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State Representative, 2nd District

Qualifications: Candidate must be US Citizen and registered voter; resident of the district for 1 year prior to general election OR Const., Art. IV, §8 Age: 21 or olderTerm: 2 years OR Const., Art. IV, §4 Salary: $23,052 (2017)Duties: The Senate and the House of Representatives are responsible for making or changing laws. Thirty Senators serve in the Senate and sixty Representatives serve in the House of Representatives. Each district is represented by one Senator and one Representative. The sizes of districts are based on the number of people living there. The Oregon Legislature meets for a long session in odd-numbered years and a short session in even-numbered years.Source: Oregon Blue Book Rev. 1/2018

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    Gary Leif

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    Megan Salter

Biographical Information

What do you recommend to make Oregon’s infrastructure and cyber-security more resilient to natural disasters and cyber attacks?

What do you recommend to make Oregon’s population more resilient to seismic, flood and wildfire disasters?

Oregon’s revenue structure has long yielded a budget shortfall. How will you address this?

Town Where You Live Roseburg
Your Experience/Qualificatons Past Douglas County Commissioner Business Owner 40 years Real Estate Developer President of Douglas-County Chambers, Chairman Roseburg Air Ambulance, Chairman Umpqua Training and Employment, Elks Scholarship Chairman, Small Business Dev. Center, Econ-Development Commission. President STRD an Oregon Dunes Association, Republican PCP Planning Commission Fire-Board Director Winston First Citizen McClellan Award Recipient Chairman CASA of Douglas County UCAN Board of Director
Twitter @realGaryLeif
County Douglas County
Term 2 years
The legislature in its role of funding and oversight must continue to monitor and seek input regarding the security of our physical and cyber assets. We need to ensure that we have the proper funding, protocols, and services to ensure reliable backup, contingency plans, and security.
I would like to see an effort to enhance federal funding for the creation of water storage reservoirs in order to enhance our flood control operations and also improve recreational options. In order to prevent or decrease the severity of wildfires we must return to healthy forest practices including timber thinning and healthy harvesting.
At the state level, Oregon does not have a revenue problem, but clearly has a spending problem. In addition, the spending or revenue allocations are out of balance between the large urban population centers and the rural areas of the state. We must protect our state obligations in areas such as retirement funding, but we must in combination reduce non-necessary spending initiatives.
Town Where You Live Roseburg
Your Experience/Qualificatons Occupational Background: Educator, Human Resources Manager Educational Background: CSU, Stanislaus-BA in Liberal Studies/Child Development; San Joaquin Delta College-AA in Early Childhood Development, Prior Governmental Experience: Precinct Committee Person, Executive Committee Member Douglas County Democrats, Vice-Chair Women's Caucus of the DPO,Battered Persons Advocacy Board Member, Roseburg Community Bookshelves Committee, School Fundraising/Auction Committee, HTAG-Housing First Committee
County Douglas County
Our infrastructure suffers from underinvestment leaving schools, hospitals, dams, bridges and roads at risk in a natural disaster. Promoting economic development with workforce training, and improving existing infrastructure ensures the safety of our communities. Plans should enhance research, focus on urban and rural collaboration and adopt known mitigation initiatives. A Cybersecurity Center would reduce the likelihood and severity of incidents that threaten our economy and infrastructure.
We need to implement both proactive and reactive initiatives that mitigate the impact of natural disasters. Strategically located emergency community centers, prescribed fires and forest thinning, and evacuation routes/zones in fire prone/coastal areas prepare our state for natural disasters and create jobs in infrastructure. We also need to increase the numbers of trained personnel, hold informational meetings to help the public prepare and engage with community groups such as CERT.
We must create a legislative taskforce to look at revenue and spending. A bipartisan group of legislators would be tasked with traveling throughout the state to discuss options, ideas, solutions and the budget needs of every area. The discussion would need to include current revenue sources and spending, loopholes and an overview of the recent audit along with the creation of a long term budget plan.