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Portland City Commissioner Pos 3

Qualifications: Candidate must be US Citizen and registered voter; resident of the district for one year prior to election; age: 18 or olderTerm: 4 years Salary: Varies by CountyThis is a partisan office unless the County Home Rule Charter deems it nonpartisan.When vacant, County governing body appoints qualified person to serve until successor is elected at next regular election.Duties: County Commissioners set policy and adopt budgets for their counties. Counties provide a wide range of important public services.Source: Oregon Blue Book Rev. 1/2018

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    JoAnn A Hardesty

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    Loretta Smith

Biographical Information

Concerns over the mayor’s ability to monitor the activities of police officers assigned to the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force led to the city’s 2005 – 2011 withdrawal. In light of concern that federal agencies are threatening immigrants and civil liberties, what is your position on the city’s current participation?

What do you recommend to make the city’s infrastructure and population more resilient in the event of a major earthquake?

In addition to increasing the housing stock, what steps can the city take to protect rent-burdened households?

Town Where You Live East Portland
Your Experience/Qualificatons US Navy Petty Officer Third Class; NAACP Portland President; Executive Director, Oregon Action; KBOO programmer; Black United Fund of Oregon; OR State Representative (‘97-’00); Multnomah County Senior Policy Analyst For 30 years I've worked with community leaders, businesses, and faith communities to create solutions that work for all Portlanders. There aren't easy answers to complex problems and I have the experience, tenacity and desire to make progress on Portland's toughest challenges.
Twitter @joann4portland
County Multnomah
Term 4 years
Term Expires 2022
We need to end our city’s participation in the Joint Terrorism Task Force, which has only increased police aggressiveness. No information is available regarding this partnership, but I believe our participation limits our ability to require local police to refuse cooperation with ICE, which is an important part of truly becoming a Sanctuary City. Another major change that should take place is increasing community policing and allowing for more community input in decisions.
While the Neighborhood Emergency Team (NET) is a great concept, it is primarily made up of retired middle class residents. We need to ensure that millennials, communities of color, and non-English speakers are also prioritized in any emergency plan. There's currently no effective effort yet to make sure that these communities are prepared. While we work to have every building in the city in safety compliance, we can't bankrupt nonprofits and faith institutions. There must be public investment.
If the city expects to implement new standards that elevate the quality of life for all residents, we must also ensure that we are offsetting the burden on small businesses, especially ones within communities of color or low-income communities, so that we are ensuring that our residents have living wages. Also, we must constantly work to ensure that tenant protections are relevant and fair to both renters and landlords. I'd also like to audit the impact of companies like AirBnb on housing.
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Town Where You Live Portland
Your Experience/Qualificatons Three decades of experience advocating for real results – having worked for 22 years for Senator Ron Wyden as a community liaison/organizer and the past 8 years as County Commissioner. In my time at the County I’ve authored over 70 Amendments and moved hundreds of thousands of dollars in dedicated funds to help address our housing crisis, promote high school graduation amongst our underserved communities, and promote job training and entrepreneurship among historically disadvantaged communities.
Twitter @Loretta_Smith1
County Multnomah/Clackamas/Washington
Term 4 years
Term Expires 2022
We must protect all Portlanders, especially immigrants and other vulnerable people. That’s why I led the effort in Multnomah County to become one of the first Sanctuary Counties in the nation. I strongly oppose having any immigrant status shared with the FBI or ICE. It’s also critical that we find out more about the role Portland police officers are playing in providing information to the FBI. Given that, it's time to re-evaluate our involvement. Our sanctuary status has to be prioritized.
I support the seismic work of the Water Bureau, but am concerned how the City is addressing the safety issues related to Unreinforced Masonry buildings. There's been no comprehensive outreach, thus creating distrust. I would fully engage all communities to develop solutions and funding strategies to retrofit these structures. It's critical we get more residents prepared for a disaster. I recommend utilizing more innovative communication channels to increase our outreach to be more prepared.
It’s critical to further protect those struggling with increasing rents. I propose expanding the City's low-income utility discount programs, limiting annual rent increases for affordable units to no greater than inflation, and tracking evictions to help guide policies and direct resources to better protect renters. I also propose extending the notice to 90 days when a landlord sells the property. With quick home sales, renters need more time to secure new housing.