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US Representative, 3rd District

Qualifications: Candidate must be US Citizen and registered voter, at least 25 years old, US citizen for 7 years and inhabitant of state at time of election US Const., Art 1 §2Salary: $174,000 Term: 2 yearsDuties: Also referred to as a congressman or congresswoman, each representative is elected to a two-year term serving the people of a specific congressional district. Among other duties, representatives introduce bills and resolutions, offer amendments and serve on committees.Governor will call special election to fill vacancy US Const., Art. 1 ORS 188.120Source: Congressional Research Service Rev. 1/2018

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    Earl Blumenauer

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    Gary Lyndon Dye

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    Tom Harrison

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    Marc W Koller
    (IND, Grn, PRO)

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How do you think federal tax cuts balance with federal program cuts like health care and protections for the environment, consumers, and elections? Do Oregonians win or lose?

Discuss the issues that are priorities for you and how those priorities will serve your districts.

How will you try to reduce polarization in Congress so problems can be solved?

Town Where You Live Portland
Your Experience/Qualificatons Oregon State Legislature; Portland Community College Board; Multnomah County Commissioner; Portland City Commissioner  
Twitter @repblumenauer
County Multnomah
The Republican tax scam raised taxes on middle-class families, hiked health care costs for millions, and lavished the most well-off and well-connected Americans with massive tax breaks. Rather than pad the coffers of those who need it the least, Congress should be lifting people up and investing in education, health care, protecting the environment, and rebuilding our roads, bridges, and rails that connect our communities – helping everyone achieve the American dream.
There is much to do but my priorities are all held together by two fundamental issues: how we live and how we treat each other. Issues I want to focus on are: Provide true universal health care (like Medicare for All), tackle climate disruption by placing a price on carbon and more clean energy, ensure fair, secure elections and pass real campaign finance reform, invest in infrastructure, rebuilding communities and creating family-wage jobs, reform our food and farm policies.
Model the behavior you expect from others; do not engage in hyper-partisan insulting behavior. Find areas of bipartisan common interest on second and third-tier issues that will make a difference. This is what I have done with work on rebuilding and renewing America. I have bipartisan legislation in several areas including healthcare reform, reforming marijuana laws and international water and sanitation. These issues that people like to work on can actually pass and make a difference.
Town Where You Live Portland
Your Experience/Qualificatons I was born in Portland, went to David Douglas schools, graduated at Oregon State University in chemical engineering. My father was a unionized baker, and mother fled the Soviet Union. I had a career in oil refining, worked for over 4 years in Saudi Arabia, technical sales (Houston), and Gas Measurement (terminated for whistleblowing). Degrees: BS ChE, Math, Physics, MBA. Attended law school. Member of Citizen Budget Committee David Douglas, Brooklyn Action Corp, Member of AGA and WGMSC.
County Multnomah
Nobody will be able to escape the great destruction caused when the US Treasury can no longer sustain the national debt. That will happen soon if the course of our government is not changed. Our national debt has quickly grown to a level surpassed only during WWII. This has taken the efforts of Democrats and Republicans a decade to accomplish.They both spend with reckless abandon. We must drastically curtail our spending -- even on things we like. Libertarians will do this. Trust us, not them.
ONLY Libertarians will lead Republicans and Democrats to reducing the size of government, reducing interference in our lives, and reducing our taxes. Monstrous budgets, deficits, and debt are effectively producing a bipartisan totalitarian state. A crisis is coming with our unprecedented debt, which will -- soon -- result in catastrophic failure of the dollar (hyperinflation), if not abated. We must curtail spending -- now. We must discontinue enforced charity at the hands of government.
"Bi"partisanship is a terrible ideal, implying that our democracy is failing to achieve diversity of ideas, such that only two parties (Democratic and Republican) or two ideologies (liberal and conservative) are allowed in our government, or even in the political debate. I will try to guide Republicans and Democrats toward a bipartisan free state, rather than their current path to a bipartisan totalitarian state. Libertarians want to be the centrists, displacing totalitarian "moderates".

Town Where You Live North of Oregon City
Your Experience/Qualificatons Long time political activist and precinct committee person, and 39 years of self-employment
County Clackamas
Term 2019-2020
The tax cuts recently enacted are marginal rate cuts, not dollars, and the rate cuts have already provoked substantial economic growth. Rarely is there equilibrium between either tax RATES or tax collections, and program spending, since the economy is not constant. But full-spectrum tax rate cuts will positively affect all taxpayers, including Oregonians, particularly since within a few money cycles all taxes spread out to all people, likewise reductions benefit all people. Growth is the goal!
Primary issue is stopping unlawful immigration and false "sanctuary". We all can lock our doors, offering entry only to those we choose, so as a country we may, by law, offer entry to whom we choose. This core function of government -- protecting the rights each of us has privately, and together -- has been trampled by those not waiting for permission to enter. Add improper "sanctuary", and it enables tragedies like the horrific crimes of Sergio Martinez against two Oregon women. No more!
Two attorneys battle from opposite positions to convince a jury. This is also the function of Congress, in this age when so many views on successful governance are at polar opposites to each other. What is the compromise between reducing or increasing taxes, or between limited or unlimited government power? The people choose their advocates, and when the people are divided, so too Congress will be divided. How could representative government be otherwise? Congress justly mirrors the voters.
Town Where You Live North Portland
Your Experience/Qualificatons I have held senior level positions in Private and Public companies. Former VP for Scudder Funds, VP Learning and Director of Training at Fidelity. Worked for Texas Instruments, AVCO Systems, ITEK Optical, and Director of Education for Grass Valley in Hillsboro. Began as a HS Vocational Instructor. In 2001, I started and ran a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business in Bethesda MD, developing training programs for agencies including: the VA, US Navy, US Air Force, and the World Bank .
County Multnomah
It is obvious that the Trump Tax cut will be bad for Oregonians. Our government priorities are not in line with the needs of the American people. Services for the neediest are being used to offset the outrageous tax cuts for the wealthy. Oregonians who think that they are doing fine under the tax cuts are deceiving themselves. They have been offered a short-term and insignificant tax cut while the wealthiest will be reaping permanent gains.
The disparity between the wealthiest Americans and the poor continues to be one of the greatest issues facing our city and country. As more and more of the wealth of this nation is being controlled by less than one-tenth of one percent of our billionaire class, the struggles for equality will be harder and harder to achieve. The uncontrolled spending on elections as a result of the Citizens United decision has legitimized the buying of politicians of both parties.
Until we break the stranglehold that the Duopoly has on our election process, partisan politics will be the rule. The political process does not work when there is no debate, no attempt to build consensus, and the only thing that matters is which party takes control. This will be remedied when Independent voices are heard. The young voters who are leaving both parties in record numbers are the hope for the future. The growth of the Non-Affiliated voter will soon represent the majority.
Town Where You Live Salem, OR
Your Experience/Qualificatons Complaining
Oregonians win.
Support deportation of foreign criminals to make our area safer. I will vote no on impeaching President Trump.
I'm not a Democrat or Republican, so electing me sends a message of rejection of the polarization currently in Congress.