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State Representative, 15th District

Qualifications: Candidate must be US Citizen and registered voter; resident of the district for 1 year prior to general election OR Const., Art. IV, §8 Age: 21 or olderTerm: 2 years OR Const., Art. IV, §4 Salary: $23,052 (2017)Duties: The Senate and the House of Representatives are responsible for making or changing laws. Thirty Senators serve in the Senate and sixty Representatives serve in the House of Representatives. Each district is represented by one Senator and one Representative. The sizes of districts are based on the number of people living there. The Oregon Legislature meets for a long session in odd-numbered years and a short session in even-numbered years.Source: Oregon Blue Book Rev. 1/2018

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    Shelly Boshart Davis

  • Cynthia K Hyatt

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    Jerred Taylor
    (DEM, WFP)

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What do you recommend to make Oregon’s infrastructure and cyber-security more resilient to natural disasters and cyber attacks?

What do you recommend to make Oregon’s population more resilient to seismic, flood and wildfire disasters?

Oregon’s revenue structure has long yielded a budget shortfall. How will you address this?

Campaign Address PO Box 183
Albany, OR 97321
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Town Where You Live Albany
Your Experience/Qualificatons Linn County Budget Committee; Oregon Department of Transportation Technical Advisory Committee; Business Owner. Experience in transportation (domestic, international, intermodal, trucking), agriculture and business.
Twitter @BoshartDavisAg
County Linn
ODOT should be required to regularly report on the status of key roadways so we have a better understanding of why infrastructure maintenance is critical to public safety. The state recently established the Oregon Cyber Security Council to engage state agencies in a coordinated plan to prevent cyber attacks. The state should be continuously engaging with local cities/counties regarding emergency response plans. In any emergency, coordination between different levels of government is essential.
My experience lies with natural resources. Last summer, forest fires burned nearly 700,000 acres in Oregon, choking our local communities with smoke. Catastrophic wildfires differ from other natural disasters (like hurricanes) in one important respect: they can be contained and prevented. We can affect the extent and growing intensity to which catastrophic wildfires devastate landscapes and impact communities by prioritizing forest health and fire prevention, not simply fire suppression.
I don’t think the system is yielding a budget shortfall. In fact, we are seeing record amounts of revenue coming into the state. It’s not a revenue generating problem, it’s a priorities problem. We need to make sure the core services of government are carried out well before taking up expensive projects.
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Town Where You Live Albany
Your Experience/Qualificatons Occupational Background: Planning and Procurement Manager at Panasonic Eco Solutions Solar America, LLC; Internal Coordinator, Oregon State University Pride Center; Engineering Technician, United States Forest Service Educational Background: Biological Engineering, Oregon State University Prior Governmental Experience: Senate Chair, Associated Students of Oregon State University; Senate Appropriations and Budgets Committee Chair, ASOSU Senate
County Linn
Investing in our roads and bridges is critical for Oregon’s continued economic growth. Part of this is designing these projects to withstand flooding and seismic events. The legislature moved in the right direction when it passed an infrastructure package in the last session, but there are tons of deficient pieces of infrastructure around the state that need immediate attention.

On the cyber-security front, we need to place a greater priority on updating aging computers and network equipment.
It’s important that we take steps to ensure that new construction meets seismic standards, and that we identify ways to retrofit older construction. We will continue to see increasing heat in our area due to climate change, and as such we need to do a better job managing our forests. I would lean heavily on those in forest management, science and data when it comes to enacting proposals for better mitigation of wildfires.
We need to fundamentally reshape Oregon’s revenue structure. Working families have seen stagnant wages and their share of costs, including taxes, increase. We need to increase the progressivity of Oregon’s tax code, either by adding additional brackets, increasing the top rate, or both.

We also need to make sure that highly profitable corporations that are taking advantage of tax loopholes are paying their fair share.