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State Representative, 32nd District

Qualifications: Candidate must be US Citizen and registered voter; resident of the district for 1 year prior to general election OR Const., Art. IV, §8 Age: 21 or olderTerm: 2 years OR Const., Art. IV, §4 Salary: $23,052 (2017)Duties: The Senate and the House of Representatives are responsible for making or changing laws. Thirty Senators serve in the Senate and sixty Representatives serve in the House of Representatives. Each district is represented by one Senator and one Representative. The sizes of districts are based on the number of people living there. The Oregon Legislature meets for a long session in odd-numbered years and a short session in even-numbered years.Source: Oregon Blue Book Rev. 1/2018

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    Randell Carlson

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    Brian P Halvorsen
    (IND, PRO)

  • Vineeta Lower

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    Tiffiny K Mitchell
    (DEM, WFP)

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What do you recommend to make Oregon’s infrastructure and cyber-security more resilient to natural disasters and cyber attacks?

What do you recommend to make Oregon’s population more resilient to seismic, flood and wildfire disasters?

Oregon’s revenue structure has long yielded a budget shortfall. How will you address this?

Town Where You Live Tillamook
Term 2018-2020
At first glance, these two items do not appear connected and thus it would seem appropriate to separate and provide a two-part answer. However, these two items can be thought of as ‘one’ when we talk in terms of ‘redundancy.’ By increasing the amount of available alternative connections (redundancy) of main systems; transportation, utility, communications, power, data storage centers etc in both these areas, we will have less chance that a disaster failure would take out a complete system.
By improving methods to communicate I believe disaster events, as mentioned, can be navigated much better, if there was easier, reliable, consistent means to relay information. Such could be requests for food, water, transportation, weather or security data, etc. But since we have so many differing systems, it gets confusing knowing which is being monitored by whom. And with different agencies dealing with disasters, residents currently have a confusing time trying to get to correct people.
Anything government does, happens with some expenditure of tax money. The more the government does, the more it needs to tax to fund itself. It seems this rule is forgotten quite often. If we eliminate or find cheaper alternatives to certain programs, offices, projects, people etc – we can reduce the overall tax burden. But the people need to weigh the priorities of what they ‘want’ vs. payment of these. I like looking at alternatives, thinking outside the box. I will bring these to bear.
Town Where You Live Rockaway Beach
Your Experience/Qualificatons Rockaway Beach Planning Commissioner (April 2018 to present), community organizer
County Tillamook
Oregon has artificially lower property taxes thanks to Measure 5 and later like-minded measures. Property taxes are very important and while they’re not fun to pay, they are the main way local municipalities fund infrastructure. As a legislator, I’d work to undo the damage of Measure 5 so cities and counties can fund infrastructure projects.

As for cyber security I believe the state needs to invest more to prevent breaches of our state's computers—especially those that hold private information.
The state should provide assistance to local municipalities to set up disaster prevention boards so local residents can set the policies for their communities. We can’t wait for disaster to strike and rely on the state to come in and clean-up the mess. Locals know the gaps in their area's resiliency programs and should be empowered to fix those gaps.
First and foremost I believe we need to increase taxes on corporations who are reaping the benefits of a robust economy, but are not paying their fair share.

Oregon’s tax code needs to be reformed. There are over 350 tax loopholes on the books and most of them are used exclusively by the wealthy and large corporations. I support tax breaks for working people and small businesses, but large corporations like Nike and Comcast shouldn’t get tax deals from the state.
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Town Where You Live Astoria
Your Experience/Qualificatons As someone who grew up in a working-class family, I know how important it is for everyone to have a chance to succeed in life. Having dedicated my life to helping people and serving my community as a social services worker and volunteer, I've seen firsthand the struggles of our North Coast working families. As a voice for those people, I will fight to protect our values, find stable funding for education, protect our healthcare, and work to find solutions to our housing crisis.
County Clatsop
Term 2019-2020
We need to ensure that Oregon makes investments in rural areas like ours, just as much as they do in metro areas on this issue. We need resources to educate people about what they need to be prepared, update our infrastructure to be able to withstand the stressors of a natural event, and make sure that every single person on the North Coast has a plan. In cyber security, investments can be made to protect against identify theft and protect our power delivery systems from cyber terrorism.
I believe that making sure that Salem invests financial resources into its rural communities is key to achieving solid outcomes on disaster preparedness. With those resources, we can repair failing infrastructure, educate our public, purchase emergency supplies, and develop evacuation plans. We should also revisit the Oregon Forestry Practices Act to ensure that our current practices regarding timber management reflect the best and most current scientific findings for managing fire risk.
Our revenue structure always has a shortfall because we have a lopsided tax code that favors the wealthy over the working class and small businesses. Out of fairness alone, raising taxes on the huge corporations in Oregon that make millions of dollars here and take advantage of massive tax breaks—yet pay virtually nothing in taxes—would be a start to raising badly-needed revenue in Oregon. Our largest community members should be contributing to the communities they are a part of.