the “check-and-balance” governmental structure that promotes electoral accountability and helps prevent the misuse of public funds. Many adhere to this style of government, voicing the concern that an Administrator controlling the Treasurer is unwise. In order to provide a separation of duties, an elected Treasurer with stand-alone political clout could assuage any political pressure the Administrator might exercise on an appointed Treasurer.
I will be constantly monitoring my budget while also working closely with the Finance and Budget departments. The Treasurer's office already runs with an efficient staff of only 4 personnel and 1 Internal Auditor. Shortfalls are contemplated each year in coordination with information from the Budget department. In compliance with budget laws, I would ensure any shortfalls were resolved prior to beginning of each fiscal year and adjust my budget throughout the year, as determined necessary.
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