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State Representative, 22nd District

Qualifications: Candidate must be US Citizen and registered voter; resident of the district for 1 year prior to general election OR Const., Art. IV, §8 Age: 21 or olderTerm: 2 years OR Const., Art. IV, §4 Salary: $23,052 (2017)Duties: The Senate and the House of Representatives are responsible for making or changing laws. Thirty Senators serve in the Senate and sixty Representatives serve in the House of Representatives. Each district is represented by one Senator and one Representative. The sizes of districts are based on the number of people living there. The Oregon Legislature meets for a long session in odd-numbered years and a short session in even-numbered years.Source: Oregon Blue Book Rev. 1/2018

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    Teresa Alonso Leon
    (DEM, WFP)

  • Marty Heyen
    (REP, IND)

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What do you recommend to make Oregon’s infrastructure and cyber-security more resilient to natural disasters and cyber attacks?

What do you recommend to make Oregon’s population more resilient to seismic, flood and wildfire disasters?

Oregon’s revenue structure has long yielded a budget shortfall. How will you address this?

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Town Where You Live Woodburn, Oregon
Your Experience/Qualificatons Occupational Background: Former Oregon Higher Education Coordinating Commission High School Equivalency and State GED Administrator Educational Background: B.A., Western Oregon University; M.P.A., Portland State University Prior Governmental Experience: Woodburn City Councilor: 2013-2016; State Representative: 2017-present
County Marion County
Term 2 years
The world is changing rapidly and cyber attacks are adapting faster than security solutions are being developed. This is why it is critical that as a state we build technological resilience into our government to ensure the security of our infrastructure. These are complex systems that deserve our close attention. In the event of a natural disaster we need to protect our technological systems so that those who are most vulnerable do not suffer while we work on resolving a crisis.
It is crucial that we make key investments into seismic upgrades for our roads, bridges, schools and other infrastructure that Oregonians rely on. I also believe that we must listen to the needs of communities across the state as they tell us what they need to better respond to and prevent disasters. We as a state must be ready to respond and lend our support before, during, and after a disaster to ensure affected regions have what they need to keep residents safe and communities thriving.

I believe that we must make substantial progress on addressing Oregon’s broken revenue system, and ensure that our budget is not being balanced on the backs of hardworking Oregonians. In order to make the investments we really need to fully fund our education system and other critical services, it is crucial that Oregon’s largest corporations are paying their fair share. I am hopeful that we will address potential revenue reforms in the upcoming session, and I look forward to being at the table.
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