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Judge of the Circuit Court, 3rd District, Position 5

Qualifications: Candidate must be US Citizen and registered voter; resident of the state 3 years prior to filing for candidacy or appointment; residence or principal office in judicial district as provided in ORS 3.041, for one year prior to election; not older than 75. Must be a member of the Oregon State Bar at time of election or appointment. ORS 3.041 &3.050Term: 6 years (must retire at end of calendar year in which judge attains age of 75) Salary: $135,776 (2017)When vacant, Governor appoints qualified person to serve until successor is elected.The circuit courts are the state trial courts of general jurisdiction. The circuit courts have juvenile jurisdiction in all counties except Gilliam, Morrow, Sherman and Wheeler, where the county court exercises juvenile jurisdiction except for termination of parental rights proceedings, over which the circuit courts have exclusive jurisdiction. The circuit courts also exercise jurisdiction in probate, adoptions, guardianship and conservatorship cases in all counties except Gilliam, Grant, Harney, Malheur, Sherman and Wheeler.Duties: Circuit court judges are elected on a nonpartisan ballot for a term of six years. There are 173 circuit judges serving the 36 Oregon counties. The circuit judges are grouped in 27 geographical areas called judicial districts. To expedite judicial business, the chief justice of the Supreme Court may assign any circuit judge to sit in any judicial district in the state.Source: Oregon Blue Book Rev. 1/2018

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    Anthony (the Bear) Behrens

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    Daniel Wren

Biographical Information

What qualifies you to be a judge on this court?

Describe your legal practice during the past ten years.

What do you see as the greatest obstacle to judicial fairness in Oregon, if any?

Town Where You Live Salem
Your Experience/Qualificatons Judge Pro Tem/ALJ: Thousands of cases, including criminal, family law, contract & administrative. Prosecutor/Special Prosecutor: Protected abused & exploited children, survivors of domestic violence & the elderly. Prosecuted violent felonies & complex financial crimes. Special Assistant Attorney General: Recovered tens of thousands of dollars for elderly Oregonians defrauded by swindlers & crooks. Attorney–Private Practice: Represented citizens, small businesses & large Oregon corporations.
Twitter @behrens4judge
County Marion
7 years of judicial and quasi-judicial experience - 3.5 times more experience as an adjudicator than my opponent.

I have been a Deputy District Attorney, a Special Deputy District Attorney, a Special Assistant Attorney General, an attorney in private practice, and a Senior Policy Advisor for multiple administrations.

I've written and implemented state laws that affect every Oregonian.

And, I understand that there is a person, a family, or someone's livelihood at the heart of every case.
I'm a career public servant, something I'm very proud of. During the last 10 years, I've written state statutes, shepherded them through the legislature and on to the Governor's desk, and implemented them on the other side. I've led countless advisory groups; was appointed to, and served on, a state council; and I've led projects that benefit hundreds of thousands of Oregonians, including one that will result in $270 million in federal funds to lower the price of health insurance in Oregon.
Many Marion County voters have told me they rarely know enough about judicial candidates and as a result end up voting for the candidate with the most endorsements. You might see a long list of endorsements for my opponent. What you don’t know is that these people didn’t even try to talk to me. Politicians and insiders endorse people from the same “club,” which may be why this court has experienced the problems it has. Judges should be chosen based on qualifications not endorsements.
Town Where You Live Salem, Oregon
Your Experience/Qualificatons November 2016 - Present, Marion County Circuit Court Judge, Pro Tem/Hearings Referee. May 2016, Completed 32 hours of Basic Mediation Training. June 2013 – Nov 2016, Judge, Pro Tem, Monmouth Municipal Court. Jan 2011 – Nov 2016, President/Attorney, Castillo Wren Smith, P.C. April 2006 – Dec 2010, President/Attorney, The Law Firm of Daniel J. Wren, P.C. June 2003 – May 2005, Law Clerk/Certified Law Clerk, Marion County District Attorney’s Office.
County Marion
I currently serve as a full-time Judge, Pro Tem for Marion County's Circuit Court. I do the job every day! I have a calm demeanor and fair judicial temperament. I ensure all parties have a full and fair opportunity to present their case and treat them with dignity and respect. I protect crime victims, children and the elderly, while making sure their voices are heard. I am tough on crime, but make fair, reasoned and impartial decisions. I judge each case on its merits and follow the rule of law.
Since 2016, I have served as a Judge, Pro Tem for the Marion County Circuit Court. I currently manage a criminal docket presiding over 950+/- criminal hearings each month. I also served in the Referee’s Office presiding over various civil matters. Before court service, I had a private practice that focused on representing children/families in juvenile court, worked with the Veteran’s Treatment Court and represented individuals in family law, probate, personal injury, civil and criminal matters.
Making sure everyone receives due process and procedural fairness. Every individual should leave court, win or lose, and feel they were heard by the judge and that they had a fair and impartial hearing. Judges play a direct and primary role in ensuring every person has an opportunity to be heard. A judge must make sure every participant in a case, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity or economic background, is treated with dignity and respect. I apply these principles every day in the courtroom.